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Vliv počáteční vlhkosti dřeva smrku na příjem ochranného prostředku podtlakově-přetlakovou impregnací
Novák, Ivo
The bachelor thesis deals with the impact of the initial wood moisture of the spruce wood (Picea abies) on the intake and the penetration of the protecting agent using overpressure-vacuum impregnation. The aim of the thesis is the determination of the optimal initial wood moisture of the spruce wood samples treated by impregnation agent Bochemit FORTE PROFI using Bethell method. In this work logs with radius from 15 cm to 23 cm and thickness 10 cm were used as samples. Based on the results the level of intake of the penetration agent is higher when the wood moisture is decreased under 10 % or at the fiber saturation point of wood. On the contrary, the penetration is deepest in samples with 60 % wood moisture and in the fresh wood. According to the results the initiative wood moisture of the wood has an impact on the impregnation proces.
Emergency medical services organizations in the Pardubice region and the role of paramedical personnel in the prehospital care
Zemanová, Pavla ; Kušička, Otomar (advisor) ; Klicperová, Zuzana (referee) ; Novák, Ivo (referee)
Author: Pavla Zemanová Institution: Department of Social Medicine, Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Kralove Department of Nursing Title: The organization of medical rescue services and the role of the Pardubice Region paramedical personnel in the prehospital care Leader: MUDr.Otomar Kušička Number of pages: 89 Number of attachments: 3 Used pieces of literature: 13 Year of Completion: 2011 Keywords: prehospital emergency care, ambulance, rescue an integrated system of regional medical operations center, the crews, the departure station, the crew is quick medical aid, medical emergencies, emergency call, hotline, Randez vouz system Summary: This thesis seeks to describe the organization and history of emergency medical services and working in prehospital care. Then I focused on the origin and gradual development of emergency medical services in Pardubice. The subject of the empirical findings was the difference in work crews under the ambulance and rescue service. Synovate interviewed paramedical workers, nurses, specialized, medical rescue, rescue drivers and operators of regional medical operations center.
Knowledge and attitude of giving non-professional first aid to adult persons
Potulická, Jana ; Votroubková, Michaela (advisor) ; Novák, Ivo (referee) ; Mašek, Jiří (referee)
Author: Potulická Jana Institution: Charles University in Prague, Medical faculty of Hradec Králové, Istitute of social medicine, Department of nursing Title of thesis: Knowledge and attitude of giving non-professional first aid to adult persons Consultant: Mgr. Votroubková Michaela Year of defense: 2011 Number of pages: 74 Number of annexes: 9 Key words: Non-professional First aid, Life Support, Lay's knowledge, Lay's attitude, Emergency Medical Servis Bachelor's Thesis is focused on dilemma in the field of giving the non-professional first aid, it's absence and it's possibilities. The Thesis is divided into two parts, Theoretical and Experiential. The Theoretical part includes historical evolution of resuscitation, basics terminology, procedures of giving first aid in different conditions threatening the patient's health or life, procedures of adults and children emergency resuscitation and the communication with Emergency Medical Servis centre, including Voice- assisted Basics Life Support. The Experiential part deals with the research on non-professional's theoretical knowledge, willingness to help someone and ascertaining opinion on education in this field.
Selected standard nursing procedures for paramedics
Mathauser, Radek ; Fejfarová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Novák, Ivo (referee) ; Mašek, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on general issues of quality healthcare with a consideration of specific conditions in emergency pre-hospital care. Special attention is paid to the importance of standardization as one of generally recognized and widely used tools for achieving a desirable quality of nursing care. The thesis outlines the basic knowledge which could serve as an introduction to designing structural, process and outcome standards. The central point of the thesis is a quantitative research aimed at determining the frequency of diagnoses addressed by emergency crews of Emergency Healthcare of Hradec Králové Region, Area East, together with a proposal of formal and algorithmic draft of standard nursing procedures for the so called priority diagnoses in the Area East.
Patients'/clients'needs after radical prostatectomy
Svitáková, Pavlína ; Skála, Bohumil (advisor) ; Novák, Ivo (referee) ; Langrová, Eva (referee)
Patients`/Clients` Needs after Radical Prostatectomy The theoretical part of the present thesis, which is focused on needs of patients/clients after the radical prostatectomy, is concerned with the needs of an ill human as such within the framework of the holistic concept. Then, it analyses specific prostatectomy-patient-related needs. The thesis reveals the fundamental of this operation and its lasting ill effects that cause various problems and bring along specific needs. The above-mentioned effects concern all parts of human personality. The thesis deals with the nurse's role while identifying and satisfying these needs within the framework of the nursing process. The importance of an appropriate education is stressed as well. The practical research part not only analyses the level of patients'/clients' foreknowledge of eventual post-operative problems and complications but it monitors also their concrete needs in different stages of the post-operative period.
Real Estate Valuation of the recreation center of Zubří
Nečasová, Barbora ; Novák, Ivo (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis "Valuation of property type resort" deals with both the development of a comprehensive register of all immovable property, forming part of the accessories and recreational area in “Zubří” and also with the valuation of these assets, which will result in the determination of prices that should be required when its sale. The issue of valuation is not easy and extends into several areas. The first part of this work, the theoretical part, focuses on the definition and clarification of basic terms as from the field of valuation same as the terms of the law and economics. It further, various valuation methods are described in more detail and these are then used in the practical part. At the beginning of the practical part the location of the real estate same as the results of a market analysis and data obtained from the local investigation are described briefly. The results of the valuation are evaluated and analyzed in more detail in the conclusion of the thesis.
Social exclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities
The work deals with the topic of social exclusion of disabled unemployed people. The first part of the thesis is theoretical. It describes the topic of unemployment and the types of the unemployment. The thesis also describes social exclusion, its characteristics and possible forms. The thesis contains the specifications of social exclusionof disabled unemploed people. In the main part there are psychological, social, economic and ethic effect of social exclusion on the life of disabled people. The second part of the thesis is focused on the experience. It contains the results of a research based on questionnaires. The questionnaires were focused on the economical capabilities of unemployed disabled people in the area of Tábor.
Employing disabled people in the Tábor region in 2011
The work is about the matters of employing disabled people in the Tábor region in the year of 2011. The first part of the work is the theory. It characterizes the rights and responsibilities of the employers of disabled people. There are also described the possibilities and limits which occur at looking for disabled people´s jobs. The work also shows those organizations which offer disabled people help to find a job. The second part of the work shows the results of the research. The research in the way of a questionnaire was focused on employing disabled people. This part of the work also shows the number of the employers who achieved the mandatory share in the years of 2010 and 2011.

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