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Dopad environmentálních podmínek na vznik start-upů mladých lidí
Blšáková, Daniela ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Oškrdal, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the influences that affect young people aged 18 to 24 in the establishment of start-ups. The main aim was to find out which environmental factors influence emergence of youth start-ups and how they differ in Europe, China and the US over time. The thesis describes three models that explain the entrepreneurial intentions and that serve better understanding of human behavior in setting up businesses. Further the thesis includes a description of the individual and environmental factors that are based on current studies. Due to the title of thesis only the impact of environmental factors was tested. The analysis was conducted on a public data of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.
Front-end unification of web portals
Marek, Libor ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Sýkorová, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the problem of creating or more preciously with the design of websites practically aiming on Allianz Insurance Company. In a theoretical part there is a brief history of the development of websites and there is also defined the model of successful websites and there is presented the methodology of their creation (with the description of tools and techniques that are usually used). Within mentioned methodology there is a description of the field of User Experience (UX) also with the aspects that are taken into consideration during creating a website. Practical part, which has the form of the case study, is based on defined model and procedure of creating a website. The crucial point of the practical part is a design of website arrangement in a way of wireframe and mockup models. At the end of given thesis, created designs are assessed according to determined hypothesis and to business aims and requirements of given company.
Comparison of law requirements solutions in ERP and development of ad hoc application
Janoušek, Tomáš ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Váňa, Ondřej (referee)
Master thesis is focused on how a change of Czech law affects functionality of information systems. Content of the work is describing a reactions of information systems suppliers to keep functionality with a current law. Thesis is focused on ERP systems especially SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Helios. Defining of a new functionality is done by analyzing Value-added tax act, Electronic records of sales act and Accounting act. According to the change of accounting act we develop ad hoc application to keep duty defined by law.
Modernization of project documentation management system with support of cloud tools
Jansta, Oliver ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Ranš, Pavel (referee)
Cloud services, which have become the trend of today both in personal life and in the corporate sphere, are particularly important due to their availability. Cloud storage provides its users with access to their files from virtually anywhere in the world with an available Internet connection. Thanks to their location on the network, they provide, among other things, the ability to share a single version of a document among multiple people, so they have access to the current version anytime, anywhere. This greatly eliminates duplicate or non-binding versions of documents when working in a team. This work aims at designing a methodical guidance for working with project documentation in a cloud-based ICT supplier team. Its secondary goals are to find a suitable tool from available cloud services for storing this documentation through multi-criteria comparison and to familiarize the reader with the document lifecycle and the evolution of project documentation. This methodology will make it easier to work with project documentation. It sets rules for structure, names of files and document naming across project team managers while providing a template for creating the project documentation of a new project. This will speed up work and reduce the cost for the company.
Preparation and implementation of performance tests
Dosoudil, Tomáš ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Matuštík, Ondřej (referee)
Master thesis is dedicated to the testing and its set up into new environment. The theoretical part is devoted to testing and projects. Theoretical part defines what is project, tests as a subject of the project management and defines the types of tests, along with the tool selection issues for the stress tests. The practical part is focused on describing the processes necessary for the preparation and implementation of performance tests and the necessary steps in the project management of the project implementation.
Core banking systems
Chadima, Antonín ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Oškrdal, Václav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of core banking systems. The main objective is to analyze the implementation of the SEPA payments into the payment module. The theoretical part defines the concept of core banking systems and its history. It also compares conventional approaches to core banking systems with Islamic ones. The theoretical part also includes chapters about implementation approaches, the most common challenges in implementation and architecture of core banking systems. Next part of thesis is about the basic modules of core banking systems. The practical part is about the analysis of requirements on core banking systems. Especially the requirements that are mandatory from legislation perspective. These are SEPA payments, PSD2 and instant payments. Gap analysis is used as the main method. We chose SEPA payment implemetation as the requirement that we will analyse. There are two possible solutions that can be used. The first one is the customization of the current payment module and the second solution is implementation of the payment hub. The conclusion of the thesis focuses on the best solution for each of two types of bank institutions. The main acquisition of the thesis is the recommended solution for two different types of banks. And second of all, the conclusions which was founded in this thesis should be used for another requirements such as PSD2, the introduction of instant payments, and more.
Process analysis of production company
Budovský, Štefan ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Kořínek, Rudolf (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the process analysis of the production company. The main goal is to describe, model and asses the recent status of processes. The additional goal is the measurements and recommendations proposal based on the evaluations. The process management is described in the introduction of the theory with subsequent explanation of methods and methodology of process modeling. The basic standards for process models creation is described in the next part of the thesis. The analyzed company will be introduced in the practical part of the paper and the method derived from the theoretical part will be applied. After modeling the recent status the necessary measures and changes will be introduced to eradicate the identified problems.
Design of processes of business department in IT company and measuring their performance
Schütz, Martin ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Bruckner, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with design of new processes of business department in IT company which provides server hosting, web hosting and domain registration services. These processes come from identification and analysis of current processes and the theory of business department management. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were set for selected processes which can be used for managing the company as a whole. Models of processes were created due to EPC notation. New processes were designed to continuously create data in CRM information system providing evidential and information support necessary for business department management, including the possibility of measuring its performance. Processes also automatize often repetitive activities and provide relevant information to other affected business units within the company. Contribution of the thesis lies in results of analysis of current identified processes containing solution proposals of discovered problems and newly created process models. Both can be used as a pattern for optimization of current processes in already existing organization or for designing new process models in new organization in the same or similar field of business.
Implementation of an information system for a store
Horovič, Michael ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Novotný, Josef (referee)
Zavedení informačního systému pro obchod This thesis deals with the selection of the information system and compare sets of software solutions covering different areas versus implementation of ERP. Thesis brings process and the election of a comprehensive e-business solutions, accounting software, loyalty program, customer care and storage software for small stores. The first part focuses on the definition of basic concepts such as information systems, ERP and other important concepts necessary for this work. This part of thesis continues to describe information needs, collect and catalog of requirements for small stores. In the last chapters of the first part of the thesis conditions and specific areas of expertise, which is important for companies and the subsequent assessment of economic return. The second part is practically focused on store (boutique) Gentleport and online store The method of analysis of documents, observation and interviews with management defines the expected reality, needs analysis and requirements for trade. This section is also devoted attention to the description of appropriate systems - a set of independent software compared to implementation of ERP. The third part focuses on the selection of a supplier that meets the requirements of an information system for online store and store Gentleport. The final part focuses on the evaluation of the chosen solution. This section confirms or refutes the hypothesis given at the beginning.
Data governance implementation concept
Ullrichová, Jana ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Eder, Tomáš (referee)
This master´s thesis discusses concept of implementation for data governance. The theoretical part of this thesis is about data governance. It explains why data are important for company, describes definitoons of data governance, its history, its components, its principles and processes and fitting in company. Theoretical part is amended with examples of data governance failures and banking specifics. The main goal of this thesis is to create a concept for implementing data governance and its implementation in real company. That is what practical part consists of.

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