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Memory for human faces
Chlebounová, Eliška ; Lukavský, Jiří (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis presents a general introduction to the topic of Memory for human faces. The occipital face area (OFA), fuziform face area (FFA) and superior temporal sulcus (STS) are firstly introduced, as they are the three major brain areas responsible for face memory. The negative voltage wave in event related potential N170, which took place when human face is presented to the viewer, is also mentioned. Then there are described the variables that interfere with the process of remembering human faces connected with the observer, whose task is to remember the presented face, and the person who is being observed. These can be ethnicity, face movement, emotion, attractiveness or age. We also mention the "super-recognizers", the individuals who are able to remember faces unbelievably well. On the other hand, there are people with condition called prosopagnosis, for whom is the identification of presented face very huge challenge. In the last part there are presented visual stimuli and research designs, that are most commonly used to explore memory for faces. The design of the research project then verifies the appropriateness of using 2D photographs compared to using a video sequence when examining memory for faces. Key words face recognition - face memory - visual stimuli
Numerical simulations of optical response of nanostructures using FDTD method
Novák, Ondřej ; Veis, Martin (advisor) ; Vozda, Vojtěch (referee)
Title: Numerical simulations of optical response of nanostructures using FDTD method Author: Ondřej Novák Institute: Institute of Physics of Charles University Supervisor: RNDr. Martin Veis, Ph.D., Institute of Physics of Charles University Abstract: Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to develope an efficient algorythm to compute optical response of nanostructures and to equip it with usefull tools for further data processing. Considered problem is reduced to two dimensions and the method used is the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD). This method operates on finite grid called Yee grid and is often called Yee algorithm. En extra emphasis is given on optimalization of the algorithm and writing the computer code efficiently. Evolution equations are written in tensor form and the core algorithm is moved to graphic card using CUDA. Various boundary conditions are introduced to reduce reflections on the edge of the grid. Representation of a real object on the Yee-grid is discussed with introduction of several smoothing methods to improve the shape convergence of simulated object. Useful post- processing methods are introduced - discrete Fourier transform, from which the frequency response of simulated object can be computed and a way to compute the far field from the near field. Finaly, there is an attempt...
The Importance of Executive Function in the Educational Process
Holubová, Kateřina ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis elaborates the role of executive functions in the educational process in children and young adults. In the first part of this thesis, a literature review provides a description of executive functions and their development in children. In addition, there are reviewed diagnostic methods that are used abroad and in our country. Based on research from abroad, educational aspects of executive functions are discussed and the reader is familiarized with possible interventions supporting the development of executive functions. The empirical part proposes a qualitative method mapping the awareness of executive functions among teachers as well as the intervention process in Czech schools.
Framework Supporting Online Evaluation of Recommender Systems
Novák, Ondřej ; Peška, Ladislav (advisor) ; Balcar, Štěpán (referee)
This work aims to highlight the importance of online evaluation for the testing of recommender systems. Firstly, we will look at the methods and the ways modern recommender systems operate. We will also introduce how they are compared both in online and offline settings. With this knowledge, we aim to build a .NET framework capable of tracking the various recommender systems for the purpose of measuring and comparing their performance during online use. To showcase the functionality of this framework, we use it to create a mock-up of an online movie database, where users can rate movies and receive movie recommendations.
Grid Layout Implementation in a CSS Rendering Engine
Novák, Ondřej ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to study the architecture of the CSSBox experimental rendering engine and propose a way to expand library with new options of grid layout content. The opening chapters contain an overview of problematics and subsequently a solution is proposed. The proposed architecture is implemented and tested. The conclusion is dedicated to evaluation of results and options futher development are outlined.
Preliminary aerodynamic analysis of remotely controlled model with jet propulsion
Novák, Ondřej ; Zikmund, Pavel (referee) ; Popela, Robert (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with aerodynamic analysis of unmanned aircraft and subsequent changes to design of wing, its position and wing-fuselage junction. In this work emphasis is laid on flow separation, its interaction with other flow structures and its influence on aerodynamic properties. The goal of these changes to the aircraft is ensuring sufficient stability and controllability in low as well as high angle of attack flight. AVL, XFLR5 and CFD methods were used in the thesis. In case of inaccuracy of CFD calculation, two backup wing related modifications were prepared.
Acceptance of pain and quality of life of pacients with chronic pain
Lukšicová, Terézia ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on findings about acceptance of chronic pain and its influence on patients' life quality. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first formal part defines basic terminology and describes potential issues connected to experiencing chronic pain, its main component clarifies the concept of chronic pain's acceptance from the viewpoint presented over the past thirty years. This part also introduces the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - ACT, as one of the therapeutic options enabling the increase of acceptance of pain by patients. The empirical part ofthe thesis resumes the first part and suggests a research project evolving the findings of the initial formal synopsis. The reasearch is a correlational study surveying the impact of ACT on the acceptance of pain. The study monitors possible improvement in other areas too, specifically when it comes to depression, anxiety, intensity of pain and improving overall quality of life uttermost. The research projects works with the CPAQ questionairre which goal it is to get conducted on Czech population and support establishing norms. Key words: Chronic pain, Pain acceptance, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Quality of life
Cognitive disorders in seniors, their screening and self-administered method
Hohinová, Michaela ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on problems of cognitive disorders in the elderly, their diagnostic and screening methods. Diagnostic units describes within the scope of the neuropsychological profile, including interdisciplinary overlaps, which are essential for their differentiation. It gives an overview of the most widely used screening tests, which are critically analyzed. An important part of the work is introducing and informing about tests with the minimum need for administration. The theoretical part is concluded with a reference to a processed case report that applies theoretical knowledge into clinical practice. A research project follows the previous theoretical chapters and proposes the adaptation and validation of the selected screening self- administered test.
The Effect of Meditation Techniques on Selected Cognitive Functions
Kosík, Petr ; Stehlík, Luděk (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the effect of one selected type of meditation, namely mindfulness meditation, on attention as one category of cognitive functions. The theoretical part of the thesis provides characterization of the mindfulness type of meditation in comparison to the concentrative type of meditation. Then, it discusses the construct of mindfulness and its various conceptualizations in Western research literature and also concerns its original conception in the Buddhist religious context. Alongside this, it provides information about possible conceptualizations of meditative cultivation of mindfulness and about selected clinical programs including mindfulness meditation as one of their intervention tools. Thereafter, it presents classification of individual domains of attention used in current literature and outlines possible ways of their operationalization. The very core of the first part of the thesis comprises a summary of current findings about the influence of mindfulness meditation on selected attentional domains and a reflection of the limitations of current studies. The second part of the thesis proposes an experimental research project, which would examine the efficiency of mindfulness meditation, compared with concentrative meditation, with regard to their effect on selected...
Intrapsychic conflicts and their experiencing during the regulation of activity and behavior
Ondrejková, Marta ; Stehlík, Luděk (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines internal conflicts and their effect on inner experience and behaviour. The theoretical part of the thesis involves the description of the basic characteristics of conflict based on their content and categorisation; emotional, cognitive and behavioural components that contribute towards the creation of conflict; the dynamics of conflict and the possibilities of the regulation of the resulting tension. The goals of our work are to depict the impact of the internal conflict on the human mind and to identify the various approaches to conflict resolution. We have suggested dividing the intervention techniques into two main categories -direct and indirect techniques. In the empirical part of the thesis, we compare the effectiveness of such techniques in a form of an experiment. The participants are divided into the experimental groups according to the intervention technique applied. The measurements before and after the intervention will be evaluated with regards to the extension and severity of the internal conflict. Key words: Internal conflict - emotions - cognitive processes - behaviour - emotion regulation

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