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Etologické pozorování skotu v různých věkových kategorií
Novotná, Karolína
This bachelor thesis deals with ethological observation of cattle of (in) different age. There are three groups of Czech fleckvieh cattle, dairy cows, pregnant heifers and calves. The aim of the study was get to know and compare behavior of each group. The results were given into an etogram and then processed into charts. Each group was monitored for 8 hours. There was observed lying, standing, rumination, feeding, drinking, defecation and urination, comfortable behavior, social behavior, sexual behavior and moving. Dairy cows spent the most of the time by lying, pregnant heifers by standing and calves spent the most of the time by feeding themselves.
Design and Synthesis of Prodrugs of 6-Diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine; Potential Treatment for Glioblastoma
Novotná, Kateřina ; Majer, Pavel (advisor) ; Rýček, Lukáš (referee)
6-Diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine (DON, 1) is a non-standard amino acid with proven antitumor activity found in soil bacteria of the genus Streptomyces. However, due to the considerable systemic toxicity manifested mainly in the gastrointestinal tract, DON alone is not a suitable clinical candidate for the treatment of cancer. One of the ways to solve the problem of its toxicity is the reversible structural modification of this molecule by protecting both its amino group and carboxyl functional group, by preparing the so-called prodrug of DON. The prepared prodrug may suitably alter the distribution of DON in the body and at the same time increase its permeability to brain tissue. Due to this structural modification, its side effects can be eliminated and a substance for the treatment of brain tumors, such as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), can potentially be formed. In my dissertation, five strategies for the specific delivery of DON to the brain using different types of its prodrugs are discussed. The new prodrugs are designed to be either capable of spontaneous penetration across the blood-brain barrier or of being a substrate for one of its influx transporters. At the same time, these prodrugs should be stable in other metabolically active organs and blood plasma in order to sufficiently reduce the...
Assessment of primary students with a focus on verbal assessment in the bilingual programme
Richterová, Jana ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The thesis focuses on primary school pupil's assessment in the bilingual program. The research is based on the way that the pupils are being assessed in the program, particularly in the half-year and in the end of the school year. The theoretical part of the thesis refers to the definition of the important terms, which are connected with the assessment and bilingual education. The important terms are for example school assessment, assessment, also its forms, functions and principles. The thesis is focused above all on the term verbal assessment, which is also defined in the theoretical part for example as what is its principle, positive and negative parts or how is the verbal assessment formulated. Last but not least in the thesis is defined the difference between the bilingual education, teaching by CLIL and the selected programme. The practical part was realized as a qualitative research, whose main methods of collecting were interviews and analysis. The interviews were performed at the primary school where the programme operates with three different groups of people who are a part of the programme. These are the Czech teachers, English teacher and pupils. The document analysis of the verbal assessments was realized as its content categorization thanks to the coding, which afterwards led to the...
Combined group exercise in patients with multiple sclerosis
Staníčková, Barbora ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Konopáčová, Eva (referee)
Title: Combined group exercise in patients with multiple sclerosis Abstract: The bachelor thesis is dealing with the effect of the combined group exercise on mobility and balance disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis. The primary aim of the study is to describe the effect of group exercise based on the combination of aerobic and balance exercises with the use of Homebalance system on balance and mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. The secondary goal is to observe the impact of the exercise on the specific symptoms of multiple sclerosis (fatigue, reduced quality of life, cognitive disorders, balance and walking disorders). The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the description of multiple sclerosis and methods of its treatment with the focus on physiotherapy and physical activity. The practical part compares the results from the initial and final examination by using tables and graphs. For the evaluation of walk, the functional tests were chosen: Timed Up and Go (TUG), Timed Up and Go (TUG) + cognitive task. The balance was evaluated by One-leg stance test and the Limity Stability test using the Balance Master system. For the evaluation of accompanying symptoms of multiple sclerosis, standardized questionnaires were chosen (MSNQ, MFIS,...
