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The problems of civic association financing - a concrete example of TJ Sokol Radotín
Žežulková, Hana ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Title of tbesis: The problem of financing of sport CIVIC associations - a concrete example of TJ Sokol Radotín Targets: Methods: Results: The aim of the thesis is to identify the current trend of financing of civic associations operating in the field of sport according to the discovered indications. To analyse the current state of financing and taxation problems conceming TJ Sokol Radotín. To assess management of a typical civic association in sport. Consequently, to evaluate fulfilment of concrete goals and uncover associated effects in relation with chosen financial strategy. To predict future development based on the current club financing. Last but not least to find and interpret concrete measures for elimination of discovered insufficiencies and improvement of financial situation in the club. The evaluation research method was used in the thesis. For a detailed analysis of the current management of TJ Sokol Radotín and determination of realisation of the set goals by the help of adjusted financing system the contentual analysis of actuarial and other interna! documents of the club together with thorough interviews with the club representatives was chosen. Specialized literature and websites dealing with the problems of financing sport club were used when collating the relevant data. The...
Marketing Concept Proposal of the Česká zbrojovka a.s.
Kvítková, Marcela ; Malecha, Petr (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Title: Marketing concept proposal of the Česká zbrojovka Inc. Objectives ofthe Thesis: Destination work is limit and put across to concept marketing, promotion and with them concerted other terms so, in order to could be use in other part work. Describe history of Česká zbrojovka Inc. and with help ofdescriptive analysis, PEST analysis and SWOT analysis analyse her threat, opportunities, weaknesses and strenghts. Analyse competition and describe focus group Česká zbrojovka Inc. In case sufficient promotion suggest in synthetic part possibility solution. Methods: Descriptive analysis, STEP analysis, SWOT analysis. Results: Result work are accomplished by analysis Česká zbrojovka Inc., dismantling competition, specification customer and existing promotion. In synthetic part afterwards suggestion new possibility promotion and their incorporate into one-year pian shooting team Česká zbrojovka Inc. Keywords: Marketing, promotion, competition, Česká zbrojovka Inc., shooting team.
Influence of Physical Load on the Function of Active Clothing
Pospíšilová, Lucie ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Titul: Effect of physical activity on functional sportswear Therefore, to bring good individual sports or work performance, must feel comfortable only in their environment but also in the clothes chosen for this activity. Market man offers many functional materials which are made from different synthetic fibers, however, many people still reach for the inactive wear thanks ignorance of the functioning of your body during exercise and subsequent operation of the textile material to which when active action suits. My work, I want to contribute to the clarification of the facts. We present different fibers, fabrics and their properties characteristic of functional materials from very lower layers, to the uppermost and the system for their proper lamination. Further weigh on Part of comfort clothing, physiology and stress. Subsequently, I will pursue the possibility of effect of physical activity on the functionality of active wear and property changes each functional textiles after repeated use. Virtually compare to various instruments for measuring the properties of textiles functional materials before use and after use and after washing. Furthermore, I try to find out, due to the testing of several people during physical stress, performance materials in the laboratory, So closed and field, ie...
Reading in school of Geography
Zemanová, Petra ; Vedoucí práce, (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
ZEMANOVÁ, P. (2008): Reading in school of geography. Master thesis. Charles University, Prague, 63 pgs + 19 pgs ofappendix This diploma thesis aims to assist in development of pupil's critical thinking in geography education through reading scientific texts with comprehension. So far only Řezníčková (2004a,b,c, 2007) has dealed with that topíc. The master thesis is devided into three relatively independent parts, which aim to find a solution to several research questions: First part is focused on analysis of scientific literature for the purpose of defining concepts conceming these issues (reading with understanding, reading skills, specification of usable texts) and with the view ofoffinding support in education documents. In order to sustain our demand for including a work with textsto geography education, we realized a research conceming pupils at primary and high schools. We compared their results with results of aspirants for studying geography at Faculty of Science, Charles University. Summary ofthis research makes up a second part of this thesis. The final findings of the research were used as bases for work up a third part, which has a metodical character. As it ensue from previous parts, pupils get a global skill of reading with understanding by consecutive acquiring components of reading...
