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Spirituality in nursing
Rybová, Jarmila ; Bratová, Andrea (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Starting points: A positive attitude towards the provision of spiritual needs leads to better care and to the internal readiness of nurses to meet the spiritual needs of patients. The mere provision and acceptance of spiritual needs for patients, their relatives and colleagues leads to greater quality, satisfaction, comprehensive and holistic provision of nursing care. Objectives: The aim of the investigation was to map spirituality in nursing. Assessment of the need for faith, belief and significance. Finding out the importance of spirituality / belief in the healing process. Verification of the influence of the community or community as support for nurses and the importance of the information provided about spirituality from patients in the provision of health care. File and methods: Own investigation of spirituality in nursing through a standardized FICA questionnaire. The selection of respondents was intentional. The survey itself was carried out at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. A total of 150 paper questionnaires were distributed. There were 59 correctly completed and acceptable paper questionnaires, 18 questionnaires were collected online. There were 77 nurses in the group, of which 90.91% were women (n = 70) and 9.01% were men (n = 7). The average age was M = 41.54 years. The...
Quality of life seniors with inkontinence
Černá, Jana ; Bratová, Andrea (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Bechelor thesis " Quality of life of the seniors with incontinence" conents two parts, theoretical and empirical. Theoretical part is focused on knowledge about quality of life, old age and urinary incontinence. Its focused on its causes, symptoms, diagnostics, therapy, risk factors and posibilities of nursing care. Empirical part presents outcomes of questionnaire survey made with patiens with urinary incontinence hospitalized at Departement of LDN Bubeneč hospital. Questionnaire survey dealt with influence of urinary incontinence on quality of patients life in several area of daily living.
Use of Leisure Time Activities of Nurses in the Motol University Hospital
Krátká, Barbora ; Nikodemová, Hana (advisor) ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (referee)
The purpose of bachelor's thesis Use of leisure time activities of nurses in the Motol University Hospital is to find out the use of the specific leisure time activities through the programme Health Promoting Hospital, use of group exercises and fringe benefits offer by the Motol University Hospital and effect of leisure time activities on health, job's satisfaction, attitude of nurses to patients and nursing. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part is focused on the summary basic knowledge of healthy living, especially on effect of sport activities to health, healthy nutrition and water intake, mental health and negative factors influencing health. A component of the theoretical part are chapters focused on meaning, content and securing of leisure time activities in the Health Promoting Hospital programme ensured by the World Health Organization. The empirical part is constituted by the questionnaire research, which is focused on nurses and was performed in the Motol University Hospital. The results of research are evaluated and presented in the tabular and graphic reports. Keywords Health Promoting Hospital, leisure time activities, nurse, health, healthy living, prevention
Specifics of the educational process in pediatric patients in younger school age
Randová, Lucie ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Bachelor thesis called "Specifics of the educational process of pediatrics patients at younger school age" with focus on patient education in a specific developmental period. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part describes individual educational methodologies used in education of patients at younger school age. Moreover, it focuses on educational aids, participants of education, educational forms, specifics of the communication with patients and educational processes of patients, especially during their younger school age and developmental period of the child. The data for the empirical part were collected in two hospitals. In Motol in Prague and in hospital Lochotín located in Plzeň. The empirical part of the bachelor thesis characterizes methodology, material, organization of the research, processing of data, results of questionnaire, evaluation of hypothesis and educational observation as well. The outcome of the questionnaire survey is presented in bar graphs and tables. The established hypotheses are statistically elaborated below. Key words Patient, communication, children, nurse, education
Quality of life in patients with chronic nonmalignant pain
Michalíková, Lucie ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis addresses fear of pain (agliophobia) in patients who suffer from chronic, non-malignant-tumor-related pain. The paper is divided into two parts: theoretical and empirical. The theoretical background deals with definitions of quality of life, pain and emotion associated with pain. It explains the origins and causes of pain, methods of its investigation and consequent treatments. Finally, focus is given to addressing issues within nursing care. The empirical section focuses on the quality of life in relation to other clinical and demographic factors. The conclusion of the empirical section describes the surveyed sample of patients and presents results of the research conducted. Research within the study was based on quantitative questionnaire surveying. The study uses standardized questionnaires focused on day-to-day activities and emotions. Patients filled in forms and questionnaires detailing their medical histories, emotions (BDI II, GAD-7, daily activities (Oswestry Index, Tampa Scale) and scales of quality of life in chronic pain (QOLS). Statistical data analysis was conducted with regard to the hypotheses of relationships between the selected and monitored variables. Analysis was contruct from Spearman rank correlation, Cronbacha alfa, t-test and linear regresion.
