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A priori analysis as a part of teacher's lesson planning
Nováková, Hana
5 TITLE: A priori analysis as a part of teacher's lesson planning AUTHOR: Mgr. Hana Nováková DEPARTMENT: Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Education SUPERVISOR: Prof. RNDr. Jarmila Novotná, CSc. This thesis focuses on a priori analysis as a part of teacher's lesson planning. The theoretical background consists of the Theory of didactical situations in Mathematics (TDSM). In TDSM, the a priori analysis is seen as one of the teacher's tools that he/she has when planning a lesson. The goal of the thesis is to analyse differences between a priori analysis as described in TDSM and the reality in teacher's practice, to compare lesson plans of experienced teachers with those of students and demonstrate the significance and application of a priori analysis in teacher's and researcher's practice. The thesis consists of three parts, theoretical, experimental and applicational. In the theoretical part, the main concepts of TDSM linked with a priori analysis are explained and the issue of teacher's lesson planning is presented. The experimental part starts with a pre-experiment. Its results contributed to precise the structure of a priori analysis for further use. During the main experiment, the lesson plans of experienced teachers were compared with those of pre-service teachers. The differences and the...
Beauty from the Perspective of Plastic Surgery
Nováková, Hana ; Paulíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Martinová, Marta (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Institut sociologických studií Katedra sociologie Nováková Hana Bakalářská práce: Krása v očích plastické chirurgie Abstract The objective of this bachelor thesis is to examine the cosmetic surgery phenomenon from the sociological point of view. Social conditions under which cosmetic surgery are carried out in such quantity and popularity are defined and explored. Paper also contains a summary of patients' opinions about cosmetic surgery and explains the way they think of the role of beauty in their lives. The attention is focused on motives by which are patients of cosmetic surgery led to undergone such intervetion to human body as the cosmetic surgery. Paper aims to propose a rational explanation of what leads them to a cosmetic surgery even though there is a high risk of health damage and an unclear result. The first part deals with the new economy, consumerism and celebrity culture as the main factors, claimed by the literature, that influence decisions about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Normative function of beauty in modern everyday life is also scrutinized. The second part consists of the results of qualitative research, which is based on an analysis of interviews with patients who underwent cosmetic surgery in order to increase their attractiveness. Subsequently...
Execution proceeding. Selected aspects of the position and activity of private Executors.
Nešpor Nováková, Hana ; Holčapek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohumil (referee)
AND KEY WORDS Thesis focused on: Execution proceeding. Selected aspects of the position and activity of private Executors. Key words: Private Executor. Code of Execution. Actual problems of legal regulation of Private Executors. This thesis is devoted to the topic of private Executors. The Author focuses on selected aspects of status of private Executors and their execution activity, the interesting and current ones. The private Executor, natural person, has to meet legal requirements and be appointed by the Minister of Justice. The private Executor enforces that obligations, which have not been fulfilled voluntarily. This is an intervention to a person`s privacy, which makes them unpopular. In addition, public perceive of the Executors and debt collectors (not regulated by the Code of executions neither the Code of Civil procedure and often acting on the edge of the law), as the same institute. Therefore, a short chapter addresses the issue of this problematics. As well this chapter deals with Insolvency Administrators, because their status is commonly compared with status of Executors, and also there is comparison of their remunerations. The Executor can employ the executor`s apprentice and a candidate. These persons strive to be appointed to an executioner office pro futuro. Private Executor is...
Duty of pleading and duty of proof in the contetious civil proceedings
Nováková, Hana ; Kubešová, Silvia (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
The thesis topic is Duty of pleading and duty of proof in the contentious civil proceedings. The hereby stated obligations belong to the basic concepts of procedural law. If the interested party fulfils both obligations together with bearing the corresponding burdens, it increases its chance of success in a dispute. Supposing it was inactive, its inactivity might be reflected in the dispute result. My thesis aim was to deal with essential obligations in civil proceedings within eight chapters. In chapter one I mention historical excurcus where I introduce how the above stated obligations were adjusted in the previous civil procedural law regulations. It is only an outline of the historical development. Chapter two I briefly devote to the current concept - de lege lata. In the subsequent chapter three I deal with the burden of pleading and burden of proof in both types of declaratory proceedings namely in contentious and non-contentious proceedings. Where the contentious proceedings require higher activity of the interested parties in comparison with the interested parties in the non- contentious proceedings. Chapter four is focused on detailed description of both procedural obligations and to them corresponding burdens. Besides other various theories of burden of proof are stated here. And also...