The communication tools of football team with example of FC Baník Ostrava
Divínová, Magdaléna ; Malecha, Petr (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Dissertation title: The Communication Tools ofFootball Team with Example of FC Baník Ostrava Dissertation aims: Evaluation of communication mix of FC Baník Ostrava, finding strong and week characteristics and proposition new solutions and procedures. Method: Description analysis and SWOT analysis. Results: Caution about opportunities and threats of FC Baník's communication and proposing solutions by using communication tools. The target of the disertation is evaluate the sense of communication tools for the existence of football team. There is defined conception of marketing and communication tools in the theoretical part and it is pointed out specifics of iťs using in the sport. By using both description and SWOT analyses is reviewed environment ofthe club and iťs communication philosophy. Information and knowledge gained from previous parts are adapted as a criticism ofstrong and week characteristics and as presentation suggestions. These suggestions are new communication philosophy and communication tools and channels. Keywords marketing, target groups, communication tools, PR, sales promotions, merchandising
Analysis agricultural endowment policy of the state with reference to Common agricultural policy European union.
Musilová, Lucie ; Vedoucí práce, (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Czech Republic entered to the European Union on 1st May 2004. This entrance was also the tuming point for czech farmers thanks to the promise of growing financial resources for production in the agrarian area. lt meant for the czech agricultural policy to satisfy entrance conditions of the Common Agricultural Policy and receive European type of multifunction agriculture. lt ranges on the support of beyond-produce functions of agriculture (landscapes maintainance in cultural state, improvement of environment, ecological agriculture etc.) The main aim of my diploma thesis is to valorize whether this support is really oriented to the region with less favourable conditions for agriculture. The evaluation will be accomplished on the data basis ofthe State's agricultural and interventional fund about grant recipients accordance with single districts during the year period 2004-2006.
How to get job in Prague
Pavličková, Tereza ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Název práce Způsoby získávání zaměstnání v Praze Název práce (English version) How people getjob in Prague Anotace Cílem práce je zjištění, jakých působů využívají lidé při získávání zaměstnání v Praze. V práci jsem využila metodu dotazování pomocí dotazníku. Pro interpretaci výsledků jsem použila tabulky a grafy. Výzkum prokázal stále se zvyšující význam internetu. Většina lidí používá tento zdroj k získání svého zaměstnání. Mezi další oblíbené zdroje patří metoda na doporučení. Současný stav nasvědčuje tomu, že by tento trend měl v budoucnu pokračovat a vyvíjet se. Klíčová slova pracovní místo, využívané metody, zdroje, povolání 4
Planning and organizing of the sport event by private company
Loukota, Martin ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
I Abstract Název práce: Cíle práce: Metody: Klíčová slova: Plánování a organizování sportovní akce soukromou firmou Nalezení, pojmenování a sestavení postupu všech činností, které je nutno zabezpečit pro uspořádání sportovní akce, konkrétně naplánování hokejového turnaje, který by se na základě dostupných a zjištěných informací mohl uskutečnit. Nalezení vhodných doporučení pro využití marketingových nástrojů při pořádání sportovní akce a zajistit vytvoření zisku. Popisná analýza, SWOT analýza, časová a síťová analýza Sportovní akce, plánování, organizování Tittle of the work: Planning and organizing of the sport event by the private company Objective: Methods: Keywords: Find (recognize), name and draw up the process ofthe all activity that are neccesery to be ensured for planning and organizing ofthe sport event, especially hockey toumament. Find suitable recommendation and utilization of the marketing tools during preparation ofthe sport event and making a profit. Describe analysis, SWOT analysis, time and network analysis Sport event, planning, organizing

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