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The business in the domain of the digital photography
Molkupová, Petra ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
The bachelor thesis concerns to the matter of the business and its application to the digital photography. Theoretical part is focused to conditions for the business in Czech Republic and points to various possibilities of the business in the domain of the digital photography, needed equipment and thematic genres. The contents of practical part of the thesis are description of selected company, its philosophy, history, offered services and on-line presentation. Its greatest rival companies are introduced and compared with selected company and recommendations are given to eventual improvement of chosen company. The replies which have been ascertained during passed interviews in selected company are inserted in the description of the company and its comparison with other companies and are described in autonomic chapter. Further potential directions of progress in the domain of future of digital photography are mentioned from several points of view.
Digital footprint on own computer and the Internet
Charvát, Daniel ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Očenášek, Vladimír (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to define types of digital footprints and introduce the methods of the protection of personal data. The partial aim of this thesis is to compare the tools to protect the data and determine if we can eliminate our digital trace. If not, propose appropriate protection of the data and solution for the common user. At the beginning it is said, what is the concept of digital footprint and what kinds are divided. Subsequently there is a description of the risks of misuse of digital footprints. In other chapters there is analysed checking and the options how to minimize it. In the practical part, there is a comparison of the software.
Digital footprint on own computer and the Internet
Větrovský, Jiří ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Očenášek, Vladimír (referee)
Bachelor thesis is dedicated to the problematics of digital footprints, to what extend the user is able to control it and protect his privacy by the use of freely available tools. In the first part the term digital footprint is analysed from several different points of view and the risks linked to their creation are explained. It is clarified how one can find the extent of his digital footprint and how to manage it. Next tools for providing protection from tracking, software for ensuring anonymity in the internet environment and techniques for potential removal of an existing footprint are analysed. The practical part is dedicated to choosing the right tools from the previous chapter and their mutual comparison for the purpose of finding out to what extend the user is able to protect his privacy and avoid possible risks. Conclusions are made from the results of the comparisons.
Management activities of authorities providing common part of school -leaving examination in the initial phase in 2011
Očenášek, Vladimír ; Kalous, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
Graduation exam from 2011 consists of two parts - a common (state) and profile (school). The first plan to hold this form of school-leaving examination appeared for the first government of Vaclav Klaus (Minister of Education Pilip) in 1994. The other nine governments have failed to agree on the form and implementation of school-leaving examination. The agreement was successful in August 2010 during the government of Peter Necas and Education Minister Josef Dobes. The aim was to evaluate the opinions of directors and commissioners of secondary schools of the Středočeský kraj for management activities associated with the common part of school- leaving examination in the initial phase in 2011 and assess whether there are critical points of sub-management activities, and may propose their modification.
Social networks in banking
Vohnický, Tomáš ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor)
Diploma thesis is about communication activities in banking sector on social media, which are very widespread tool for marketing communications these days. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical part or literary research and practical part. Theoretical part describes the various social networks, including their history and functions. Most of the theoretical part is focused on Facebook. Furthermore, the theoretical part describes tools that are used in the creation of content or in analyzing the success of communication. In the practical part I will create content, one post each month. I would like to create the most relevant content that would derive from the results that I emerged from my bachelor thesis Bank and social networks. Here I analyzed the most successful content in different months on the Facebook site G2 Komerčky. At the end of each month, posts created by me will be analyzed in comparison with other posts on the site and I could confirm or deny whether it was content generated by me identified with the results of the analysis of my bachelor thesis.
