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Changes in the background electrolyte caused by electrolysis in capillary zone electrophoresis
Novotný, Tomáš ; Gaš, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Křížek, Tomáš (referee)
4 Abstract Electrode reactions are one of the inevitable side effects which occur during standard separation measurement on capillary zone electrophoresis. Electrolytic products arising from the electrolysis of water, which is the main procces occuring at the electrodes in the majority of cases, can cause changes in background electrolyte located in vials and inside the separation capillary. The precision and reproducibility of the separation experiments is decreased due to the degradation of background electrolyte in capillary zone electrophoresis. Changes in the background electrolyte are highly dependent on the composition of the buffer itself: some electrolytes are changed more than the others within the same configuration of the experiment. A correct choice of the buffer with the right manipulation of the background electrolyte leads to higher precision and reproducibility of the separation measurements. Keywords: Capillary zone electrophoresis, electrolysis, background electrolyte, contactless conductivity detection
Morphological changes of cardiopulmonary vascular bed under experimental conditions
Novotný, Tomáš ; Vajner, Luděk (advisor) ; Mazurová, Yvona (referee) ; Tonar, Zbyněk (referee)
In rats, the environment with low content of oxygen induces the development of hypoxic pulmonary hypertension based also on remodeling of pulmonary resistance arteries. This process is particularly triggered by the mast cell degranulation products, especially rodent-like interstitial collagenase (matrix metalloproteinase 13). Sodium cromoglycate administration leads to an effective stabilization of the mast cell granules and thus to the modified remodeling process. During 4-day and 21-day hypoxia, we treated Wistar Han rats with sodium cromoglycate in case control study. We assessed pulmonary vascular remodeling morphology using conventional histological techniques and immunohistochemistry. Then we assessed counts of pulmonary mast cells, both total and MMP-13 positive ones, around pulmonary arteries. Hypoxia induced remodeling of all categories of pulmonary arteries. Sodium cromoglycate treatment in first four days of hypoxia modified and reduced these changes. Treatment in last four days of 21-days hypoxia experiment has only negligible effect. Hypoxia led to changes in collagen VI amount and distribution as well as decrease in number of toluidine blue detectable mast cell as well as MMP13 positive mast cells in the wall of pulmonary arteries. Hypoxia led to significant remodeling of all...
General extenders in English and in Czech
Novotný, Tomáš ; Malá, Markéta (advisor) ; Klégr, Aleš (referee)
Pervasive in spontaneous informal conversation, general extenders (GEs) are vague multiword expressions (e.g. or something (like that), and stuff (like that) vs. nebo něco (takovýho), a tak(ový věci)) that have been shown to fulfil a number of communicative functions, ranging from propositional to expressive. But while the English extenders have received a lot of meticulous attention in nearly four decades of research, the corresponding Czech constructions remain largely overlooked (perhaps with the exception of Tárnyiková 2009 and Novotný & Malá 2018). The current study aims to (1) present a wide range of English and Czech GE forms (collected using the method of collocational frames (Aijmer 2015) and then categorised according to structural similarities, thus suggesting possible GE patterns); and (2) examine their communicative functions in contemporary English and Czech as represented in comparable corpora of informal spoken discourse (Spoken BNC2014 and ORAL2013, respectively). Relying extensively on functional frameworks introduced in previous research (e.g. Overstreet 1999, 2014), this study confirms what has been known about English GEs and investigates the degree of applicability to the respective Czech constructions. A close qualitative analysis of some of the collected GE forms (in total,...
Dialogical and linguistic aspects of the interactions of YouTubers and rappers in the publication of musical/audiovisual creative material
Novotný, Tomáš ; Sherman, Tamah (advisor) ; Homoláč, Jiří (referee)
This paper aims to introduce a concept called digital dialogical network. This concept is inspired by a similar concept called medial dialogical network, which was elaborated in past sociolingustic research. Whereas the concept of medial dialogical network is used to describe dialogical interactions, which may take place in a sequence of published media contributions, the concept of digital dialogical network aims to describe similar interactions which may take place in a series of language contributions published on the internet. Furthermore, this paper shows some language behaviour similarities between rappers and youtubers. Those are also social groups, language of which has been used as a primary language data source.
