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Device for automatic measurement of volt-ampere characteristics
Ondráček, Petr ; Vrba, Kamil (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
The Master's thesis discusses the design and realization of electronic meter of volt-ampere characteristics using Wifi module ESP32. The device is designed to be able to measure the characteristic in the voltage range of +/- 20 V and current range of +/- 200 mA. The device is controlled by web interface. The user is able to connect to it with for example his or her smartphone. This interface enables the user to configure various parameters, including the range of measurement and the power restriction. Furthermore, it is possible to graphically display the measured characteristic and export the data. To be independent on the outer network, the ESP32 is operated as an access point, which is creating a new simple network without the internet connection. In the Master's thesis, the principle of voltage and current measurement is explained theoretically, the circuit connection of device and the printed circuit board are designed and the cover of the device is modeled. Also the process of creating the device according to the design is described and the cover of the device is printed on 3D printer. After that, the control program is designed, described and uploaded into the resulting device. Finally, the functionality of the device is tested by measuring the volt-ampere characteristics of a few components.
Low-energy Security Device with (Espressif) ESP8266/ESP32 Module
Ondráček, Petr ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis discusses the design and realization of low-energy security device using Wifi module ESP32. The device will detect the opening of door/window/space by using magnetic contact and this event will be reported on appropriate cloud service and by e-mail. The theoretical part is focused on the Internet of Things problematics, cloud services and description of individual components of the final device. Second part of thesis is focused on designing of the linkage scheme, control program and calculation of power consumption of the device. Third part is already focused on practical realization of the designed device, designing and creation of printed circuit board and security box, programming, creation of the cloud channel that will visualize collected data and measurement of power consumption of the final device.

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2 Ondráček, Pavel
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