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The concept of historicism in selected works of Alois Jirásek and Zikmund Winter
This diploma thesis deals with contribution of chosen writings by Alois Jirásek and Zikmund Winter. It tries to clarify the term historism and its infiltration into Czech literature, particularly in novels Temno and Mistr Kampanus. The thesis also outlines the period after the Battle of the White Mountain. Its consequences dramatically influenced political, religious, social and cultural conditions in the Czech lands. It defines terms historical novel and historical short story to specify the border between this genre and the other proses of the then time. The practical part gives a concrete form of a complex interpretation of novels Temno and Mistr Kampanus. It introduces a dispute over historism between Alois Jirásek and Zikmund Winter. With the aid of content analysis of chosen readers for primary and secondary schools the thesis finds out the frequency of extracts by mentioned authors in schoolbooks. In closing the thesis focuses on evaluation of searched extracts in readers and mentions also FEP.
Communication with People Diagnosted with Dementia
Neitzelová, Michaela ; Čížková, Hana (advisor) ; Nentvichová Novotná, Renáta (referee)
Bachelor's thesis named Communication with people with dementia syndrome deals with issue of dignified communication with people diagnosed with dementia. This thesis informs about possibilities of correct communication with these people so that their dignity should be respected. Characteristics, symptoms and stages of the disease, which help better understanding of the patients' behaviour, are described in the first part. In the body of the thesis the effective communication with people diagnosed with dementia and selected options in work with these people is being discussed. No less important chapter is the Caregiver's role, whose work with thusly disadvantaged people is indispensable. Chosen chapters are linked with casuistries, which describe respectful cases of approach of caregivers towards elders with dementia. Powered by TCPDF (
Adaptation of Senior to Placement in a Home for the Eldery
Pajerová, Lenka ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Nentvichová Novotná, Renáta (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is an adaptation of seniors to location in a home for the elderly with the help of a key worker. The thesis deals with the many terms related to this issue. It mentions the concepts of aging, age, gerontology, adaptation, social services for the elderly and many others. It talks about reasons for entering into a home for the elderly. It explains who is a candidate, applicant and user of social services. It presents the possibilities of adaptation to the elderly home which the seniors have and describes the individual planning with key worker. The thesis also mentions the Home for the elderly Eliška Purkyňová, which has a seat in Prague 6. It describes its mission, target group, registered services and the whole procedure process from candidates to the users of services. The aim of this thesis is to find out the degree of importance of senior's preparation before entering the home for the elderly to the adaptation phase. Preparation means a course of conduct with the applicant for the service and his opportunity to learn the rules and conditions of the service before joining. An active participation in the first draft planning of the services during the social investigation before the entrance of the applicant including the presence of the applicant's / prospective user's key...
Issues of quality of care for terminal-ill and dying elderly people in homes for senior citizens.
Kubištová, Petra ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Nentvichová Novotná, Renáta (referee)
This dissertation deals with the process of dying in homes for senior citizens and the options of solving these problems by using methods of palliative care in the institutions. The author uses the statistical data concerning elderly people in the Czech Republic gathered from the opinion poll in 2004 which showed that it is necessary to improve significantly the quality of care for dying senior citizens in institutional care. Firstly, this dissertation describes in detail social services provided in homes for senior citizens and the situation of the elderly people living there. It also points out the difficulties and problems that could be found in care homes. Next part of this work focuses on the quality of life of dying senior citizens, their needs and their attitude to their own death and dying - from these pieces of information it is possible to deduce the principles and instruments of quality care. The other part of this work deals with the particular features of the illnesses of elderly people and how they influence providing of palliative care. Further it describes the main indicators of good care, its character and priorities. This part also contains pros and cons of palliative care in homes for senior citizens and outlines possible solutions to these problems. The dissertation also contains the...
Social Work in health facility The role of health-social worker in hospital for long-term patiens
Kováčová, Denisa ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Nentvichová Novotná, Renáta (referee)
The main aim of the thesis entitled Social Work in health facility - the role of health-social worker in hospital for long-term patients is the issue of seniors hospitalized in hospital for long-term patients at the University Hospital in Motol. The thesis emphasizes the need for social services in a health facility, the role and status health-social worker in a multidisciplinary team providing comprehensive care for patients. In the theoretical part of the thesis contains chapters that are focused on social work in a health facility, the definition of health-social worker, role and activities of a health-social worker in hospital for the logn-term patients, hospitalized seniors problem situations which health-social worker meets frequently and provision of social counselling and provision of aftercare. The practical part consists of case reports of patients that are related to some difficult cases or situations. In these case studies is to be made need health-social worker in hospital for the long-term patients and thus the necessity of social work in health care. Powered by TCPDF (
Quality of Life of Residents in Social Service Facility
Urbanová, Klára ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Nentvichová Novotná, Renáta (referee)
The bachelor thesis Quality of Life of Residents in Social Service Facility deals with the quality of life of seniors. The aim is to clarify the meaning, circumstances and conditions of quality of life of senior population. First of all the issue of ageing is developed from the point of view of society and of the individual. After that I deal with preparation for old age and with activities of social policy. There is also describe the topic of social services and their quality. After that I paied attention to explaining the topic of the concept of quality of life. The following part is focused on a specific organization, which is the Center of social services in Prague 1 and its care house, in which I conducted an illustrative survey. So the satisfaction of six residents in selected aspects of quality of life was examined. The aspects were following: health and self-sufficiency, interpersonal relationships, loneliness, privacy, material ensuring, and leisure activities. The findings from both parts of this thesis are summarized in the conclusion.
Reflection on realism in selected works of Vítězslav Hálek and K. V. Rais (a comparison attempt)
Bachelor thesis deals with the benefits of selected pieces written by V. Hálek and K. V. Rais and it gives a sense of a way of living in the country in the 2nd half of 19th century, especially focused on a realistic picture in a specific form. It also outlines the social and political atmosphere of realism in growing into the Czech literature. The context of worldwide literature influences is omitted due to limitation of work range.This work exclusively deals with Czech prose situation in aforementioned period of time. It specifically states a complex analysis of a story called In a farmhouse and in a cottage. The whole work by K. V. Rais should serve sufficiently to make the complete picture of contemporary issues. An interpretation of a novel called Kalib´s crime introduces the way of realistic picture of living in the country related to invasion of capitalism especially with its destructive consequences on interpersonal relationship.

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