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Influence of the European Union activities against aggressive tax planning on enabling tax optimization by member states of the EU
Nováková, Markéta ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
Jurisdictions around the world currently compete to attract mobile capital of multinational companies by providing them the most favourable tax conditions. Some EU member states actively participate in tax competition. Over the past decade, the European Commission has successfully enacted a number of measures aimed at preventing multinational companies from implementing aggressive tax planning schemes. These measures aim to establish fair conditions for competitors on the internal market and to meet the demand of the public and of the international community for suppression of aggressive tax planning. The theoretical background of the thesis derives from the field of Law and Economics, specifically by using the concept of transaction costs and means of Economic analysis of criminality. This thesis aims to answer the question of whether the new EU legislation leaves room for the member states to continue in allowing multinational companies to optimize taxes in the ways targeted by the EU measures. The thesis consists of two case studies, which evaluate the impact of the rules on known tax optimization schemes. The first one analyses the impact of state aid proceedings on tax rulings and the second one analyses the influence of the controlled foreign company rule on harmful IP boxes. The objective...
The importance of Activatingseniors in Field and Outpatient Social Servicers
Nováková, Markéta ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kaňák, Jan (referee)
(Abstract) This thesis is called "The importance of activation in seniors in field and outpatient social services" includes the theoretical part as a conceptualization of the empirical part. It describes the activities and services contained in the questionnaire survey. The results of the surfy, by using the questionnaires, confirmed the hypothesis. It can now be said that seniors are using outreach social services, they are more interested in activities more than seniors are using outpatient social services - in particular it is the physical activities of women over 85 years of age. In conclusion, the greatest interest was in physical activities which support the maintenance of mobility and hence the promotion of self-sufficiency.
Residental architecture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Zbraslav focusing on the villa Planá růže
Nováková, Markéta ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šmied, Miroslav (referee)
Annotation: This dissertation focuses on villa architecture at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the causes for its development and its purpose. It focuses mainly on the area of the capital city of Prague and its vicinity as this is where the majority of buildings are situated. It pays close attention to historicism, an architectural movement that drew its inspiration from the art of the past. It explores the contemporary attitude towards and perception of this then new style of architecture. Having considered historicism and its influence, this work shifts its focus towards the origin and historical development of the town Zbraslav, which became a popular location for this emerging style of villa architecture at the turn of the 19th and 20th Century. In this town, the primary focus is the villa Plana Ruze from 1898, an interesting example of late historicism due to its neorenaissance gable, secessionist frescoes and a corner tower facing South-East. This is then compared to the Villa Flora and the Villa U Male Reky 621, which are also characterized by the South East facing corner tower.
Common agricultural Policy of the EU - problems and attempts for reform
Nováková, Markéta ; Hraba, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Borkovec, Aleš (referee)
This diploma thesis tackles the issue of key reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy (hereinafter "CAP") made by the European Union (hereinafter "EU") during the last years and includes the context and the reasons which led to it. Despite the range of positive results which the CAP of the EU brings, it is followed by controversy. Agriculture as a topic rouses emotions and remains to be a delicate theme which often divides politicians. Disputes concerning conception of the policy are lead not only on the European and domestic level but also on the grounds of international organisations. Those which I would like to emphasize are particularly negotiations before the World Trade Organisation which tries to liberalize the international trade. A focus of this thesis is put on analysis of the development after year 2003 when the last significant turnover of the policy took place. Since this turnover until today we are witnessing only gradual changes. The aim of this thesis to analyse and evaluate whether if and in what areas did the EU make a change in the policy which reacted on its's objective issues and critics. After a brief introduction of the policy, the first part of the thesis focuses on specific problematic issues of the CAP that are criticised. I will attempt to describe and explain selected...