Bilingual education from the perspective of a primary school pupil
Sochovská, Markéta ; Vallin, Petra (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on bilingual education from the perspective of primary school pupil and describes learning through two languages in broader context. The theoretical part characterizes the term of bilingual education and describes its various models and forms that are implemented in schools. The second part of the thesis employs semi-structured interviews and tries to find out what is the opinion of the pupils of Toscool bilingual program. The goal is to interpret the data and suggest a set of recommendations to improve the bilingual program. KEYWORDS bilingualism, bilingual education, mother language, bilingual family, language education, perspective of a student
Optimization of laboratory procedures for effective water treatment plant operation
Pivokonský, Martin ; Vašatová, Petra ; Petříček, Radim ; Pivokonská, Lenka ; Novotná, Kateřina
This scientific report has been realized within a TACR project (no. TJ01000169) of the ZÉTA programme aimed at supporting applied research. The report is intended for water treatment plant (WTP) operators and serves as a basic guideline for optimization of the coagulation process in water treatment. In the first part of the report, a methodology of jar tests is briefly described. Conducting the jar test is fundamental for an effective control over the coagulation step in WTP operation. Jar tests are necessary for a determination of the optimum operating conditions of coagulation, i.e., type and dose of the coagulant and coagulation pH value, needed for reaching the highest treatment efficiency. The other part of the report summarizes and evaluates the results of jar test optimization conducted at the WTP in Kutná Hora, and recommendations for optimization of the WTP operation are suggested. Economic aspects of the optimization are then discussed in a separate section.
Educational aspects of space perception
Novotná, Kateřina ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Knecht, Petr (referee) ; Siwek, Tadeusz (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to focus on the research of space perception. Under the term space perception is understood the widest possible meaning as a process wherein an individual creates ideas about the outside world (Siwek 2011). Space imaginations contains objects with their attributes and relations between each other. In as much as each of us creates ideas about space, then it can be assumed a relatively wide interest in different scientific disciplines, which causes an unclear scientific anchoring of terminology and methodology. Therefore, this thesis first discusses the terminology and methodology regarding the research within a geographical education. Then this thesis proceeds to the definition of key terms: mental map, cognitive map and sketch map. Mental map and cognitive map in this thesis are understood as synonyms that reflects the ideas in the memory of an individual about the outside world, whereas the sketch map is one of the methods how to collect these ideas. Furthermore, this thesis defines the methods of collecting data of subjective characteristics contained in mental maps, which can be subsequently visualised through thematic mental maps. Therefore, the following part of the thesis focuses on the sketch map and thematic mental map as a tool and a subject of geographical...
Development of prosocial behavior in kindergarten through reading preliteracy activities
Tomanová, Veronika ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma work is focused on the development of prosocial behaviour in a kindergarten by means of reader's preliteracy. The theoretical part clarifies the terms related to the issues of the development of prosocial behaviour in a kindergarten, reader's literacy and preliterasy. It as well briefly describes the differences between heterogeneous and homogenous structure of the classroom in a kindergarten arranged according to the age and deals with the kindergarten as well as the classroom climate. The aim of the practical part was to describe in what matter the particular kindergarten develops pro-social behaviour of children with the support of reader's preliteracy. During the whole school year there were particular activities established and consequently implemented into an age-heterogeneous classroom located in a one-classroom kindergarten and upon consequent reflexion and feedback the activities were further provided with a possibility to work further with a given activity. To gain the reflexion and feedback the methods of interviews, monitoring and self-reflexion were used. Children participating in the activities kept developing their prosocial behaviour and attitude to reading. After studying specialised literature a questionnaire for the research within the practical part was designed for...
Reproductive investment, body condition and survival in the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Novotná, Kateřina ; Tomášek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Svobodová, Jana (referee)
Life history theory provides possible explanations for timing of important events which shape nature of both specific animal life cycles and acquisition of resources. Since the amount of available resources is limited, trade-off arises in an organism in how energy and time are invested into components that determine individual fitness. A key trade-off in life history theory is the one between resource allocation into reproduction and mechanism promoting homeostasis and survival. Increased investment in actual reproduction can have negative impact on condition and hence on future reproduction or survival. I explored relationships between reproduction, aspects of condition (haematology and ectoparasite prevalence) and survival in barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) population in South Bohemia. Mean brood size in actual season was positively correlated with survival in next breeding season in females but not in males. In addition, survival was positively correlated with number of nests in both sexes. These findings suggest that, apart from trade-off between reproduction and survival, variability of individual quality, condition or resource availability also influence their eventual relationship. High quality individuals that are more efficient in acquisition and utilisation of nutrients or other resources...

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