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Liminality and career termination among professional ice-hockey players
Neuman, Michal ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Háková, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of termination of professional ice-hockey career. In particular, it focuses on the period of one's life, which comes after the termination or the decision about the termination of the career. It uses the concept of liminality, which allows focussing on the transition from the sport to post-sport life. Within the analysis, 6 semi- structured qualitative interviews have been done with the former professional ice-hockey players. Those were chosen for different characteristics, for the sample to be miscellaneous. In the transition period, the bachelor thesis focuses on the manifestations of liminality in particular. Those are for example the ambiguity of the individual, the anti-structure, the revaluation, rethinking one's self and the society and the experimenting with the new possibilities, which come to light in this phase of transition. The entry to the new social structure is also dealt with in this thesis. The involvement within the new structure is viewed by the concept of resocialization and the construction of identity. The analysis uses the method of qualitative content analysis with the usage of deductive category application. That means prior formulated categories were used and those were being connected with the text. At the end of this thesis, the...
Media representation of the Czech national identity in the historical TV show DějePIC!
Petrová, Natálie ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Klásková, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the representation of Czech national identity in the show called DějePIC! (2017). It's a family TV cycle about Czech history. The thesis is based on the assumption, that the media participate on defining the concept. The outcome of this thesis is the analysis of the interpretations of Czech national identity in the chosen show. The analysis focuses mainly at the presentation of symbols, events, personalities and the characteristics of Czech national identity. The aim of this thesis is to answer the question how and in what relations is the Czech national identity presented in the show DějePIC!. In the first part I presented the key theoretical concepts, which are the national identity and the connected collective memory, then medial construction of reality and the forming of national identity in media. The second part of the thesis is empirical, and it consists of the analysis. Due to the nature of the analysis I'm using the qualitative methodology. After the first phase of identifying the base themes, which participate on creating the image of national identity in the show, and after the categorization, I carried out the deeper analysis. The research sample consists of all the 32 episodes of the DějePIC! Show (from September 2017 until December 2018) which are...
Freetime Activity to E-sport: Players Stands Agains Professionalisation of CS:GO
Havrland, Ladislav ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
This work focuses on the professionalisation of e-sport, where we watch the transition of playing video games to a professional competitive level. The work is specified in the Counter- Strike video game environment: Global Offensive, which is one of the most eminent e-sport disciplines in terms of number of players and time played by both amateur and professional players. In this work, e-sport is grasped in terms of the professionalization of free-time video game play, where professionalisation means an increase in the number of actors and their mutual influence forming the social network. The subject of the research is the attitude of players to transform the Counter-Strike Global Offensive, where the possibilities of the reactions that the players will choose for this transformation are grounded in A. Hirschman's Exit, Voice and Loyalty theory, which is applied to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive . The research data for this work is analyzed by semi-structured interviews with professional CS players: GO. The starting point of the work is the wider context of the attitudes of professional players and the choice of their strategy in response to the professionalisation of CS: GO.
Self-presentation of Fitness Trainers on Instagram
Shelevaia, Anastasiia ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Krištofič, Peter (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of self-presentation of the Czech personal fitness trainers on the Instagram. Because of the large expansion of the internet and social networks, for example the Instagram, the form of interpersonal relationships has changed and not only the personal but also the professional ones. Since the idea of offering the goods, services and web services online is spreading, on the Instagram in particular, the need to study this phenomenon has emerged. The objective of this thesis is to provide a look into the phenomenon of the professional self- presentation of fitness trainers in the online world, with the example of the social network Instagram. The theoretical framework for this thesis is the dramaturgical approach of Erving Goffman and his basic terms such as "backstage", "frontstage", "appearance", "special equipment". The practical part of the thesis is based on the content analysis of the profiles of the individual personal fitness trainer on the Instagram and uses visual and text demonstrations from the profiles themselves. The main result of the research is the interpretation of the phenomenon of self-presentation related to the dramaturgical approach, the detection of the similarities and differences between the individual trainers in the forms of presentation in...
Informed and engaged patient: The case of Crohn's disease
Kocelský, David ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Novotná, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the relationship between the patient and the doctor, which can be changed by the influence of the Internet and modern technologies. Possible relationship transformation is investigated from the perspective of patients with Crohn's disease. The aim of the work is to find out whether Internet access can affect the relationship between the patient and the doctor. In the theoretical part, there is described the importance of trust, which fulfills an important function in the relationship between the patient and the doctor. Furthermore, the social role of the patient in society and the medical description of Crohn's disease are also clarified here. The results of the thesis are presented and analyzed in the empirical part. The data was gathered through semi structured interviews with six patients with Crohn's disease and two chairmen of patient organizations. The research results did not confirm the assumption that access to the internet may be the cause of a change in the relationship between the patient and the doctor. Respondents interviewed stated that the relationship with their doctor was based on trust, and the information found from the Internet would not be preferred to those provided to them by their doctor.
Self-tracking and running: a sociological analysis
Hanzlová, Radka ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on self-tracking, which mean monitoring and recording information about oneself using digital technologies and its use by runners in the Czech Republic. The main aim of this thesis is to describe the Czech running community through a detailed sociological analysis, and to answer a question: Why runners use self-tracking and how they benefit from it? The theoretical part firstly deals with the topic of self-tracking itself, then examines the uses and gratifications theory and the theory of online communities. The analytical part is devoted to description, analysis and interpretation of the results of the author's own survey, in which 844 runners of whom 754 practice self-tracking participated. Several hypotheses concerning sociodemographic structure, running characteristics, motivation, gratifications and safety were formulated. Five key motives (self-control, orientation to result, self-improvement, habit and social interaction) that lead runners to use self-tracking devices were identified through exploratory factor analysis. The motives vary based on gender and running characteristics (experience with running, runner's level, frequency of running, trainer) that also represent the main influencing factor for self-tracking in general. Self-tracking is closely related to sharing...
The role of school in the process of forming an active citizenship through the eyes of Czech political activists
Černá, Anna ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Matoušek, Petr (referee)
The aim of the text is a critical sociological analysis of the role of the institution of school in the process of forming an active citizenship which is perceived by the author as a specific pattern of behaviour acquired during socialisation. The participation model of democracy, from which stems the Czech educational curriculum, aims to raise informed and active youth adhering to democratic values. Formal education as one of the actors of secondary socialisation is the only publicly controlled tool of education of citizens. Although the citizenship education is formally a part of the curriculum, contemporary research in the Czech environment shows that school does not play a significant role in political socialisation of young people. For this reason, the author of the text looks at the formal education from a different perspective and discusses other aspects too. The key view for the author is the one of Czech political activists who she perceives as a necessary part of civil society and a prototype of active citizens. The analysis of the role of the institution of school is based on 26 deep interviews with representatives of political activist organisations. The author introduces school as an institution of citizenship education which on one hand fails in the political socialisation of the young, on the...

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