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Control Design of the Rotation Inverted Pendulum
Cejpek, Zdeněk ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Matoušek, Radomil (advisor)
Aim of this thesis is building of a simulator model of a rotary (Furuta) pendulum and design of appropriate regulators. This paper describes assembly of a nonlinear simulator model, using Matlab–Simulink and its library Simscape–Simmechanics. Furthermore the paper discuss linear discrete model obtained from the system response, using least squares method. This linear model serves as aproximation of the system for designing of two linear discrete state space regulators with sumator. These regulators are supported by a simple swing–up regulator and logics managing cooperation.
Combinational weight design in SIMOTION
Capovsky, Alexandr ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Marada, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with designing an algorithm for controlling multihead weigher. Also, this diploma thesis contains simulation model to test how the multihead weigher behaves in different situation.
Ball position control with airflow using PLC
Hubálek, Michal ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lang, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of an educational model of air levitation and regulation. The theoretical part introduces the principle of the programmable logic controller of the company B&R Automation. In the next part, methods of measuring distance were described. The main part of the work was the construction of the whole mechanical part. Furthermore, the design of electronics and cabling to connect the model with a programmable controller. The final output is a functional model of air levitation and a tutorial for the subject.
Svatopluk Košvanec
Němec, Zdeněk ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (referee)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the most legendary Czech jazz trombonist Svatopluk Košvanec. His life full of significant but also gloomy stories and events after his death.
Measurement and evaluation of laboratory DC drive vibration
Bilý, Michal ; Zuth, Daniel (referee) ; Němec, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis encompasses measuring and rating of vibrations in electric machines. The theoretical part begins with a short description of possible causes of vibrations, which is followed by a discussion about what consequences the vibrational effects have on electrical devices. Then there is a description of available vibration sensors. The bigger part is then devoted to analysis of vibratory signal in both time and frequency domains. The practical part is divided into two chapters. The first one describes laboratory demonstration of control drive with DC motor, which is expanded by measurement of vibrations. The second chapter deals with measurement and analysis of said vibrations in the demonstration.
Train electric traction units brakes control system
Koukolíčková, Lucie ; Vojáček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Němec, Zdeněk (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on improving main operating system of the electric traction units. The main theme is stronger safety for the unit during the ride and keeping the unit movable if there is some problem with the brakes. First par of the thesis is focused on electric traction units and their brake systems. Second part is most about the new screen implementation. This screen shows, if there is some problem with the brakes and the most important part is the speed controller. It is the instrument for the safety arrival of the unit with some brake damage.
Design and realization of a new laboratory exercise with PLC B&R Automation
Cejpek, Zdeněk ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lang, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with designing of a laboratory task primary dedicated for the course „Advanced control methods“, which for the education uses the instruments of company B&R Automation. From possible aproaches chooses modeling of dynamic systems using analog electrical circuits. Those circuits are realized in modular manner, in order to allow building models of various systems. The thesis also includes a desing of proper casing, which simplifies the manipulation by building of the systems. Using designed prototype modules, a model of a separately excited DC motor was built. This model is used for realization of the laboratory task, for which is provided a short manual including some basic program for Automation Studio. The thesis also briefly introduces the company B&R, it´s products and a PLC configuration used in courses „Advanced control methods“.
Inverted pendulum control
Daněk, Petr ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Marada, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with inverse pendulum control. There are described types of inverse pendulums, used power electronics, sensors and their connection to the MF624 control card and to external hardware. Further is described the identification of parameters, including the assembly of a custom algorithm for identification of viscous friction in the pendulum rotary coupling. For identification of moments of inertia are used 3D CAD models, where the thesis describes also use of these models for VRML visualization. The thesis also describes how to build a dynamic model by using Matlab-Simulink and the Simscape-Multibody toolbox. This model is further used in design of the controller using LQR and its simulation testing. The controller is complemented by swing-up algorithm, security elements and MF624 driver interface is designed. The control is tested on a real inverse pendulum assembly and implemented in external hardware.
PLC Drive Control by means of CAN Bus
Polach, Tomáš ; Němec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Matoušek, Radomil (advisor)
The theme and goal of this diploma is a draft and a method of application of a drive algorithm of an omni directional robot. The robot is driven with the aid of a PCL from the X20 series, produced by Bernecker&Rainer. The propulsion is provided using 3 integrated regulating driving mechanisms, IclA D065 produced by SIG Positec, which communicate via the CAN bus. Furthermore, the robot uses sensors to read the positioning of its chassis and undercarriage in order to identify the traction quality of the surface of the terrain below and subsequently reduce skidding. This sensor uses the RS 232 bus to communicate with the PLC. Thanks to all the above-mentioned and characteristics of power supply, the result achieved is a totally autonomous machine.
Examples of drive control with frequency convertor Sinamics S120
Novák, Michal ; Marada, Tomáš (referee) ; Němec, Zdeněk (advisor)
In this thesis is described a laboratory process of example of traction control with frequency converter SINAMICS S120. The focus of this thesis is divided into three parts. Modification of the traction to translational motion for transport of the open vessel with liquid. Proposal of the autonomous operation of the traction without connection to other devices such as a personal computer or PLC, including wiring diagram. The simulation of a dynamic movement for transport of the vessel with liquid in the simulation environment MATLAB and implementation using the proposed laboratory traction. Commissioning and activation of each control functions is described step by step.

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