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Saint Gunther. An Heremit, Colonizer and Diplomat
Kubín, Petr ; Wernisch, Martin (advisor) ; Hlinka, Vít (referee) ; Nechutová, Jana (referee)
The presented thesis surveys the life and medieval cult of one of Bohemian patrons - St. Gunther. Gunther was a member of powerful Thuringian noble family named the Sizzons. He decided to be a monk under the influence of Abbot Gotthard of Hersfeld in 1005. After a novitiate in the Bavarian Abbey of Niederaltaich he became for a short time a provost in Thuringian Göllingen, but his local activity ended soon in fiasco. Therefore he returned to Niederaltaich and after that into a hermitage which he founded in Rinchnach in the Bavarian Forest. Here he lived with a small community untill 1040. He engaged first of all in colonization of the surrounding lands and in building of roads. Besides these he took also diplomatical journeys in the service of Roman kings and emperors. He might also have been involved in a mission among the Lutici and a visit at the royal court in Hungary. In the spring 1040 he left Rinchnach , probably in context with the expedition of Henry III to Bohemia, to enter a hermitage high in the mountains in Dobrá Voda near Hartmanice. After Henry's debacle in the battle at Domažlice in August 1040 he ensured a safe departure of Saxonian army, which operated in the neigbourhood of the North--Bohemian Bílina. He died on 9th October 1045 in the reputation of sainthood. The contemporaneous Abbot...
Biblical Humanism of Jan Blahoslav
Just, Jiří ; Wernisch, Martin (advisor) ; Urbánek, Vladimír (referee) ; Nechutová, Jana (referee)
This work is broadly conceived attempt to look into the translation by Jan Blahoslava, one of the most important figures of the Czech Brethren, which significantly influenced its cultural orientation. The work of Bishop from Ivančice, based on the original text of translating the New Testament, after some adjustments were borrowed into edition known like Bible kralická. In the following lines we describe the emergence of the first translation of the author's readiness for such an enterprise, its theoretical foundations, through the method of the work itself to its final form. Powered by TCPDF (
The Sacramental Theology of Jakoubek of Stříbro and Ins Liturgical Reception
Kolář, Pavel ; Holeton, David Ralph (advisor) ; Wernisch, Martin (referee) ; Nechutová, Jana (referee)
Svátostná teologie Jakoubka ze Stříbra a její liturgická recepce The Sacramental Theology of Jakoubek of Stříbro and lts Liturgical Reception Mgr. Pavel Kolář, M.T.S. The studies in this dissertation deal with two mutually interrelated topics and almost have the character of two case studies. Their relation one to the other might best be expressed by the general rule lex orandi - lex credendi. Following the initial general introduction, the first two chapters (2. Ordo missae in Three Utraquist Manuscripts and 3. A Comparasion ol the Rite ol the Preparation ol Gifts and Minor Canon) are dedicated to an analysis of three Utraquist liturgical manuscripts and are specifically concemed with their ordo missae and canon minor. AU three manuscripts are dated to the sixteenth century - a more precise dating is still an unresolved question.

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