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The Diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia from the Perspective of Parents of the Diagnosed Individuals
Mašková, Kateřina ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
In this bachelor's thesis, I deal with the experiences of parents whose descendants were diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. At the beginning of the theoretical part, I first describe several points of view which can be used when referring to psychotic states: a diagnostic perspective, non-diagnostic perspectives, and an anti-diagnostic perspective. Subsequently, I cover the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia both from the medical point of view, through its diagnostic manifestations, progressive forms and possibilities of treatment, and as a factor significantly affecting the quality of life. Furthermore, I focus on attitudes, emotions, behavioral patterns and needs of the parents of the diagnosed descendants. The theoretical part of the thesis is concluded with a chapter concerning with various options of psychosocial support for a family system one of whose members has got an experience with a psychotic episode. The empirical part is focused on the experiences of parents whose descendants were given the diagnosis in the age of fifteen or later. I conducted eight in-depth semi-structured interviews and for analyzing the obtained data I used the open coding method. As instances of the topics that the parents from my research sample reflected repeatedly, I would mention the disrespectful...
Analysis of the experience of people with bipolar disorder
Dally, Andrea ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to survey characteristics in the experience of people with bipolar disorder. The choice of the topic is based on the lack of research of the experience of people suffering with bipolar disorder in the Czech environment. The aim of this thesis is to comprehend the life of people with bipolar disorder. The theoretical part of the thesis is focusing on the description of the historical and contemporary concept of bipolar disorder including the so-called bipolar spectrum. This part presents treatment options as well as comorbidities which are often a part of the clinical course of the disease. The aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the reader to the issue of bipolar disorder which allows a better understanding of the empirical part. In the empirical part, six respondents were interviewed to collect data. The grounded theory method was chosen for data processing and the Atlas.ti software was used for coding purposes. As a result of the data processing a process of learning how to live with bipolar disorder has emerged. The process of learning how to live with bipolar disorder is an active process that leads to a deeper understanding of the disease and skill gains mitigating manifestation of the disease. At the beginning of the learning, there are motivation...
Reflection of relationships experiences by women in imprisonment
Podhráská, Dominika ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Bartošková, Magda (referee)
This diploma thesis makes use analytical methods of the Grounded theory to explore the theme "Reflection of relationship experiences by women in imprisonment". The goal of this thesis is qualitatively describing relationship experiences by women offenders of criminal activity and contribute to a deeper understanding of the psychosocial aspects of crime. Because the method of Grounded theory is chosen, which in a qualitative way makes it significant. Methods of data collection were chosen in the form of an interview and test method of the Thematic- apperceptive test. The research sample consists of five women, who are in the prison. Three levels of coding were used to analyze the interviews. The TAT analysis was followed by a qualitative method in the form of interpretation. The main topics covered include unsatisfied childhood relationships, rejection of guilt, the use of neutralizing techniques to maintain a positive self- image and passive role in life. Keywords Attachment, conscience, criminal behavior, criminal motivation, guilt, psychic development
Extreme Metal from Inside and Outside: What Is Being Masked?
