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Assigning teachers into classrooms in primary school
Nováková, Zuzana ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The study is devoted to assigning teachers into classrooms at primary school. Teacher is important player in education. In general awareness is known term "good teacher by lucky chance", but different participants have different image of a good teacher. Requirements from headmaster, founder, colleagues, students and their parents are too demanding. Quality of teaching depends on preparedness and working strain of the teacher. Assigning teachers into classrooms might be one of the deciding factors of working strain. There are more possible systems of assigning teachers - looping (teacher remaining with a group of students for multiple academic years), stable-grade assignment and grade switching. The study is concerned with theoretical anchor for assigning teachers into classrooms at primary school especially for looping. There is lack of specialized literature about looping (Czech and international as well). The research indicates that there are benefits of looping and advancing a teacher from one grade level to the next along with his or her class. Another part of this study are outcomes of case study of one primary school. In this qualitative study research interviews with present and past headmaster, teachers, students and their parents were performed. Respondents talked about the advantages of...
Annotated translation of the text: María Acaso: rEDUvolution (hacer la REVOLUCIÓN en la EDUCACIÓN). Espasa Libros, Barcelona 2013, ISBN 978-84-493-2950-0. Capítulo 1 (25-63): Lo que los profesores enseñamos no es lo que los estudiantes aprenden. Pedagogía y verdad.
Nováková, Zuzana ; Charvátová, Anežka (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis consists of two main parts: practical and theoretical. The practical part contains the Czech translation of the first chapter of the book rEDUvolution (hacer la REVOLUCIÓN en la EDUCACIÓN) written by the Spanish author María Acaso. The first chapter named LO QUE NOSOTROS ENSEÑAMOS NO ES LO QUE LOS ESTUDIANTES APRENDEN was translated from Spanish to Czech. The second part includes the annotated translation which contains translation analysis of the source text, translation procedures employed during translation and description of the specific translation problems and explanation of used solutions. Key words: annotated translation, translation analysis, translation problems, translation procedures, education, art, teachers, students
Prevention of hazardous behaviour
Nováková, Zuzana ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
The M.A. thesis "The Prevention of hazardous Behaviour" researches the cooperation and interconnectedness of three professional groups and conducts a describes their experience and opinions in the field of child and youth risk-behaviour. The three (target) respondent groups are: primary school prevention methodists, OSPOD social workers and a group of professional lecturers of primary prevention of risk behaviour. The theoretical part introduces definitions and theoretical concepts of hazardous behaviour and types methods of their prevention. In its conclusion, the theoretical part summarizes of selected primary laws. The practical part of the thesis presents a summary and an analysis of data gathered through a survey among the respondent groups.
Physical-geographic aspects of alien plant species distribution in the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area
Nováková, Zuzana ; Chuman, Tomáš (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
Plant invasions are becoming increasingly more discussed issue, primarily due to a negative impact on global biodiversity. It has also an economic impact and it affects human health. It is therefore important to study the introduction of plant species and their distribution, and monitor them in some way. This is particularly applied to protected areas, where rare species of plants are often endangered. In this work were described factors that affect distribution of alien plant species in the level of plant communities, landscape and large territories. For the practical part of the work has been selected the Křivoklátsko PLA as a model area, mainly because of detailed botanical mapping. There were analysed diversity, origin and distribution of alien plant species. Also the effect of selected factors on distribution of alien plant species in the Křivoklátsko PLA were assessed. The average altitude is the strongest factor. The second strongest factor is the fraction of anthropogenic habitats and moderate factor is the habitat diversity. The length of rivers is weak predictor and the length of roads is very weak predictor of number of alien plant species.
The plant - habitat diversity relationship in the Křivoklátsko PLA
Nováková, Zuzana ; Chuman, Tomáš (advisor) ; Romportl, Dušan (referee)
The term biodiversity means biological diversity at different levels - from genetic diversity, species diversity to ecosystem diversity. The distribution of plant diversity on Earth is not uniform and it is influenced by various factors. In my thesis I emphasize physical-geographic factors, which include climate, soil and topography. Next I assess the influence of environmental heterogeneity, ecological phenomenons, biotic factors and disturbances. I also assess biodiversity gradients, which include altitude and latitude gradient and size and remoteness of habitats. Another part is focused on the plant-habitat diversity relationship because this relation will be researched in the second part of my thesis. Křivoklátsko PLA was chosen as a model area for its specificity, interest and high species and habitat diversity. The aim of my thesis is to determine the species-habitat diversity relationship in the selected area. Key words: plant diversity, habitat diversity, Křivoklátsko PLA
Sanction mechanism in sport
Nováková, Zuzana ; Slepička, Petr (advisor) ; Bednář, Miloš (referee)
Title: Sanction mechanism in sport Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to analyse the sanction mechanisms applied in sports, their mutual relationship, the extent of autonomy of sport on the law, the answer to the question whether this condition is satisfactory and give suggestions to solve the alleged deficiencies. Methods: In this thesis are used a method of analysis, comparative analysis, and a method of synthesis Results: Have been found certain deficiencies in the procedural treatment of disciplinary and arbitration in the framework of the Sports Club, which have their origin in perhaps excessive Federal autonomy, this area would undoubtedly benefit from a higher rate of interference of the State, or at least harmonisation through the top sports institution Keywords: sports rules, disciplinary proceedings, arbitration proceedings, the Court of arbitration for sport, the Arbitration Commission of the Czech Olympic Committee

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