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Approach of Child Protection Services to Addressing Parental Conflicts
Hejnová, Kateřina ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Navrátil, Pavel (referee) ; Kuchařová, Věra (referee)
Child protection is one of the most demanding fields of social protection and requires comprehensive solutions which have a major impact on the lives of children and their families. It also includes the agenda of parental conflicts and related child custody proceedings. The thesis deals with the practice of child protection social workers at the municipal authorities with extended powers in the Czech Republic in solving parental disputes. The theoretical part introduces legal, educational and competence framework of child protection and sets it into the context of specific aspects and pitfalls associated with the profession and approach of child protection social workers to solving parental conflicts. It also provides recommendations on how to solve parental conflicts followed by a case study of child protection department at the Prague 8 Municipality District Authority. It identifies attributes of best practice that contribute to the best interests of the child, including participation of families, multidisciplinary cooperation, transparency of processes and neutrality, professionalism and reflexivity of child protection social workers. The empirical part focuses on the understanding of working conditions and attitudes of child protection social workers at the municipal authorities with extended...
Acquisition of deep data from horizonts of Rožná mine - Technical report for 2019
Bukovská, Z. ; Bohdálek, P. ; Buda, J. ; Dobeš, P. ; Filipský, D. ; Franěk, J. ; Havlová, V. ; Holéczy, D. ; Chabr, T. ; Jelínek, J. ; Jelínek, J. ; Knésl, I. ; Kryl, J. ; Kříbek, B. ; Laufek, F. ; Leichmann, J. ; Navrátil, P. ; Pořádek, P. ; Soejono, I. ; Sosna, K. ; Souček, Kamil ; Švagera, O. ; Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Veselovský, F. ; Waclawik, Petr ; Zuna, M.
This report summarizes work that has been done during the second phase of the third and fourth\nwork package of the tender Acquisition of deep data from horizons of Rožná mine. It contains\ndescription of analytical work performed in laboratory and in situ, documentation in the mine and\n3D modelling.
Non-contractual liability of the EU
Navrátil, Petr ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Král, Richard (referee) ; Sehnálek, David (referee)
Non-contractual liability of the EU Abstract The aim of this thesis is to systemize the history of EU non-contractual liability; to analyse in detail the current concept of non-contractual liability of the EU, including procedural and substantive law aspects; to present a brief comparative analysis of selected national legal systems and their role in the regarding the general principles common to the laws of the Member States (and vice versa to reflect on the influence of EU non-contractual liability and its' possible role in the europeanization of administrative law); to contextualise non-contractual liability of the EU (with regard to constitutional, international and national aspects) and to consider compensation for damages caused by the EU as a tool for (un)effective judicial protection of individuals. Research methods are content analysis and comparison. This thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter is introductory and defines the subject of research, the methods used and terminology. The second chapter deals with an analysis of the current state of professional debate on non-contractual liability of the EU. The main part of the thesis focuses on the identification of problems connected to non-contractual liability of the EU and contextualization of those problems. In that regard...
Obtaining data from the deep horizons of the Rožná Mine
Bukovská, Z. ; Bohdálek, P. ; Buda, J. ; Dobeš, P. ; Filipský, D. ; Franěk, J. ; Havlová, V. ; Chabr, T. ; Knés, I. ; Kryl, J. ; Kříbek, B. ; Laufek, F. ; Leichmann, J. ; Navrátil, P. ; Pořádek, P. ; Rosendorf, T. ; Soejono, I. ; Sosna, K. ; Souček, Kamil ; Šustková, E. ; Švagera, O. ; Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Veselovský, F. ; Waclawik, Petr ; Zuna, M.
This report summarizes the work and partial results made under the Public Procurement Obtaining Data from the deep horizons of the Rožná Mine in the first phase of the third and fourth subdivisions from February to November 2018. These are in particular technical works (boreholes, access to corridors),seismic measurements, sampling for laboratory analysis (physical-mechanical properties of rocks, breakage fills, bearing revalidation), structural characterization of the rockanalytical work on all samples taken. Parallel to these works3D models are being prepared, especially data preparation for modeling.
Obtaining data from the deep horizons of the Rožná mine - realization project of work
Švagera, O. ; Bukovská, Z. ; Souček, Kamil ; Vavro, Martin ; Waclawik, Petr ; Sosna, K. ; Havlová, V. ; Zuna, M. ; Jankovský, F. ; Filipský, D. ; Chabr, T. ; Navrátil, P. ; Mixa, P. ; Soejono, I. ; Laufek, F. ; Kříbek, B. ; Leichmann, J. ; Zeman, J.
