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Rehabilitation and prevention of the most common injuries of judoists
Judo, like other sports, brings the danger of all sorts of injuries, the more that it is a combat sport. The task of the trainer and the judoka himself should be prevention of injuries. If an accident occurs, it should be taken care of with proper and long-term rehabilitation. Judokas often encounter injuries of joints especially knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows or knuckle joints. We can also meet with fractures and muscle injuries, their bruising or tearing. These injuries can be caused by insufficient warm-up. They can be influenced by tiredness, dehydration and by overload of individual muscle groups. When preventing the injuries, we should put emphasis on the right technique of exercise, sufficient warm-up, regeneration and use of compensatory exercises. The aim of this work is to find out the most common causes of injuries of judokas, suggest the possibilities of rehabilitation and prevention of these injuries. The practical part is elaborated in the form of mixed research. It contains a questionnaire for judokas fifteen years old and older, case studies of two probes from the judo club TJ Sokol Tábor, their input and output kinesiological analyses, semi-structured interview and therapy procedure. The last part deals with the possibility of inclusion of balance exercises into judo training, which could have the preventive effect of some injuries. This work could be used by sport physiotherapists and judo trainers. It can also be used as an educative material for sportsmen.
New-Built Detached House in Šitbořice
Navrátilová, Marie ; Nováková, Tereza (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design documentation new-built detached house in Šitbořice. The building is designed on a flat terrain and consists of two up floors. The building is designed in the system HELUZ. The building is covered with a shed roof of the two roof planes of the opposite slope.
Reporting and controlling in a multinational company
Navrátilová, Marie ; Fibírová, Jana (advisor) ; Šoljaková, Libuše (referee)
The thesis on the topic of "Reporting and controlling in a multinational company" deals with the role reporting and controlling play in the decision-making of the company's management and in the evaluation of business performance. The aim is to describe the reporting and controlling methods as applied in practice of a multinational group of companies, to analyze the categories and the indicators used and to assess their information value with regards to the management decision-making process. Once the concept and function of reporting and controlling theoretically defined, the reporting process and its outcomes are described with the company Alcatel-Lucent as an example. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the structure of a profit and loss statement as used for management purposes in Alcatel-Lucent and the content and information value of all P&L accounts. Finally, a few examples of reports provided on demand to the top management are presented.

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