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Indonesian-English Neural Machine Translation
Dwiastuti, Meisyarah ; Popel, Martin (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
Title: Indonesian-English Neural Machine Translation Author: Meisyarah Dwiastuti Department: Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Supervisor: Mgr. Martin Popel, Ph.D., Institute of Formal and Applied Linguis- tics Abstract: In this thesis, we conduct a study on neural machine translation (NMT) for an under-studied language, Indonesian, specifically for English-Indonesian (EN-ID) and Indonesian-English (ID-EN) in a low-resource domain, TED talks. Our goal is to implement domain adaptation methods to improve the low-resource EN-ID and ID-EN NMT systems. First, we implement model fine-tuning method for EN-ID and ID-EN NMT systems by leveraging a large parallel corpus contain- ing movie subtitles. Our analysis shows the benefit of this method for the improve- ment of both systems. Second, we improve our ID-EN NMT system by leveraging English monolingual corpora through back-translation. Our back-translation ex- periments focus on how to incorporate the back-translated monolingual corpora to the training set, in which we investigate various existing training regimes and introduce a novel 4-way-concat training regime. We also analyze the effect of fine- tuning our back-translation models with different scenarios. Experimental results show that our method of implementing back-translation followed by model...
Apartment building
Vozdecký, Jiří ; Novák, Michal (referee) ; Fuciman, Ondřej (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is design of a new detached apartment building. The building has an underground floor and four above ground floors. In the underground floor there are situated technical facilities and storage spaces. In every above ground floor there are located two apartments. In every apartment there are two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and a storage space. The building is built on concrete strip foundations, walls are made of ceramic masonry. The building is roofed by single shell vegetation roof. Ceilings are made of beams and inserts which are over-concreted.
Apartment building
Šibalová, Lenka ; Novák, Michal (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is elaboration of project documentation of new apartment building. The building is alone standing and is situated on several lands of one investor in city of Kyjov in cadastral territory Kyjov [678431]. The building has one underground floor and four above ground floors. In the basement are designed eight parking spaces, small warehouses, technical room, bicycle room and a boardroom. The vertical supporting structure of above ground floors are made from ceramic blocks and the vertical supporting structures of the basement are made from impermeable concrete. The supporting horizontal structures are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The whole building is insulated by contact thermal insulation system. The roof is flat and designed as green. Project documentation was prepared according to valid legal and technical regulation.
Apartment building
Lakosil, Martin ; Novák, Michal (referee) ; Fuciman, Ondřej (advisor)
My bachelor thesis deals with construction of apartment building. The content of the thesis is a project documentation for building construction. The object is located in the cadastral territory of Náchod. There are two flats on each groundfloor. On the second and third floors, there are apartments for families of four and on the first floor there is one apartment for a family of three and one for a family of four. Each apartment has its own basement cubicle. Basement cubicles are located in basement where is also a utility room. The object is designed as a self standing apartment building with basement and three floors. It is a prefabricated building from the POROTHERM system, the basement is prefamonolitic from blocks BEST (sacrificial formwork) and it is has rectangular plan. The whole object is covered with a flat roof with a slope of 3 %.
Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Composition
Novák, Michal ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Šomplák, Radovan (advisor)
This diploma thesis provides extensive research of municipal solid waste studies and methodologies from all over the world. Firstly, the studies are described in general and then divided into several groups depending on the principle of their working practices, including their advantages and disadvantages. Secondly, the studies are divided by geographic areas. The results of the individual studies are presented and compared. Based on the findings in the thesis, appropriate methodology for municipal solid waste analysis in the Czech Republic is proposed.
Health information seeking behaviour of parents
Zoufalá, Kamila ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
The thesis aims to map the health information behaviour of parents. Behaviour of parents represents a significant part in the life of child and therefore the attention of this thesis is focused on this topic. Its theoretical part introduces the areas characterising the topic - information behaviour, models and process of information behaviour, health, health literacy and phenomena affecting information behaviour (such as advertisement in health service or information overload). The research part contains a methodological basis of work and describes the research design. In the final part, analytical results of the interviews are elaborated.
Burnout Syndrome and its Prevence Among Social Workers
NOVÁK, Michal
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out, if social workers in České Budějovice show markers, that could be interpreted as burnout. Another aim is to find out, how do the head social workers view the question of burnout syndrome and it?s prevention. The bachelor thesis is split into two main sections. In theoretical section are defined the concept of burnout syndrome, prevention and supervision. The second part contains research and answers to research questions. The mixed research design was used, methods of questionnaire and semi-structured interview.
Utilization of selected medical thesauri and classifications in patient information portals
Labský, Jan ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
(in English) The thesis examines the use of medical thesauri and classifications in portals containing medical information for laymen. The thesis first describes the selected thesauri, classifications and individual portals. A survey was carried out exploring users' reasons for researching medical information. Subsequently, selected subjects were observed researching information on previously selected portals. The observation was complemented with semi- structured interviews with the subjects. The observed results were used to discern the key manifestations of the connection between portals and medical thesauri. The individual portals were further evaluated and their features most important to users were identified.
Coreference from the Cross-lingual Perspective
Novák, Michal ; Žabokrtský, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Stede, Manfred (referee) ; Rosen, Alexandr (referee)
Coreference from the Cross-lingual Perspective Michal Nov'ak The subject of this thesis is to study properties of coreference using cross- lingual approaches. The work is motivated by the research on coreference-related linguistic typology. Another motivation is to explore whether differences in the ways how languages express coreference can be exploited to build better models for coreference resolution. We design two cross-lingual methods: the bilingually informed coreference resolution and the coreference projection. The results of our experiments with the methods carried out on Czech-English data suggest that with respect to coreference English is more informative for Czech than vice versa. Furthermore, the bilingually informed resolution applied on parallel texts has managed to outperform the monolingual resolver on both languages. In the experiments, we employ the monolingual coreference resolver and an improved method for alignment of coreferential expressions, both of which we also designed within the thesis. 1
Faculty of medicine students' information behavior
Novák, Michal ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Horváth, David (referee)
in English Introduction. This thesis aims to qualitatively map the current situation of the information behavior and fulfilment information-seeking needs of students of the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University, which can be reflected in subsequent professional practice of graduates. Methods. Analysis of selected Czech information behavior studies defined the research questions used in semi-structured interviews with the respondents from the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University. Conclusions were deducted through the complex analysis of the interview records and then compared with selected foreign researches. Result. The interviews were conducted with 20 respondents from General Medicine, General Nurse and Physiotherapy across different years of study. The result is very complex and detailed probe into their information behavior. Conclusion. Research has provided a great deal of knowledge about respondents' information behavior from their own perspective and a deeper insight into the issue. This knowledge can serve as a valuable basis for further research.

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