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Information spread in online communities: Example of the Czech foodie community
Němečková, Hana ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Diviák, Tomáš (referee)
This master's diploma thesis focuses on the dissemination of information in the context of the Czech community of so-called foodies (people who like good food and are constantly looking for new experiences in this field). The theoretical part outlines the development of online communities environments, from web forums to social media. It also examines the possibility of applying Katz and Lazarsfeld's model of the two-step flow of communication in the online environment. We also explain the features of online food communication and present widespread social media foodie platforms, including the Czech app Scuk. The research part of the thesis uses the social network analysis method to identify opinion leaders of this online community in the environment of Twitter, Instagram and Scuk and examines how the information spread and the form of this community changes with regards to the particular online environment in question. The thesis also includes qualitative research on the impact of the online information spread on the offline environment - more specifically, on sales, visit rate and reputation of selected Prague restaurants.
Aided Derbforgaill: Recurrent motifs in Early Irish Literature and their Relation to the Status of Women
Němečková, Hana ; Markus, Radvan (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
THESIS ABSTRACT The main focus of this thesis is the examination of the representation of women in the Ulster Cycle, especially in the instances where they cross the boundaries of their gender and participate in activities usually associated with the world of heroes and kings, such as bragging and competitions to establish one's highest status. As the recurrent motifs in the Ulster Cycle are numerous, this thesis discusses only those present in The Violent Death of Derbforgaill (Aided Derbforgaill), a short yet moving tale about a violent death of the female protagonist. The motifs include bragging, competitions, violence, love-triangles and deaths caused either by jealousy or a strong emotion, but perhaps the most surprising of them all is the motif of urination, which also appears in the longest epic of the Ulster Cycle, The Cattle Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cuilnge). Special attention is paid to the way how these transgressions influence the honour of women in the heroic society, as well as to the notion of women's honour itself, e.g. to what extent is their honour dependent on their husbands, what qualities are honoured in aristocratic women and whether the female characters tend to accept their secondary position in the society. A useful comparison is provided by the examples of Otherworldly women, as...
Use of social networks in improving communication with the readershiip on examle of
Němečková, Hana ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Social network sites (and new media in general) transform the relationship between professional media organizations and their audiences. My bachelor thesis "Use of social networks in improving communication with the readership on example of" focuses on how the media use pages or accounts on social network websites Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with their readership in real time. In the first, theoretical, part, I define the notion of social networks and describe the history and functioning of the most widespread social network sites, with particular emphasis on Facebook and Twitter. The basis of the thesis also touches on the description of the possibilities and mechanisms of usage of social network sites in terms of the news media. In the research segment of the thesis I examine the activity of the Czech news server on social network sites Facebook and Twitter by means of quantitative analysis. The intention is to detect what content is offered to fans (followers) of, whether it evokes a response in them and to what extent is communicating with its readers through social network sites. The thesis also contains the results of a questionnaire among four hundred fans (followers) of on Twitter and Facebook. The aim was to find out how and...
The Seen - The Unseen
Němečková, Hana ; Helia De Felice, Jennifer (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Seen – Unseen (nebo Visible-Invisible) In my project I attempted to capture the spiritual space of a selected group of people. The work was dividend into several phases. Selecting a model, establishing contact, getting acquainted with the environment of the photographed individual, a survey and a interview followed by the work with the model and the text.
Determine the range of leiser activities at elementery schools in towns and villages for children in elementery school
This thesis is devoted to the activities of organized interest with primary school children, ages 6-11 years, in the country. The theoretical part deals, with the basic concepts of leisure, free time features, lifestyle and interests, hobbies and factors influencing children's leisure time. The practical part deals with specific and leisure activities in the country and in selected locations. Getting parents' satisfaction with leisure activities, describes a range of leisure activities at particular locations, this shows what activities children attend and also indicates the context of education of the parents.

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