Facebook and the positive relationships of children aged 15-19
Nováková, Hana ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Sedláček, Mojmír (referee)
This thesis deals with a subject of relationship between the usage of social site Facebook and the level of satisfaction in relationships with friends and acquitances among adolescents. The main survey question deals with a relationship between total time spent on Facebook and friendship satisfaction. The first partial question compares in detail the differences between the time spent on specific activities on Facebook and its relation to friendship satisfaction among adolescents. The second partial question divides Facebook activities to active and pasive and compares total times spent on each activities with measure of friendship satisfaction. Summary of literature is dealing with specifics of communication on the internet, importance of relationships in persons life and finally descripes social site Facebook and ways of using Facebook. At the end there is a proposal of quantative research, where two questionnaires should be used. The first qestionnaire measures the time spent on Facebook and is originally created by author and based on previous researches. The second questionaire, measures the satiscaftion in field of friendship and it is taken from Qestionnaire of life satisfaction. Specifically the scale of: Friends and relatives is taken from the QLS. Results from both questionnaires would...
An artisan critique of Ramsis Yunan
Patrášová, Katarína ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Nováková, Hana (referee)
The master thesis Art Criticism of Ramses Younan focuses on text analysis of theoretical work by Egyptian painter and critic Ramses Younan which deals with the topics of art criticism and theory. It examines and analyzes main topics of his work and offers their interpretation in the art-history and art-theory contexts. It also discusses its meaning in the wider perspective of Egyptian modernity and modern art and its possible value for reevaluation of the art theory field in the Middle East. The paper consists of three main chapters and appendix. The appendix contains a collection of selected essays of the author, translated from Arabic to Slovak. The first chapter deals with the art- historical background of author's theoretical production. The second one concentrates around the text analysis. The third chapter presents critical reactions on author's work by theorists of different geographical and cultural background. It suggests different ways of reading and understanding of the cultural and art-history impact on the local and global modern art history.
Sezónní změny vybraných parametrů životního cyklu u dominantních druhů perlooček a klanonožců ÚN Slapy
The seasonal changes of crustacean zooplankton abundance and fertility of the Slapy Reservoir was investigated in 2016. Presented thesis describes factors influencing life cycles of planktonic crustaceans and evaluates in detail the seasonal dynamics of the dominant species of crustacean zooplankton of the Slapy Reservoir.
Natural History Film – What It Is and What It Should Be
Nováková, Hana ; RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Alice (advisor) ; ŘEZNÍČEK, Martin (referee)
In a form of essay and on a sample that encompasses all main documentary genres, the thesis tries to answer, how and why analyzed natural history films became canonical, and what 's the reason that most of other topical production of wildlife documentaries have no chance to raise any deeper interest. Finally suggests potential inspirations for the desirable paradigmatic shift.
Characterization of Aerosol Generated by Laser Ablation for Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy.
Holá, M. ; Ondráček, Jakub ; Nováková, H. ; Vojtíšek, M. ; Šperka, J. ; Havlíček, M. ; Kanický, V.
Laser ablation (LA), together with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) as a detection system, has become a routine method for the direct analysis of various solid samples. The product of laser ablation contains a mixture of vapour, droplets and solid particles. All components are finally transported to a plasma by a carrier gas in form of dry aerosol that includes mainly agglomerates of primary nanoparticles. Dry aerosol can be studied by different offline or online techniques. In general, characterisation of aerosols by their particle size distribution (PSD) represents indispensable tool for fundamental studies of the interaction of laser radiation with various materials. Many works have studied PSD of dry aerosol for different samples, and different ablation conditions (Hola et al., 2010).The laser ablation was performed with nanosecond laser (193 nm) on glass and steel samples using various ablation conditions (spot size, ablation mode, repetition rate, fluence). The aerosol characterization was made first by online PSD monitoring using Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer (EEPS) simultaneously with laser ablation - ICP-MS analysis. Second, the structure of the laser-generated particles was studied off-line using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM).
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Reading comprehension in children with autism spectrum disorder in 6th and 9th grade
Nováková, Hana ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The submitted thesis deals with the matter of reading comprehension in pupils with autism spectrum disorders. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part we dealt with the issue of autism spectrum disorders, constituent diagnoses and the triad of disrupted areas. Further into thesis we presented the reader the fundamental cognitive theories which explain exhibitions within the range of autism spectrum disorders. Towards the end of thesis we dealt with reader's literacy with special emphasis on reading comprehension. The second part presents empirical research aimed at ascertainment of reading comprehension in pupils with autism spectrum disorders. The research sample consisted of sixth and ninth grade pupils diagnosed with Asperger syndrome from both primary and grammar school. The sample was supplemented with a control group which comprised intact pupils of the same grades. For the purposes of this study there were created new tests focusing on the level of reading comprehension. The first test aimed at reading comprehension with regard to silent reading, the second test observed reading comprehension in terms of loud reading. Methodology was further supplemented with the Strange Stories test ascertaining the level of theory of mind. The crucial part of...

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