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Computational and structural apects of interval graphs and their variants
Novotná, Jana ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor) ; Jelínek, Vít (referee)
Interval graphs, intersection graphs of segments on a real line (intervals), play a key role in the study of algorithms and special structural properties. Unit interval graphs, their proper subclass, where each interval has a unit length, has also been extensively studied. We study mixed unit interval graphs-a generalization of unit interval graphs where each interval has still a unit length, but intervals of more than one type (open, closed, semi-closed) are allowed. This small modification captures a much richer class of graphs. In particular, mixed unit interval graphs are not claw-free, compared to unit interval graphs. Heggernes, Meister, and Papadopoulos defined a representation of unit interval graphs called the bubble model which turned out to be useful in algorithm design. We extend this model to the class of mixed unit interval graphs. The original bubble model was used by Boyaci, Ekim, and Shalom for proving the polynomiality of the MaxCut problem on unit interval graphs. However, we found a significant mistake in the proof which seems to be hardly repairable. Moreover, we demonstrate advantages of such model by providing a subexponential-time algorithm solving the MaxCut problem on mixed unit interval graphs using our extended version of the bubble model. In addition, it gives us a polynomial-time...
German binomials and their possible translations into Czech
Novotná, Jana ; Kloudová, Věra (advisor) ; Svoboda, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with special phraseological units called binomials. The aim of this thesis is to analyse Czech translation options of German binomials. The thesis is divided into two parts: a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part of the thesis consists of the comparison of Czech and German approaches to phraseology and idiomatics based on the work of František Čermák and Harald Burger. Definitions of binomials in both approaches are compared and the topic of equivalence and the concept of translation procedures as drafted by Pavel Krejčí is introduced further in this part as well as the model of translation shifts by Anton Popovič. In the empirical part of the thesis, we concentrate on 100 units from the list of binomials put together by Wernfried Hofmeister in the Czech InterCorp corpus and examine the Czech translation options of these German binomials. Further, we analyse the translation variants primarily in terms of equivalence, translation shifts and procedures. In the conclusion of the thesis, the results are evaluated and possible areas of further research are recommended. Key words: binomials, phraseology, corpus, equivalence, translation procedures, translation shifts
Primary care in the American health care from the perspective of nurses
Novotná, Jana ; Di Cara, Veronika (advisor) ; Lukášová Jeřábková, Lenka (referee) ; Kordulová, Pavla (referee)
Introduction: Primary care is a complex health - social care provided by healthcare professionals, especially at the level of citizen's first contact with the healtcare system and on the basis of long-term continuous access to the individual. It is a set of activities related to health promotion, prevention, assessment, treatment, rehabilation and nursing care. There activities are provided as close to the patient's social environment as possible, respecting the bio-psycho- social needs (NCDP ČR, 2017). Objective: The main goal of this thesis is to clarify and explain the most significant differences in primary care of the patient in the Czech and American health care, focusing on the biggest problems and the advantages that are present at primary care level. The issue is viewed in the context of the social and cultural environment, which makes patient care in some respects specific. Questions: What is the education of a primary care nurse in the US? What are the competencies of a primary care nurse in the US? What is the nursing position in the US multidisciplinary primary care team? What competencies could be effectively transferred to the Czech healthcare system and why? Methodology: The main method by which I obtained most of the material for my bachelor thesis is based on a narrative review of...
Foster care for temporary period
Intention of this bachelor thesis is to raise awareness of short term foster care in the Czech Republic, particularly by looking in to the structure of its system. As the title states, aim of the thesis is to study and record the entire course of short term foster care process, that starts when a child comes into a foster family and ends when the child is taken by adoptive or biological family. The research survey is mainly focused on the process when a child is coming to a foster family: on building relationships between a child and a family, mutual visits of two concerned families (their duration and form), creating emotional ties and child's psychological adaptation to ongoing changes and new conditions. In the survey, semi-structured interviews with foster parents are used. Gathered information were transformed into case studies, each of these cases was analyzed and evaluated separately.
Reasons for placing children in an orphanage.
This Master's thesis offers the insight into the problems of institutionalised upbringing of children in the Czech Republic. It consists of several parts. The theoretical part deals with family as a foundation in the child's life. Furthermore, it describes family dysfunction and possible upbringing options, either in a foster family environment or in an institution i.e. a children's home. The next chapter offers further particulars regarding institutionalised upbringing. We can find more detailed description of all professionals involved in the placement of children and decisions which type of upbringing is most suitable for them. In the theoretical part we can find further division of institutionalised upbringing options, depending on which ministerial departments are responsible. The practical part is based on a quality research with the help of half structured interview with children in family orientated children's home. The research was conducted in a real environment to achieve the most accurate result. The interviews were conducted between June and September 2017. Several questions were put to five children from five different family groups who were put into children's homes after the change of the Civil Code. The questions were geared mainly towards the biological family, reasons for placement into a children's home. The main aim was to ascertain the reasons for placement into a home with the changes of the law no 89/2012 being taken into consideration. My next objective was to determine if placements into children's homes are desirable and beneficial for their future upbringing. The interviews were copied word to word and analysed with the help of open coding and contrast technique. The conclusion of the research has determined that the Civil Code changes are not always beneficial for the child or the institution where the child is to be brought up. It was further determined that placements of children without their assessment in an appropriate institution is undesirable. The thesis could bring benefits to other professionals who actively participate in the placements of children into care. To achieve this quality research strategy has been chosen. The resource of the data received were half structured interviews with the children, their lawful guardians and the children's home director. Further details were obtained from the children's personal files. The conclusion of the thesis could be used as a tool when decisions regarding placements are made as this would benefit the child and be in his best interest. It could be used as a source for wider public and professionals alike.
Management of tourism development in the South Bohemian Region
This diploma thesis is focused on the current state of management and organization of tourism in the South Bohemian region and on finding the current offer of tourism products in the context of the development of destination management and marketing. The theoretical part defines the applied theory, related to the solved topic. Primary data was obtained from managed interviews with product managers of South Bohemian tourist areas and from an interview with the director of the South Bohemian Tourism Authority. Secondary data was drawn from websites of individual tourist areas, from and from many prospectuses. In the practical part, the tourism management organization applied in the Czech Republic was compared with the organization in selected foreign destinations. As well as an analysis of individual tourist areas was carried out. On the basis of the conducted analyzes and primary research, measures and recommendations were proposed to support the development of destination management and increase the competitiveness of the South Bohemian Region.
Optimalizace svozové trasy sběrných míst
Novotná, Jana
This bachelor thesis attends to the optimization of separated waste collection routes, the waste is being collected by the company Technické služby VM s.r.o. The solution is carried out according to the salesman's methods with farthest insertion's algorithm. This algorithm provides possible solutions in an interface of two algebraic systems Maple and Bjornson's application. The routes for separated waste collection, which are compared, constitute an output.

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