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Second grade students' menstruation cycle awareness
Nováková, Michaela ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
The thesis focuses on menstrual cycle literacy of students at a selected primary school. The main focus of the thesis is primarily on the basic information on menstruation and how to clarify the topic to the chosen respondents. The aim of the paper is to determine the students' awareness regarding this topic, specify discrepancies and, if necessary, refute false information. The paper is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part covers terms menstruation, the historical context of the menstrual cycle, the anatomy of internal and external reproductive organs and characteristics of menstrual cycle disorders. The practical part contains an analysis of data gained by means of two survey and a plan of a lecture on menstruation. The gained data are summarized and compared in the conclusion. The analysis of the data obtained by means of two questionnaires shows a growing tendency in the number of correct answers. After the second submission, the rate of correct answrs grew from 50,5 % up to 77,6 %. The analysis proved that the awareness of this topic is almost similar throughout the classes involved. There were no significant differences among the students from the 6th and the 9th grade. There were 13 correct answers on average in the 6th grade. This number increasead up to 20...
Skechers company's strategy of marketing communication for the Czech market
Nováková, Michaela ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Strategy of marketing communication for Skechers on the Czech market Goals: The main objective of my thesis is to create a marketing strategy of communication for the Skechcers brand on the Czech market. This goal is based on identifying the biggest weaknesses of the brand. An important aspect of my thesis is also the comparison and inspiration of selected competitors, which are Nike and Under Armour. The target group of the communication strategy will be Generation Y in the Czech Republic. Methods: The practical part of my thesis, thus qualitative marketing research, was done in the form of an interview with two representatives from Skechers and Under Armour. The interview was centered around a previously prepared questionnaire, which was almost the same for both respondents - the only change was the name of the firm which the respondent represented. During the interview we focused on seven sections, which I discribe more in my thesis. A second method was used for the analysis of electronical documents and materials about existing marketing communications of Skechers and selected competitors. Results: The analytical part of the thesis is consisted of undertaken interviews with the representatives of Skechers and Under Armour. The results showed that Generation Y exclusively uses Under...
Arbitration clauses in cunsumer affairs with impact on execution proceeding
Nováková, Michaela ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Smolík, Petr (referee)
Arbitration clauses in cunsumer affairs with impact on execution proceeding Abstract Arbitration is one of the forms of alternative dispute resolution. The arbitration institute is not a novice in the area of law. Its foundations can be seen from ancient times. However, today's legal regulation of arbitration can be observed since the first half of the 19th century. The essence of the arbitration procedure is to delegate the hearing and decision-making of certain disputes to the jurisdiction of the courts, to the arbitrator. The arbitrator then issues an arbitration award, which may be relied upon in the proceedings in which he was issued as an enforcement or enforceable title. In the legal order of the Czech Republic we find the primary regulation of the arbitration procedure in Act No. 216/1994 Sb. By passing this Act, the arbitration procedure was extended to national disputes. As a result of arbitration proceedings, disputes arising from consumer contracts could also be resolved. However, the method of resolving disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs has proved to be a widely used institute, even when overused and misused. The situation was so extreme that the lawmaker had to come up with a bill amendment to strengthen consumer protection in arbitration. Not only the legislative power, but also...
Electronic records of sales
NOVÁKOVÁ, Michaela
This diploma thesis is aimed at Electronic register (records) of sales especially evaluation of the process of implementation and realization of the EET in a selected region of the Czech Republic. The theoretical part is dedicated to the study of theoretical knowledge. There is described a trade, trading systems, wholesale, retail, hospitality, tourism, sales, electronic register (records) of sales and marketing research. The practical part is concentrated on the research by questionnaire research, which are fill by entrepreneurs from the South Bohemian Region, controlled depth interviews with entrepreneurs from the South Bohemian Region and with representatives from the Financial and Customs Administration, who oversee the EET control. Finally, suggestions for improvement are made on the basis of questionnaires and depth interviews.
A "Special Relationship"? the Anglo-American Relationship in the Age of Barack Obama and David Cameron
Nováková, Michaela ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
The term "special relationship" was for the first time in public used by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in his Fulton speech in 1946. His belief was based on the assumption that both countries were culturally similar and had cooperated in the Second World War. The cultural similarity and common purpose have been the presumption of mutual cooperation right from the beginning of the Cold War. Personal ties and Anglo-Saxon roots played also played a key role in defining the relationship as undoubtedly special. Such examples are JFK and Harold MacMillan, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and the subservient policy of Tony Blair towards G. W. Bush. The last mentioned is also used for partial comparisons throughout the thesis. The thesis called A "Special Relationship?" the Anglo- American Relationship in the Age of Barack Obama and David Cameron deals with the question whether the so-called special relationship is still special. By setting Obama-Cameron relationship into historical context, it offers a comparison between peaks, troughs, and average- level Anglo-American relationships. This leads to a conclusion providing specific factors of the Anglo-American special relationship. Those factors stem from the historical perspective and are then used in the main-body analysis of five...
Emotional Marketing and Its Application in TV Advertisement
Nováková, Michaela ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Vávra, Oldřich (referee)
The aim of this master´s thesis is to analyse the application of emotions in TV advertisement. The theoretical part is focusing on importace of emotions for human and its impact on consumer behavior. The thesis also describes the emotions and its use in marketing communication. Thesis also explains how to built positive association with brand through the emotions, moreover the methods how to measure the emotions. The practical part of the thesis is focusing on content analysis of TV advertisement. The analysis introduces some of the product cathegories. The aim of this analysis is to confirm or reject the hypotesis that given product cathegories use the same emotional appeals. Subsequent research determines, if the emotional appeal is really functional and how the respondents are influenced by TV advertisement.
Working in non-profit sector as a new career challenge
Nováková, Michaela ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Navrátil, Jiří (referee)
This work is aimed to find out what are the motives of people to cross from for-profit to non- profit sector and what life experiences and opinions of those who work in both sectors are. The work examines whether the sectors are different (and how) and whether they can feel some change after being and working in both sectors. Conceptual section places the issue in a broader context, which presents key concepts related to the topic. This explained through the literature, while also bringing some research on work motivation. In the empirical part I analyze the testimony of five respondents, with analysis divided into four thematic blocks. I analyze here the start of their careers, how they feel about career as a word, what means to them. After that I analyze their motives to cross from for-profit to the nonprofit sector, as well as their own comparison between the two sectors. In the last part of my work I slightly analyze their philosophy of life and I also ask about the career and how they think their career could continue. In other chapters, I bring my research results and their comparison with the submitted literature.
Legal modification of selected consumer contracts
Nováková, Michaela ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
Development of consumers' protection issue dates back to 1970s but real beginning of the issue is considered to be at the turn of 1980s and 1990s. Ever since then has this area gone through dynamic development. The main reason behind that is fact that consumer contracts became everyday reality of our life (when buying goods, using public transportation or eating in restaurants). Another reason is unfair or even abusing behavior of businessman towards consumers. Thus main purpose of consumer's law is setting up of balance that is disrupted by economic strength and supremacy of businessman over consumer. That is achieved primarily by binding legal enactment. Securing protection of consumers from point of view both private law and public law including definitions of consumer, businessman and consumer contract is described in chapter number four and six. Consumer law isn't privilege of civil law only. Whole sphere of consumer law overlaps into commercial law, administrative, criminal and European law as well. Numerous legal acts, public notices, regulations and orders that more or less regulate consumer law are the evidence. Consumer law is strongly affected by European legislation - especially by secondary sources of law (directives). Both evolution and sources of law are described in chapter number...

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