Consequences of an infectious disease on genetic information in DNA sequences in bats
Nováková, Markéta ; Martínková, Natália (advisor) ; Lučan, Radek (referee)
White­nose syndrome is an emerging fungal disease of bats causing massive die­offs in North American populations. The fungus causes lesions on bat skin, mainly on noses, ears and wing membranes. The infection by the fungus is accompanied by serious disruption of metabolism and hibernation physiology that is lethal to bats in North America. European bats seem to survive the disease in greater numbers. Since the fungus is probably of European origin, this study assumes that bats in Europe have developed inheritable defence mechanisms to the disease. The infection by the fungus serves as a strong selective pressure. We tested sequences of 7 genes for signs of positive selection using maximum likelihood approach. We detected past positive selection in the gene for transglutaminase 1.
The impact of the first oil crisis on the United States of America
Nováková, Markéta ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
The Bachelor's thesis investigates the impact of the first oil crisis, which meant an end of era of cheap oil. Because of the energy crisis at the beginning of the 1970s, when oil supply almost did not suffice to high demand, producing countries associated in Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries had for the first time a favorable position in negotiating with oil companies. In October 1973 representatives of the producing countries reduced drilling of oil and imposed embargo on the United States of America as retaliation for american support to Israel during Jom Kippur war. Thus they abused dangerous situation to cause shortage in oil market. Rising prize of oil should have compensated growing inflation and compel the United States to change its policy toward Israel. Other argument of OPEC countries was that until oil is cheap, this non-renewable source will be wasted. The aim of this thesis is to find an answer to the question, how much the first oil crisis influenced the United States and compare whether the greatest changes happened in the field of oil trade and oil market, politics or in economy. After brief introduction of the first oil crisis, the thesis is subdivided into three main chapters, which deal with changes in oil trade and oil market, politics and in economy In the...
Comparison of therapeutic concepts and their results at people with physical disability
Nováková, Markéta ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This master thesis introduces the issue of individual concepts that affect the psychological and motor processes, occurring at people with physical disabilities. It addresses the definition of the basic concepts within both historical and present context. The thesis considers what kind of connection and relationships exist behind the failures of the body scheme and the human psyche, and in greater detail deals with methods that work to improve the quality of life for a person with a physical disability. The research part establishes the situation of comprehensive rehabilitation in the Czech Republic. It is developed according to the preliminary areas: lifelong learning, the status of the comprehensive rehabilitation and procedures used in caring for a person with a physical disability. KEYWORDS: physical disability, therapeutic methods, psychomotor, neuromotor, lifelong learning, comprehensive rehabilitation.
Theodicy alias question of evil in the world created by good God
This master thesis deals with theodicy and evil in this world created by good God. The aim of this thesis is to introduce, present and compare different perspectives on God, evil and theodicy. These are based on selected authors, who dealt with these issues, and their publications such as the book of Job in the Old Testament, Theodicy by G. W. Leibniz, Theodicy by C. Tresmontant, and Drama of ages by the prophetess Ellen G. White. The thesis is divided into six main chapters. The first chapter focuses on terminology; the following four chapters deal with the mentioned authors analyzing their works and views on God, evil and theodicy. The sixth chapter focuses on a comparison to evaluate the findings and learn in which aspects they agree or disagree with each other regarding the views on God, evil and theodicy.
Vertebral algesic syndrome and sick leave in the Czech Republic
Nováková, Markéta ; Fuksa, Pavel (advisor) ; Vaňous, František (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the sick leave in the connection of skeletal and muscular system disease - specifically backache, in the Czech Republic. The work is divided into two main sections - the theoretical one and the practical one. The first part covers the description of the basic anatomy, pathophysiology of the vertebral column and vertebral algesic syndrome. In the second part, the basic terms dealing with the sick leave are defined and in several chapters, all the constituents of the process of deciding on the sick leave are examined. The chapter about ergodiagnostic procedures and the chapter about medical advisory service are analysed in more detail. In the practical part, the answer to the hypothetic question posed in the introduction is elaborated.

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