The roles and activities of nurses in providing home health care
Škvorová, Kristýna ; Nikodemová, Hana (advisor) ; Tomová, Šárka (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis "The role and activities of nurses in providing home health care" is to provide a brief overview of the activities performed by nurses in their home care, their roles and also the problems that nurses in home care have to deal with with the mapping of already published, professional literature and to find out what influence the age and education of nurses have on the provision of care in the home environment. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part focuses on the concept and history of home care, defining the roles of home care nurses and dealing with nursing process in home care. Further attention is dedicated to the positive and negative aspects of home care and compliance with standards and quality. The empirical part is an exploratory questionnaire survey which was applied to nurses at home health agencies in the Ústecký and Středočeský region. The obtained data is presented in tabular and graphical reports. Keywords: home care, nursing, family, home care agencies, household, general nurse
The educational process for parents of a newborn with atresia of the esophagus
Vodrážková, Kateřina ; Bratová, Andrea (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
In our bachelor thesis we deal with the educational process for parents of a newborn baby with atresia of the esophagus. The bachelor thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part we deal with the issue of atresia of the esophagus, its distribution, diagnosis, treatment, as well as the possible complications and the subsequent post-operative care of a newborn. Furthermore, in this section we cover the basic knowledge related to education and the educational process. In the empirical section determine the level of newborn mother's knowledge. Mothers were hospitalized after surgery for atresia of the esophagus of her daughter at the Clinic of pediatric surgery of the University hospital in Motol. And provide a statistical overview of children with atresia esophagus hospitalized in the period from January 2011 to December 2016. We created the educational process based on mother knowledge. We created the exploratory part using medical documentation and execution of the educational process with the consent of the Faculty hospital in Motol. Through the educational process we enlighten mother about the importance of proper fixation of the nasogastric tube, preparation and administration of the special dietary allowance and the importance of compliance with preventive...
Influence of the working group on the motivation of general nurses and health care asistants
Hamouzová, Ludmila ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Bachelor thesis of "Influence of the working group on the motivation of general Nurses health care assistants" is devoted to the current topic of searching for a solution of the lack of non-medical health workers, which has the effect of restricting the operation of the bedside departments of healthcare facilities. The theoretical part brings together the related topics: motivation theory, working group, work satisfaction and related factors. Management focuses its attention on the job satisfaction and motivation of general and practical nurses to satisfy their needs. The work satisfaction of non-medical health workers reduces their fluctuation and, consequently, the costs associated with the adaptation process of newly recruited staff. The practical part clarifies the priorities and needs of non-medical health workers based on the analysis of the results of the survey, it puts them in the context of work satisfaction, relations at the workplace and reflections on the change of employment.
Prevention thromboembolic disease in surgery
Konečná, Lenka ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
The bachelor thesis with the title "Prevention of Thromboembolic Disease" depicts a serious medical condition which may lead to death. Thromboembolic disease affects mostly patients after surgery. However, with proper prevention the risk of developing the disease decreases significantly. The main aim of the thesis is to find out who educates the patient and when (whether it is before or after the surgery). Furthermore, it focuses on nurses and their role in prevention of thromboembolic disease. It asks if nurses educate patients about the disease and the importance of prevention. In particular, it concentrates on the quality and quantity of patient education. It tries to find out whether nurses know what patient education in patients with this condition should include and whether they use any educational aids. In the empirical part of the thesis the author acquired data using a quantitative research method of a structured questionnaire. The survey included 128 respondents working in several intensive and non-intensive departments of the Královské Vinohrady University Hospital. A research survey showed that 83 (65.9%) nurses educate patients before surgery and there is no difference between length of practice and preoperative education on TEN prevention. Furthermore, 100 (78.7%) of the nurses check...
Influence of disease paraplegy to activities of daily living
Charousová, Kateřina ; Nikodemová, Hana (advisor) ; Tomová, Šárka (referee)
The abstract My bachelor's work will be aim to patients with paraplegy with focus on evacuation of urinary bladder by clear intermittent cathetrization. I will be forus to patients which will be admit to Spinal Unit in Faculty hospital in Motol. Work will be divided to two parts, first will be teoretic and second part will be practice, there I will work with exploration of patients with paraplegy and theirs understanding with education.I describe problems of paraplegy, the causes, signs, diagnosis and treatment. And I want do research via questionnaires about influence to activities of daily living in group of selected patients. I will perform statistic analysis of every find out informations.

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