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Alternative economical and additional systems in practice
Preusslerová, Jitka ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Johanisová, Naděžda (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA FAKULTA HUMANITNÍCH STUDIÍ Katedra sociální a kulturní ekologie Ing. Jitka Preusslerová Alternativní a doplňkové ekonomické systémy v praxi Abstract of diploma thesis Vedoucí práce: Mgr. et Mgr. Arnošt Novák, Ph.D. Praha 2019 Abstract: This thesis is based on the premise of long-term unsustainability of the current economic system and its aim is to explore possible alternatives, or supplements, which could contribute to its transformation into more viable form. The first part consists of a literature research that contains the widest possible range of related concepts, thought and does not neglect the historical continuity of alternative economic thinking. In the practical part the research focuses on two concrete implementations, which are very different from each other. The intention is to explore functionality, their drawbacks and bright sides to which the method of participating observation and interviews with system members or their founders will be used. In the final part there is a discussion about whether this reformation path is the right solution to the problems and shortcomings that the current economic world is facing, or rather a patch for the soul for individuals who are aware of these threats. Key words: shift, money, business, community, natural environment, locality, LETS
Media Image of Transport in Prague
Morongová, Denisa ; Pauknerová, Karolína (advisor) ; Novák, Arnošt (referee)
This diploma thesis contributes to sustainable transport in Prague. It analyses media texts from six selected Czech printed newspapers (Blesk, Mladá fronta Dnes, Pražský deník, Metro, Hospodářské noviny, Právo) by using the theoretical and methodological strategy of critical discourse analysis by Norman Fairclough. These texts were found through media database Anopress IT by using keywords about sustainable transport in the capital city of Prague in years 2010 till 2018. This thesis is divided into four main parts. The theoretical part is dedicated to the terms of mobility management, the social construction of reality and discourse. The methodological part is focusing on discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis and the approach by Norman Fairclough. The analysis identified five topics in the discourse of sustainable transport in Prague - electromobility, public transport, foot traffic, urban cycling, and Sustainable Mobility Plan. Sustainable mobility in Prague is presented in a context of the polluted environment which should be solved by "ecologically, environment- friendly, clean". The most media texts were dedicated to public transport and electromobility. Just one text was about foot traffic as a sustainable type of mobility. Participants were mostly from Prague city hall, however, not...
Back to the future. Etnographic research of Local Exchange Trading System in Toulouse
Lédlová, Eva ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Kala, Lukáš (referee)
The present diploma thesis deals with the phenomenon of Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS). Using the method of ethnographic research, the author sought a holistic description during her six-month participation in a LETS group in Toulouse. Drawing upon theoretical literature, she discusses the local forms of exchange, debt, the relationship to money and to the virtual currency. The findings show that such a system can change the perception of debt and the relation to money. The most common reasons for involvement are the need to establish social contacts, while the most pressing problem appears to be the lack of interest of young people in this phenomenon. Keywords LETS, ethnographic research, exchange, gift, debt, individualization, Toulouse
Cannons in a different war
Špinková, Lucie ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Stachová, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on members of two groups, rangers and ski lift operators of the area of Krkonoše mountains. In Krkonoše National Park there si a huge gain of using artificial snow lately, which is globally supposed to be kind of adaptation on climatic changes. It leads to extension of ski season, which is livelihood for many ski lift operators. This fact evokes conflicts. Rangers say that artificial snow has negative influence on environment, such as decrease of water, biodiversity, soil etc. I have decided to find out, using a quantitative sociological method of semi-structured interviews followed by analysis, how these two groups percieve the nature and how their differnces influence negotiation of reproduction of countryside in Krkonoše mountains. Sources of my research were works of authors such as Swyngedouw, Macnaghten, Urry or Escobar. These works describe various kinds of socio-countrysides and authors try to destroy stereotype of one nature. These socio-countrysides may be the main reason for arguing about nature. This thesis extends knowledge about heretofore missing analysis of conflict between two groups of ski lift operators and rangers. Main contribution of the thesis is undertsanding to two groups dealing with the same issue, but with different perspective and opinion.
Case Study of the Garden Allotment Chvalka
Špetlíková, Denisa ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Lapka, Miloslav (referee)
This thesis Case Study of the Garden Allotment Chvalka is in its first part focused on the history and current status of allotment in selected European countries and especially in the Czech Republic. The study also deals with the important theories for this topic - Theories of garden allotment as a positive model of society according to Jan Keller, Theories of post-materialistic values of Ronald Inglehart and Theories of voluntary and deliberate modesty by Hana Librova. The entire study also permeates the Theory of sustainable development with its four pillars. Further in the thesis we can find a methodological part, which explains the procedures that were used to obtain information in the theoretical part and the methods that were used in the research. In the research part, the thesis focuses on the settlers and examining their motivation for gardening, what features has garden for them, which values they profess in the settlement, etc. The thesis also examines whether and how is influenced the gardeners thinking about nature by the gardening. This thesis gives a comprehensive picture of life in the settlement Chvalka with detailed presentation of gardeners and their relationships. This thesis in its result outlines the benefits that garden settlements brings to society and the consequences that...
Phenomenon of human labor in the Hannah Arend's book Vita Activa: The role of labor in the process of capital accumulation and its ambivalent relation to the nature and environment.
Vála, David ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Jirsa, Jakub (referee)
5 Tématem diplomové práce je fenomén lidské práce a její vztah k životnímu prost edí a p írod v rámci r stov orientovaného kapitalismu. První ást práce pomocí fenomenologické analýzy inných modalit, jak je nacházíme v díle Vita Activa Hannah Arendtové, odpovídá na otázky Co je to lidská práce? Jak se lidská práce liší od zhotovování? Jaký je vztah t chto inných modalit k p írod a životnímu prost edí? Druhá ást analýzy je zam ena na historické prom ny práce v období novov ku, jež se p ekrývá s nástupem pr myslového kapitalismu. Poslední ást pak analyzuje fenomén práce v soudobé environmentální sociologii - role práce v teorii b žícího pásu výroby (Allan Schnaiberg) a teorie akumulace kapitálu (J. B. Foster). Klí ová slova: práce, zhotovování, Hannah Arendtová, fenomenologie, kapitalismus, p íroda, b žící pás, ekonomický r st, akumulace, planetární meze, Alain Schnaiberg The aim of the thesis deals with the phenomenon of human work and its relationship to the environment and nature in the context of growth-oriented capitalism. The first part of the thesis includes phenomenological analysis of the two basic modalities: labor and work, which can be found in the Hannah Arendt's book The Human Condition. Second part of theses descirbe the crossing of those modalities during the modern times. In this part I try to...
Environmental cartoon in the Czech press
Ondroušková, Žaneta ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hájek, Roman (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of humorous environmental cartoons in specific periods during last twenty-three years. In the content and semiotic analysis, I am dealing with cartoons in its various forms in the Czech broadsheet newspapers MF Dnes, Právo, Lidové noviny, Hospodářské noviny, Deník, Lidová demokracie, Svobodné slovo and Práce. I surveyed the subtopics dominating in specific periods and the frequency of envirotoons depending on particular titles and current events in the Czech Republic. The thesis deals with these media contents also in connection with global environmental issues and their public discussion. Another important part is the reflection of social problems which the analyzed topics are closely related with. Combination of quantitative and qualitative methods enables to describe and interpret media units of content and lay the foundations for the research of environmental cartoons which has no tradition in the Czech Republic. In the thesis, I point to the fact that newspaper cartoons provide not only the relaxation and entertainment, but it is also an important medium in environmental agenda-setting and its discussion.

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