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Psychological aspects of a situation in families with the father on a parental leave
Nebáznivá, Barbora ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The MA thesis focuses on the psychological particularities of the situation in families where parental leave is taken by the father, especially on the possible connections between the child's development and characteristics of the family relations. The aim is to describe the specific impacts of this situation on partnership satisfaction, relationship with the child and on self- perception of paternal/maternal roles of parents. The theoretical part states the legislation in this field in the Czech Republic and other countries and summarizes the existing research findings. The empirical part applies a qualitative design, using the Couples Satisfaction Index questionnaire supplemented by semi-structured interviews. The research sample consisted of fifteen couples. The result of the research is a summary of findings about couple's satisfaction and recurring themes in interviews in areas of adaptation to life with the child, motivation for the decision, early paternal care, identity and experiencing of parents, the needs of the child, consequences of paternal parental leave for parent-child and partner relationships and reactions of other people. The output of empirical part of the thesis are answers to research questions that broadly cover the psychological aspects of the problem and the hypotheses...
Psychological aspects of preventing pathological relationships, aggressive behavior and bullying among children's groups
Nebáznivá, Barbora ; Čáp, David (advisor) ; Uholyeva, Xenie (referee)
This thesis focuses on prevention of pathological relationships, aggressive behaviour and bullying among children's groups. The aim of this thesis is to map the theoretical phenomena related to prevention of this pathology. The thesis consists of two key areas- theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part defines the concepts used by the author within the text, summarizes and describes in the risk factors associated with the development of pathological relationships, aggressive behaviour and bullying and also describes the impact of these pathologies on its protagonists. The largest part is devoted to the possibilities and methods of prevention and the factors that affect it. Prevention is divided according to the environment (prevention in the family, at school and in leisure activities of children). In the final chapter of the theoretical part, the author focuses on selected specific primary prevention programs, which are described, analyzed and assessed for their effectiveness. The empirical part of the thesis consists of a research proposal, which is aimed at examining the relation between efficiency of selected prevention programs and the attitudes towards these programs and violence and bullying in general that are taken and expressed by teachers. Keywords: Bullying, peer victimization,...

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