Design of gearbox for electric motorcycle
Novotný, Tomáš ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is a summarization of current state of knowledge of motorcycle clutches and transmissions and subsequent design of clutch and transmission for electric powered motorcycle. The main topic is design of the clutch of which components were processed by stress analysis and designed for fatigue safety. On top of that, the thesis deals with the design of primary transmission and gear ratios.
Construction of Gray codes with special properties
Novotný, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Fink, Jiří (referee)
A (cyclic) Gray code is a (cyclic) sequence of all n-bit strings in which consecutive strings differ in a single bit. Ruskey and Savage in 1993 asked whether every matching in a hypercube can be extended to a cyclic Gray code. An affirmative answer is known for perfect matchings (Fink, 2007) while the ge- neral case is still open. The main contribution of this thesis is a generalization of Fink's result to Gray codes with prescribed ends. The characterization of perfect matchings extendable in this way is verified for n = 5 with the assistance of a com- puter, which is useful as a basis for the inductive proof of the general statement. The other part of the thesis is focused on smallest maximal matchings in hyper- cubes which could possibly form especially hard instances of the Ruskey-Savage problem. We devise a novel method which provides - in particular for small di- mensions - maximal matchings of smaller size than the classical asymptotically optimal construction (Forcade, 1973). An adjusted program from the first part is then applied to test the Ruskey-Savage problem over these matchings, however, the extending Gray code is always discovered. 1
Concrete flat slab of bathhouse
Novotný, Tomáš ; Koláček, Jan (referee) ; Perla, Jan (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is concrete flat slab of bathhouse. In the first part the thesis deals with the influence of different types of support and models on the size of bending and torsional moments and on the deflection connected with the moments. The second part addresses the reinforcement design of the slab, lintel and column. Subsequently the serviceability limit state of the slab is assessed.
Linguistic Gratifications
Novotný, Tomáš ; Nekvapil, Jiří (advisor) ; Sherman, Tamah (referee)
This paper aims to provide a basic overall description of the phenomenon called language gratification. In Language Management Theory this phenomenon represents a kind of metalanguage behaviour entailing a positive evaluation. Language Management Theory including language gratifications is presented in this paper extensively. Afterwards, various methodological procedures which can be used for obtaining relevant data are introduced. The use of these methods is then illustrated in the analytical part comprising a series of examples, while other sources of data are mentioned. Next part presents a basic typology of language gratifications, in comparison to the typology of language problems on the one hand, and based on the findings acquired during the work on this paper on the other hand. The problems related with the research on language gratifications and some research perspectives are discussed in the concluding parts.
Neovolcanic Rocks of the SW part of the Most Basin in the area of Tušimice power plant open pit
Sobotka, Martin ; Kachlík, Václav (advisor) ; Novotný, Tomáš (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with geological, petrological and geochemical studies of neovolcanic rocks of the SW part of the Most Basin in the area of Tušimice power plant open pit. There are two lava flows affected by coal mining in northern part of the mine. Petrological and geochemical studies with K-Ar dating relatively recent rocks in mostly weatherworn volcanic rocks showed, that they can be classified as Ti-rich basaltic rocks without olivine (tephrites), which belong to the main volcanic phase in the evolution of the Eger graben. It was evidenced geologicaly and with K-Ar dating, that studied rocks were seperated from underlying beda by hiatus which caused erosion of volcanic rocks as well as crystalline bedrock. Mmajor and trace elements composition of co-magmactic volcanics showed that rock were derived from two slightly different sources of upper mantle. Composition of two samples indicates the formation from low degree of partial melting strongly metasomatic asthenospheric mantle. Chemical features of volcanic rocks show that mantle source was comparamble to recent OIB basalts. Last sample arose from less metasomatized and depth distincted mantle which was affected by higher level of partial melting. Melts from which crystallized both rocks were minimaly affected by asimilation or...

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