Realization project summarizes the planned work, its progress and continuity within the environment of Rožná I mine in the extent of the procurement „Získání dat z hlubokých horizontů dolu Rožná“ which is being compiled by Hluboké hluboké horizonty Rožná group. The final goal is to clarify the significance and spatial influence of major tectonic fault on surrounding rock mass. The results will help to clarify localization and safety issues of the potential deep underground repository, especially with respect to the Kraví hora locality.
A Reading Diary Application
Navrátil, Petr ; Podivínský, Jakub (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
Development of information technology enables us to take notes of all kind in more comfortable, electronic way than as it was in written form. Improvement can be seen for example in case of reading diaries which were mostly hand-written when we first got in touch with them in elementary school. This Bachelor's thesis is focusing on creating an application suitable for writing a personal reading diary. Application will enable user to fill own literary analysis, track reading time of books or add books to user's individual lists which will represent shelves as known from libraries. Users will be able to share their books and shelves with other users.
From the Ordo of Mainz up to the Liber visionum: the concept of the medieval kingship under the rule of Henry II and Henry III in the mirror of selected historical sources
Navrátil, Petr ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
The purpose of the study is to analyse and to compare the reign of two rulers of Francia Orientalis - Henry II and Henry III. The reason for the author's research is that the conception of the legitimization of kingship is nowadays a highly discussed issue and it is one of the most significant tasks the medieval research is facing. Methods used in this study are analysis and comparison. The study is composed of six chapters, each of them dealing with different aspect of the legitimization of kingship. Chapter One is introductory and defines basic terminology used in the study. Chapter Two examines relevant specialized discursus. Chapter Three deals with the sources of medieval thinking and consists of three parts. Part One explains the terms of sacrality and legitimacy. Part Two focuses on the roots of sacral kingship. Part Three investigates the history of legitimization of kingship in the Frankish Empire. Chapter Four is subdivided into four parts and it mainly provides an outline of Henry's II reign and examines relevant historical sources. Part One discusses the policy of Henry's predecessor Otto III. Part Two is an analysis of relevant historical sources. Part Three examines Henry's policy. Intermediate conclusions are drawn in Part Four. Chapter Five endeavours to explain and analyse the...
Determination of mechanical properties of open ceramic foam structure using finite element method
Barančík, Milan ; Navrátil, Petr (referee) ; Skalka, Petr (advisor)
The thesis is concerned with creating of a computational model of open-cell ceramic foam and determining mechanical properties of open-cell ceramic foam using computational modeling. The geometry of Kelvin cell was used for creating the model of geometry of the foam. The model of geometry of ceramic foam structure was meshed with solid elements, with beam elements and with combination of rigid beam and beam elements. Elastic properties of the foam were determined by two types of mechanical loading. Young´s modulus and Poisson´s ratio were determined by tensile/compressive mechanical loading and shear modulus was determined by shear mechanical loading. The relationship between mechanical properties of the foam and the ratio of diameter of strut D and length of strut L was analysed in the thesis. A good agreement was found out between Young´s modulus determined by solid element based and Young´s modulus determined by modified beam based model of geometry of the foam structure – for ratio D/L up to 0,6. In the case of Poisson´s ratio a good agreement was determined up to D/L = 0,4. In conclusion the value of Young´s modulus 1,97 GPa which was determined by computational modeling was compared with the value 1,56 GPa which was determined experimentally on ceramic foam. This difference was caused by idealization of geometry of the real ceramic foam material. In addition, mechanical properties of the ceramic foam material are influenced by structural imperfections of the material.
Values in the Work of Assistants of People with Learning Disabilities in L'Arche Liverpool Community
Zehnalová, Kateřina ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Navrátil, Pavel (referee) ; Frišaufová, Magda (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the worldwide movement of L'Arche. It examines the values of L'Arche assistants who live together with people with learning disabilities in the communities of L'Arche movement. Theoretical part describes values that assistants in L'Arche perceive as important for their life in the community with people with learning disabilities. It deals with the motivation of assistants for their work in L'Arche, the role of social workers in organizations in general and the role of assistants in the communities of L'Arche in particular, the relationships of social workers with service users and the relationships of assistants and people with learning disabilities in L'Arche. It also discusses the view of assistants on the gains and losses connected with their life in L'Arche. The empirical part of this thesis explores the value system of L'Arche Liverpool assistants through the means of semi-structured interviews.

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