Lazar, Jan ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to assess the experience of extreme metal musicians. Using a qualitative approach, 23 texts on the topic of "Why I like metal" were analysed. These reference texts were written by death, black, and thrash metal musicians. Additionaly, an interview and artifacts analysis was conducted. Based on the qualitative approach, 12 categories representing the experience of metal musicians were formulated. However, this view did not correspond with the general notion of extreme metal. Two views, one "from the inside" and another "from the outside" of the metal community, were thus formed. Based on the growing dissonance of these two views, the theoretical concept of hermeneutice of suspicion was applied. Based on this interpretative stratégy, four areas have been identified, in which metal musicians mask metal aggresion, primitiveness, incomprehension and inaccessibility. KEYWORDS Metal music, experience of musicians, analysis of texts, analysis of interview and artefacts, hermeneutics of suspicion,
Analysis of the risks of the work of dispatchers of the Emergency care Areíon for elderly people
Papíková, Lucie ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of the risks of the work of dispatchers of the Emergency care Areión (in czech: Tísňová péče Aerión = TPA) for the elderly people. The aim was to find out what their dispatchers consider to be burdensome and demanding and what, on the contrary, helps them in emergency situations. With the help of idiographic research with emergence, which I analyzed with using the principle of the grounder theory, I tried to answer by the interviews with five respondents how TPA dispatchers perceive their work and workload. Whether they feel competent to communicate and deal with people in crisis and perceive their competencies. What are all the factors and situations in the work, which are burdensome and demanding for the dispatchers and how they deal with such a burden. And finally, what could improve the overall quality of TPA work from the point of view of dispatchers. In the theoretical part I deal with issues of aging and elderly as a target group of TPA social service. Next to the service itself; and the techniques of conducting crisis calls on emergency lines and telephone crisis intervention methods used on trust lines, as two types of work that are most closely resemble to the TPA social service. KEY WORDS: elderly people, emergency care, crisis intervention, call techniques
Theatre as a Window to the World of Mental Disability
Macková, Anna ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
The thesis provides a qualitative analysis of an autobiographical play based on journals written by a mentally challenged woman. The analysis is founded on authentic personal experience, the script of the play and a video recording of its performance. The empirical section is preceded by a theoretical introduction focused on mental disability in relation to theatre. The empirical section begins with the question: What can we learn about a mentally disabled person through theatre? The analytical process consists of three levels: a content analysis of the performance, an analysis of the author's perspective and the viewpoint of an implied spectator. The analysis shows that the story contains common autobiographical topics and the author barely reflects her disability. The creative perspective consists of the process of adapting the story into a play. Theatre also plays a therapeutic role and raises awareness. There is an imaginary window on the boundary between the stage and the audience, one that the author opens from within and the viewer from without. During the course of the play, the implied spectator becomes confronted with their prejudice and an accumulation of ambivalent feelings. This process ends in a catharsis and a genuine encounter with the actor's world and her spontaneity. KEY WORDS...
Blues from the Inside: Analysis of the Experience of Blues Musicians
Lazar, Jan ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine, how the blues is experienced and percepted by people, who produce it. There are two kinds of research data: extensive and intensive. In the extensive part of the research a large group of musicians producing blues and blues listeners were questioned in a survey. In the following intensive phase of the research a part of respondents wrote a text on the topic: "What does the blues mean to me". Through qualitative approach, I analysed 16 texts with the goal to present the phenomenological description capturing the both variability and recurring patterns of how the examined musicians experience the blues. This phenomenological description ("blues from the inside") will be confronted with various theoretic conceptions. Central conception of this work is the framework of analytical psychology, especially unitary reality by E. Neumann and transcendence function by C. G. Jung. KEYWORDS Blues, phenomenology, depth psychology, experience, meaning
Autonomy and Repression in Life of Juvenile Delinquents
Barabášová, Klaudia ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is existence of autonomy and repression in relations between young delinquent people and society. Thesis is inspired by the control balance theory, one of the sociological criminological concepts of causes of formation of delinquent behavior, defining autonomy as a control which is applied by an individual and repression as a control applied on this individual. The objective of this work is to show a possible insights of how young delinquents perceive and reflect autonomy and repression in their social environments e.g. school and family environment, also in repressive group of their peers. I'm also trying to verify, according to control balance theory, whether imbalanced ratio between autonomy and repression experienced by individual is the cause of commiting delicts. Based on analysis of my biogpraphic interviews with four underage patients of diagnostic institute I found patterns describing how delinquents reflect autonomy and repression. The results show that just a complex view on autonomy and repression in lives of delinquents is not sufficient to verify control balance theory, also the fact that the interpretaion of theory is valid only in common with other psychological theories. I described combination of the control balance theory and Adler's...
Authorship as an effective factor in the stories of methamphetamine users
Krejčí, Josef ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
Title: Authorship as an effective factor in the stories of methamphetamine users. Abstract: Submitted thesis tries to show experience of ex-users of drugs (mainly methamphetamine) thru narrative interview. Period of drug using is shown as a part of life, which led to specific changes in life of these people. Thru focusing on these subjective changes author tries to take into account factors and situations leading to quit the drug using. Four interviews (3 male, 1 female) are analyzed thru qualitative approach. This constructs two models. First is schematic model of generalized scenario, which emphasize similarities across interviewed sample. Second is model of authorship attitude, which is, according to analyzed data, accounted for central and effective factor. At the end, author tries to contextualize results according to related research literature. Author also contemplate on future data collection and conversion of research design into longitudinal. Keywords: methamphetamine, authorship, responsibility, narrative approach

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