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Warehouse in Červený Kostelec - Execution of Substructure
Světlík, Jiří ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis are selected chapters of the construction-technological project of the substructure of a storage hall together with the retaining walls including the main landscaping. The construction is a newly built storage hall with administratively technical and social built-in structure. The built-in has two aboveground floors. It is situated in Lhota za Červeným Kostelcem in Královéhradecký region. The bachelor thesis deals with the realization of the ground works, partially of the foundations and the retaining walls and their technology, realization, costly justify and time consuming. The part of the project is the Concomitant and Summary technical report focusing for selected stages and follow up to technological regulations, solutions of the construction site equipment, a draft of a mechanical assembly, a timetable, an itemized budget including bill of quantities, the inspection and test plan and a safety and a health protection at work.
Technological phase of the upper structure of the apartment building in Újezd u Brna
Starnovský, Jakub ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the solution of the construction and technological stage of the carcass structure of the apartment building in Újezd u Brna. As part of this work, the construction site plan with composition of site equipment was designed as well as technical report of the construction site. Moreover, technological regulation for the masonry processes from Porotherm AKU ceramic blocks, technological regulation for vertical and horizontal monolithic concrete structures, machine assembly design, wider traffic routes plan, budget, quality control and testing plan, formwork scheme of the concrete floor as well as occupational health and safety plan.
Implementation of Superstructure of Apartment Building in Čierna Voda - Chorvátský Grob
Raučinová, Veronika ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to process a technological project for the technological stage of the shell construction of an apartment building in the town of Chorvátsky Grob in the local part of Čierna Voda. The construction system of the apartment building is wall-mounted, made of Porotherm blocks. Ceiling structures are monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The content of this work is the elaboration of technological regulation for vertical load-bearing and horizontal load-bearing structures, technical report of construction-technological project, time schedule of construction of assigned technological stage, situation of construction site with wider transport relations, construction organization including drawing of construction site equipment, budget for gross construction, control and test plan. Furthermore, the work deals with traffic routes to the construction site, safety and health protection at work, design of machine assembly and comparison of variants of the horizontal load-bearing structure.
Execution of Superstructure - Rezidence Sukovy sady
Nývlt, Josef ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The aim of the presented bachelor thesis is to describe realization of selected stage of the construction - technology project with a focuse on technological processes of the superstructure of an apartment building in Hradec Králové – Residence Sukovy sady. The thesis is divided into several thematic chapters when the first chapters are devoted to the introduction of the construction project as well as of the new building via the accompanying and summary technical report. The realization of the selected construction phase is described in more detail in the technical report of the construction site, in the technological regulations for the implementation of load-bearing structures from the systems Porotherm, Heluz, Ytong and Porfix. Also, proposal and verification of suitable transport routes, especially for construction supply, is presented. Moreover, the design of machinery set, quality control plan for vertical structures, time schedule and budgets for selected variants of masonry systems are included. The text part of the thesis is supplemented with an appendix part which contains scheme of work zones for selected technological process etc.
Implementation of Superstructure of Sports Centre in Butovice
Košut, Stanislav ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis inquires into the subject of the process of technological phase of gross superstructure of the sports center in Butovice. The object is two-storeyed without cellarage. The foundation is composed of slabs and strip footings. The fabric of the building consists of reinforced concrete framework. This work deals with the construction plan, including the specification site equipment, technological prescription for masonry of the framework from the HELUZ masonry system and ventilated facade alternations through the use of glued ceramics facing. The quality of the technological processes is described in control and test plan. Mechanical set, schedule and budget are drawn up for the given phase. Another part of this work is solution of the construction organization and examination of broader transport connexions. The design considers work safety and protection of environment.
Implementation of Subtructure of family house in Třebíč - Nové Město
Bobek, Vojtěch ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on a technological phase of laying foundations of a detached house using drilled micropiles. The foundation features in the given location are complicated because of thick layer of construction debris. The condition of sufficient load-bearing capacity of subsoil is fulfilled first by the deeper maternal rock. The main aims of the thesis are to prepare technological procedure for earthworks and for application of micropiles, to solve construction logistics, to plan financial and time aspects, to propose machinery, to inspect quality of building process and finally to guarantee safety while working.
Adhesion of Adhesive Joints for Facade Applications Made of Wood-based Materials
Nečasová, Barbora ; Schmid, Pavel (referee) ; Sedlák,, Petr (referee) ; Kovářová, Barbora (advisor)
The presented dissertation thesis is focused on investigating the adhesive properties of façade cladding made of wood and wood-based materials in combination with flexible adhesion/assembly systems. The systems allow the implementation of effective construction joints and provide a solution with uniform stress distribution which allows the transfer of heavy loads, while simultaneously reducing the weight of the entire structure, which is also often connected with substantial cost reductions. Despite all that, little attention has been paid to this area so far. It is not a solution which is properly embodied in technical standards or in designers´, architects´ and contractors´ awarenesses. The aim of this dissertation is to characterise adhesive properties of selected façade cladding representatives made of wood and wood-based materials for the purposes of bonded joint application in a ventilated façade system. To define adhesion of façade joints, numerical and experimental methods are used, taking also various limit conditions into account. The main conclusion of the dissertation is the characterisation of basic parameters which influence adhesion, effectiveness and quality of façade glued joints. The secondary conclusion is the compilation of a simple methodical procedure for testing and implementing façade glued joints. The dissertation also makes a contribution by extending the current state of knowledge of façade adhesive joints.
Pavelka, Petr ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the constructional and technological project of reconstruction of building Rooseveltova in Brno. The basis for this work was the design documentation for the realization of this project. The technical reports provides all the basic information about the construction to this project. Demolition works and implementation of cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor are detailed processing in the technological regulations. Control and test plans, time and financial plans, drawings of building equipment, draft of machinery and plans of health and safety and fire prevention are also component of this project. Another annex of this thesis is budget and selected assembly details.
Construction Project - Implementation of Storage Hall in Zlín
Voráčová, Tereza ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The final thesis is focused on the solution of the building technology project of storage hall in Zlín. This master’s thesis includes engineering report, studies of major technological stages, solution of transport routes, project of site equipment, design of major machines and mechanisms, technological regulations for steel hall and steel fibre reinforced concrete floor, time schedule, control and test plans for steel hall and steel fibre reinforced concrete floor, budget, time and financial plan, assembly schemes for steel hall and floor assembly.
Building Construction Project for Industrial and Administrative Building ATX
Šrámek, Jiří ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The subject of this master’s thesis is a solution of chosen parts of building construction project. The project solves industrial hall that contains productions and administrative space. This thesis includes technological regulations for substructure, study of performing the main technological stages, design of using machines, checking and testing plans. Other phrases parts are time schedules, budget, calculations, design of site equipment including engineering report and report for performing access road. Starting materials, which were used for this thesis, were engineering report also including working drawings.

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