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Hodnocení reprodukční užitkovosti mateřských plemen prasat
Novotný, Jakub
The bachelor thesis concerns reproductive performance of maternal breeds of pigs. To begin with, there is mentioned the significance of pig breeding, especially in relation to reproductive performance. Afterwards the reproductive attributes as milkiness and fertility and factors affecting the performance are analysed. And finally, there is defined the characteristic of maternal breeds of pigs including their super-prolific lines and the control of reproductive performance in the Czech Republic in the period of 2010-2016.
Chuťové preference králíků při krmení obilovin s různou barvou obilky
Novotný, Jakub
The thesis compares the structure of feed mixture and the feed residues after the feeding broilers rabbits Hyla. There were made two different feed mixtures – the control one and the experimental one. The experimental feed mixture contained 10 % of purple grain wheat called PS Karkulka. In the control one was used 10 % of wheat Vanessa with classical colour of grain. The feed mixtures and the feed residues were separated on different wide sieves to find the size share. Than the feed mixture and the feed residues were compared. The quantity of parts bigger than 2 mm in the feed residues decreased and the quantity of parts smaller than 2 mm increased. Both with statistical significance (P<0.05). To detect the taste preferences between PS Karkulka and Vanessa the parts bigger than 2 mm in both types of feed residues were separated to individual components and compared. There was found that rabbits preferred the colored grained wheat (PS Karkulka) more than the classical one (Vanessa) with statistical significance (P<0.05). The next part is about performance parameters. The weight gain, carcass weight, carcass yield, feed consumption and feed conversation ratio were evaluated. In all of that parameters there were not found statistically significant differences (P˃0.05) between control group and experimental group.
Epitachophoretic separation and concentration of large volume samples
Voráčová, Ivona ; Foret, František ; Datinská, Vladimíra ; Novotný, Jakub ; Gheibi, P. ; Berka, J. ; Astier, Y.
There has been a growing interest in developing isotachophoretic protocols for concentration and purification of DNA as an alternative to the solid phase extraction protocols of DNA preparation. Also concentration of DNA from large volume samples is required. We have developed a new device suitable for separation, concentration and collection of ions from several milliliter sample volumes into microliter fractions. We have used a discontinuous electrolyte system comprising of the leading and terminating electrolytes utilized for concentration of samples containing DNA fragments. The method is simple, fast with high concentration factor and without extensive surface interactions.
Affinity microfluidic chip based on packed microbeads
Novotný, Jakub ; Ostatná, Veronika ; Foret, František
In this project, a plastic device was fabricated using CNC milling in polycarbonate. Chip contains integrated pneumatic valves for flow control and allows for injection and stacking of beaded supports. Intended use of these supports is formation of packed affinity columns suitable for glycoprotein assays.
Psychiatric Hospital in Kosmonosy in years 1918 - 1949
Novotný, Jakub ; Rákosník, Jakub (advisor) ; Spurný, Matěj (referee)
Presented thesis deals with the evolution of the Psychiatric Hospital Kosmonosy in the period since 1918 until 1949. Author strives to explain the significance of institutional psychiatry within wider context of the social care system of interwar Czechoslovakia, particularly in the case of hospitalization fees and their impact upon the availability of the psychiatric care. In order to achieve the understanding of the operation of this particular hospital, as well as diverse tasks of psychiatry within individual stages of the researched period, this thesis employs analysis of the economic policies of the institution, its' relation to the other psychiatric hospitals, particularly to those in Bohemia, and the development of the demographics of the institution within investigated period. The thesis also explores the significance of the deployment of patients as labour force as means of therapy as well as a part of economic strategy of the psychiatric hospitals in said era.
Instruction of Bash basis using problem-based learning
Problem teaching in the Bash command interpreter is often aimed at simply reproducing the commands that are shown to a student. Such an approach often prevents students from understanding the principle of using Bash and working in Linux in general, and such instruction can then motivate students to simply learn the commands by memorizing without any understanding of the substance in depth. Pupils do not learn how the command works, how and when it can be used in situations other than in the sample, where it was just typed and everything worked. Not to mention more complex scripts that require a combination of several commands with arguments in the exact sequence to make the script perform the required operations. Therefore, the main goal of this diploma thesis is to create a set of tasks that is focused on the principles of using the Bash command line interpreter and the basics of programming in it. A set of tasks should be useful in teaching informatics at a specialized secondary school or college. Individual tasks use the elements of problem education and students will solve problems of non-trivial disposition within them. Therefore, the tasks are not focused on the use of a basic command, but rather on teaching the concepts typical of Bash (eg. Redirecting outputs) and programming (eg. The specifics of using variables). The second, but not less important, goal was to verify the set of tasks in the secondary school education in order to obtain the most needed knowledge to evaluate them. This deployment was afterwards evaluated and, if appropriate, the editing of the selected problematic tasks was performed. At the end of the thesis, a manual for teachers was developed, in which is described in detail, of which of the tasks to teach the concept, how the teacher should use it and what are the most common mistakes of the students in solving it, so that a teacher using this set of tasks has with its application in their education as little work as possible and could easily prepare for it.
Valuation of AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. and process of acquisition
Milotová, Aneta ; Brabenec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novotný, Jakub (referee)
This Diploma thesis "Valuation of AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. and process of acquisition" is formed as an expert opinion. The goal of this thesis is to find a market value for the needs as at 1 January 2016. Valuation of company is compiled mostly from public available data. As a main valuation method was used DFC entity. The thesis consists of complex strategic analysis, the financial analysis, value drivers, financial plan and a final valuation.
Internet payment systems
Veverka, Stanislav ; Luc, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jakub (referee)
Theoretical part describes most known online payment systems, their history, basic characteristics and functionality. Practical part describes selection of criteria included in different categorical views and comparing these systems by them.
Internet of Things - sporttesters
Bučková, Barbora ; Luc, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the Internet of Things. The theoretical part defines this concept, briefly describes the history of the concept and the very issues of the Internet of Things. It is also briefly devoted to visions for the future. These are also included in selected areas of usage of the Internet of Things along with a description of the current state. Afterwards, the work will focus on the sporttesters, about which it will provide basic informations, benefits and risks. In the second part, selected sporttesters and applications are described. Next part contains a comparison of these sporttesters on the basis of established criteria. The result of the comparison is commented at the end of the thesis. The aim of the thesis is to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the field and to familiarize him / her with the offer of favorite sporttes-ters, including their comparison.
Analýza způsobů informační bezpečnosti pro uživatele internetu
Vladimirova, Ekaterina ; Luc, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jakub (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the information security risk analysis methods for Internet users. Its main objectives include familiarizing Internet users with the types of Internet security threats, analyzing the most prominent anti-virus software, giving instructions for installing a Windows firewall, and providing recommendations on information security. The theoretical part describes the main and most popular services offered on the Internet, as well as the history and development of the Internet. Other chapters focus on information security and describe the types of malware threats that might be encountered on the Internet. In the conclusion of the theoretical part the means of protection against cybercrime, i.e. anti-virus programs and firewalls are characterized. The practical part consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to the evaluation of seven popular antivirus programs with their own firewall in accordance with the selected criteria. The second part gives instructions on how to configure Windows 8 Firewall. Finally, recommendations for Internet users are provided, which must be observed for their own safety.

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