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Testing of Precise Point Positioning Method
Nosek, Jakub ; Kratochvíl, Radim (referee) ; Machotka, Radovan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) method in various variants. The thesis describes the theoretical foundations of the PPP method and the most important systematic errors that affect accuracy. The accuracy of the PPP method was evaluated using data from the permanent GNSS station CADM, which is part of the AdMaS research center. Data of the period 2018 – 2019 were processed. The results of combinations of different GNSS and the results of different observation periods were compared. Finally, the accuracy was verified at 299 IGS GNSS stations.
Effect of layer thickness on critical angle of additively manufactured lattice structures
Nosek, Jakub ; Vrána, Radek (referee) ; Vaverka, Ondřej (advisor)
Aim of this work is to describe the effect of a layer thickness on critical angel of a lattice structures manufactured by SLM technology. The effect of layer thickness was investigated on single struts and on lattice structures made from stainless steel 316L. Better geometrical accuracy could be obtained, if the smaller layer thickness is used. Less attached powder particles on downskins was also observed on lattice structures. Thanks to this thesis, it is possible to determine, if it is meaningful to decrease the layer thickness in order to improve manufacturability of lattice structures even with higher manufacturing time.
Accuracy of Real Time Kinematic Method in Building of Geodetic Control
Nosek, Jakub ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Bárta, Ladislav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to evaluate the accuracy of the RTK method in the creation of point fields. The RTK-measurement was carried out near the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University in Brno, and near Jedovnice, by using the CZEPOS network and the Trimble VRS Now Czech network. These two locations have made it possible to assess the effect of receivers distance to the reference stations on measurement accuracy. At each point, two continuous coordinate records were executed by the RTK method after 10 seconds during 10 minutes. The graphs were compared to the coordinate differences of the pairs of independent measurements. The results of the RTK method were tested against the reference values determined by the common equalization of the measurement results of the fast static method and the terrestrial measurements by the total station using the LSM. The bachelor thesis also includes a comparison of the results of the transfer of spatial coordinates ETRF2000 to S-JTSK using precise global transformation performed by several transformation programs.
Constitutional and Legal Aspects of the Development of the Party System in Chzechoslovakia after 1989
Nosek, Jakub ; Švec, Kamil (advisor) ; Marková, Klára (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on democratic transition and forming of pluralist political system at the federal level of Czechoslovak federal state which took its start during so called velvet revolution in November 1989 and meant rejection of previous not competitive model of one party rule which did not accepted real opposition and have only tolerated satellite political parties to Communist party of Czechoslovakia, that did not opposed its monopolist model of government. After fell of the communist regime gradually emerged and crystalized a pluralist party system. First part of this thesis is focused on theory of democratic transition and consolidation subsequently there is space dedicated to the theory of political parties and party systems. Second part is single case study dedicated to description of the Czechoslovak transition with regard to theoretical concepts of the theory of democratic transition and consolidation and through content analysis of relevant laws and constitutional laws are observed emergence and subsequent forming of pluralist party system at the federal level of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic. Powered by TCPDF (
Casuistry of physiotherapeutic care of patient with diagnosis after fracture of heel on right lower extremity and fracture of ankle on left lower extremity
Nosek, Jakub ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Hankovcová, Eva (referee)
Title: Casuistry of physiotherapeutic care of patient with diagnosis after fracture of heel on right lower extremity and fracture of ankle on left lower extremity. Aims: The aim of this work is the casuistry of a patient during the process of continuous professional experience and familiarity with the theoretical reasons diagnosis of foot and ankle fractures. Methods: This thesis is divided into two parts, namely general and special. The general part is processed anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology and traumatology, ankle and foot. Elaborated the issue of different types of fractures ankle and foot and subsequent physiotherapy. In the special case of a patient is treated for fractures of the foot and ankle. This section was developed in the undergraduate experience held in the period from 01.07 - 2.1 2013. Keywords: ankle joint, casuistry, osteosynthesis, physiotherapy
Customer Satisfaction Analysis of the Selected Company and Proposals for Its Improvement
Bánovská, Michaela ; Nosek, Jakub (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
The thesis „Customer satisfaction analysis and suggestions for its improvement“ deals with the measurement of customer satisfaction of the Automobile repair shop Pavel Bánovský. Customer satisfaction will be measured by questionnaires which will provide basis for compilation of measures for increasing level of satisfaction with the services provided and increase the company`s revenue.
New Trends in International Commercial Arbitration
Nosek, Jakub ; Dobiáš, Petr (advisor) ; Brodec, Jan (referee)
New Trends in International Commercial Arbitration Abstract: The purpose of my thesis is to analyze two leading trends in international commercial arbitration. Those trends are (i) the influence of electronic means of communication on arbitration proceedings and (ii) confidentiality and its actual development in respect to implied duty of confidentiality in arbitration proceedings. The main methodology of research was to compare recently revised arbitration rules with its previous wordings (UNCITRAL Rules, ICC Rules, SCC Rules and CAM Rules) and examine changes related to the above enlisted topics. Furthermore diverse sources were used in the thesis such as arbitration rules of different institutions, experts' publications and also e-mail correspondence with representatives of observed arbitration institutions. The thesis is composed of three chapters. The first chapter summarizes actual revisions of observed arbitration rules without making any conclusions. The second chapter describes the influence of modern technologies on arbitration proceedings. The chapter consists of four parts. The first part introduces online arbitration and presents possible ambiguities in this term. The second part focuses on specific stages of arbitration proceedings and analyzes in detail, how those stages are influenced by...
The Choice of Business Form from the Perspective of Income Tax
Nosek, Jakub ; Rada, Zbyněk (referee) ; Svirák, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with selecting the appropriate form of business for a particular company. The main selection criterion is the amount of income tax for specific forms of business, but it also takes account of other factors. The thesis compares three selected forms of business. There is also presented the particular company. Subsequently the amount of income tax for every form of business is determined. In conclusion, the results are evaluated and the best option is selected.
Technical acceptability of witness and participant testimonies at traffic accident
Nosek, Jakub ; Tylšar, Vladimír (referee) ; Semela, Marek (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with issues of road traffic accidents from the perspective tes-timonies of witnesses of road traffic accidents, especially in terms of the space and time per-ception and in terms of the content development changes during time. This issues are solved at first theoretically, gained knowledge is then used by several real accidents. For each traffic accident was selected several questions important to solve its course and in the testimonies of witnesses and participants have found the answers to these questions. In the responses were monitored technical acceptability and content development of the testimonies during time, and then were made ratings of the technical acceptability of the each answer and score rating of compliance with the previous testimony. This allowed determining for each witnesses or participant and for every traffic accident level of technical unacceptability responses and the level of testimonies content development changes during time.

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