Kubíček, Martin ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor)
NAME The Role and History of Information Technology in Today's Companies GOAL The main goal is to map the development of information technologies and their implementation in corporate environments. From the very beginning of the introduction of computers to today's situation companies. Showing today's role of IT to a particular enterprise (allocation of jobs in IT department, individual tasks, catalog services, ...) STRUCTURE -precursor of information technology -history development of information technology -modern information technologies and their future prospects -companny IT processes -description one particular IT department BOOKS Jan Dohnal; Jan Pour - IT v řízení podniku - Professional Publishing - 2016 - 978-80-7431-160-4 Jitka Kominácká - Moderní ICT pro podporu rozhodování - C. H. Beck - 2014 - 978-80-7400-531-2 Libor Gála; Zuzana Šedivá; Jan Pour - Podniková informatika -- Počítačové aplikace v podnikové a mezipodnikové praxi - 3., aktualizované vydání - Grada - 2015 - 978-80-247-5457-4 Erik Brynjolfsson; Andrew McAfee - Druhý věk strojů Práce, pokrok a prosperita v éře špičkových technologií - Jan Melvil publishing - 2015 - 978-80-87270-71-4
ICT support for regional development
Očenášek, Vladimír ; Havlíček, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Vostrovský, Václav (referee)
There are many of different rankings in the world, which relate to information and communications technology. For example, United Nations e-Government survey evaluates expansion of e-government administration in 193 countries in the world every two years and publishes worldwide ranking of EGDI (e-government development index). Since 2003 web portals of the capitals of the largest countries in the world are evaluated evaluated by - Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (Holzer et al., 2014) every two years. This rating is organized by the "The E-Governance Institute" which is part of Rutgers University Newark. Prague (15 in) was included for the first time in 2007. Prague was ranked in excellent 2nd place in 2009, in the period 2011 - 2012 was in 4th place and in the period 2013 - 2014, Prague ranked 10th. Our methods of evaluation are based on methods of Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide, which is focused on regional web portals. We evaluated 6 regional web portals using 40 parameters in the area privacy, usability, content, services, citizen and social engagement. For instance, we evaluated if web portal provides: online publications, multilingual access, GIS, calendar of events, searchable database of articles, accommodation reservation etc. For evaluation of regional web portals, we chose two regional touristic headquarters (Centrála cestovního ruchu -- Jižní Morava (, Jihočeská centrála cestovního ruchu, one regional touristic web (Posázaví - vítejte v turistickém regionu kolem řeky Sázavy (, two Austrian web portals, which represents cross-border cooperation between Austria and Czech republic (Urlaub am Bauerhof -- dovolená na selském statku (, Rakousko -- přijeďte a ožijete ( and official touristic web portal of Switzerland (Officielle Website von Schweiz Tourismus ( As it turned out during our model usage, which took into account five important areas, level of regional web portals significantly differ. Some criteria are fulfilled across the all sites, but some of them are partly or completely missing. Individual solutions therefore often prefer different criteria, thus providing different perspectives on the region and its issues. If all criteria were met, the informational content and thus even usefulness of the individual portals would rise. Theoretically, this would lead to a "content compatibility" of individual solutions, which would ultimately bring profit to users and consequently the visitors of their respective regions.
Use of Google Apps in Corporate Environment
Koutský, Lukáš ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Rain, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor thesis is following up a suite of internet application Google Apps and its use in corporate environment. The thesis has two parts, theoretical points and own research. Theoretical part is focused on the definition of cloud computing and division into groups. Next, the main advantages and disadvantages of such solution and the summary of Google Apps applications. Finally, alternative solutions are described and view to costs and upkeep. In own research is used specific information and experience from large company, where the solution was implemented. It is compared a state before and actual situation. Next the survey was done, which examined user satisfaction with Google Apps and solution before. Based on survey's analysis of the results, there were made conclusions if it is appropriate to use that solution in organization and what it can bring to the company.
MS Office 365 for schools and institution
Duchek, Zdeněk ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
The topic of this the thesis is focused on the deployment and use of MS Office 365 at the College of Agricultural and Food in Klatovy and Měčín Agricultural cooperatives. The work describes all the advantages and disadvantages which new MS Office 365 offers. The computer knowledge of agricultural cooperative workers should be enhanced to improve computer skills. The result is the increase in labor productivity and time-saving. The management of company was thoroughly familiar with the MS Office 365 and its advantages compared with current computer system. Currently, the MS Office 365 is already used in the high school of agriculture and food, this the thesis described how the system works and its advantages and the benefits. The advantage is that this system is already used by high school students. The social network Yammer was introduced at the high school this year and usage of this network was investigated by questionnaire. Lastly, the table was created to price orientation of the various versions of MS Office 365. In conclusion, all evaluation and results from the deployment and use of MS Office 365 at the College of Agriculture and Food in Klatovy and Agricultural cooperatives Měčín were described.
Education with help of ICT tools
Hruška, Matyáš ; Očenášek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Radek, Radek (referee)
This thesis deals with the usage of ICT tools in education. It aims to find out which tools are used in modern teaching methods and what are the demands for teachers and students. In the first part is general description of ICT, which is used in education in both terms of hardware and software. The second part describes the precise implementation of these ICT tools in teaching at two schools that were observed. Both schools are using mobile touch devices during classes, however both schools are using different classroom format. The differences between these formats are explained further in the thesis and the use of ICT tools at both schools is explained with the help of practical examples. The work also deals with the issue of funding, especially from EU funds, from which one of the observed schools draws finances.

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