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Automated Software System in Speech-language Therapy
Paroubková, M. ; Bílková, Zuzana ; Novozámský, Adam ; Dominec, A. ; Zitová, Barbara
Introduction of an automated software system for speech therapy of children and adults (Assistl).
Vydrová, J. ; Švec, J. G. ; Zitová, Barbara ; Novozámský, Adam ; Zita, Aleš ; Šorel, Michal
The aim of the methodology „Evaluating voice disorders from videkymographic data“ is to provide a comprehensive information on a new diagnostic method for diagnosis of functional and organic disorders of the voice - videokymography (VKG). The methodology is intended for otorinolaryngology and phoniatry specialists. The methodology will also serve as a study material for both trainers and trainees of the certified course „Videokymography in Medical Practice“. The diagnostic method consists of a patient examination technique and of an evaluation of the examination results. Thie data are automatically evaluated by software created to support the VKG diagnostics.
Analysis of videokymographic images
Zita, Aleš ; Zitová, Barbara (advisor) ; Novozámský, Adam (referee)
In ongoing basic human vocal chord functionality research, scientists try to describe the dependency of the glottal wave characteristics on tone generation and vocal chord properties. One of the affordable vocal chord visualization techniques for clinics is the Videokymography - technique based on recording the vocal chord vibration using a CCD camera modified to a line-scanner. Recorded rows are than combined to form a spatial-time recording. These records are suitable for computer based extraction of the vocal chord characteristics, including the characteristics of the glottal waves. In this thesis the method for automatic detection of the glottal waves was developed and implemented utilizing the digital image processing techniques. The proposed method is primarily focused on processing the healthy vocal chords videokymographic images as they gives us a good reference for the physiology of the human vocal chord organ.
Wind shear as a dangerous fenomenon in aviation
Novozámský, Adam ; Jebáček, Ivo (referee) ; Krška, Karel (advisor)
This thesis is about wind shear and its influence on aviation. There is wide theoretical description of wind shear and it’s implemented into aviation practice. There are also methods of observation, forecasting and reporting, for both pilots and meteorologist described. In this thesis, pilots can find useful recommendations for dealing with wind shear during the flight. Every reader can also read about famous aviation accidents and look at models of weather that caused those accidents. At the end of thesis there are analyses of a rawiosonde measurements related to wind shear reports. This whole thesis is focused on increasing awareness of wind shear in aviation from angle of view of both pilots and aviation meteorologist.
Storms at the Airports and During Flight - Observation and Forecast
Novozámský, Adam ; Hudec, František (referee) ; Krška, Karel (advisor)
This thesis is focused on describing convectional storms and all the phenomena that goes along it. Marginally describes methods of storms prediction, ways of its observation and some simple principles, which every pilot should know and follow in cases, that he meet’s storm during flight. In the end, the success of storm prediction using CAPE index is assessed.
Source Camera Identification Based on PRNU Invariant to Zoom
Novozámský, Adam
In experiments with compact cameras, we found that the resulting PRNU is changing when we used the zoom in camera. The aim of this paper is analyze these changes and propose a methodology of the detection PRNU of compact cameras with zoom.
Rima Glottidis Segmentation by Thresholding Using Graph Cuts
Novozámský, Adam
We proposed a new segmentation method base on thresholding for detection rima glottidis. A proper search for glottis is very important for further analysis of the features.

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