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Proposals to Improve Debt Collection in a Business Entity
Matoušková, Jana ; Němcová, Hana (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyses a problem of securing and recovering trade debts relations at ABC, s.r.o. The thesis is divided into three sections, first theoretical part, second analytical part and as last options for solutions findings. First section reviews a legal, economic, accounting and tax perspectives. Analytical part investigates the overdue of the selected company. And based on those, the possible solutions are proposed.
Preparation of hemp protein concentrates by mechanical method
A large amount of residual material, which is rich in high-quality protein containing all essential amino acids, remains after pressing hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa L.). This "waste" can be ground into flour. This thesis examines whether dry sieving of hemp flour could increase the protein concentration in some size fraction to such an extent that it could be used as a protein concentrate. The experiment was carried out on five varieties of hemp from which was the cold-pressed oil acquired. The ground flour was subsequently divided into three size fractions. The coarsest fraction contained particles larger than 250 m, the middle fraction consisted of particles smaller than 250 m but larger than 180 m and the finest fraction composed of particles smaller than 180 m. Proteins were analyzed by various laboratory techniques. Most proteins were found to be in the finest fraction. Their concentration increased here from about 24-27 % to 35-40 %.
Comparison of interactions of equol and desmethylangolensin with iron and copper
Němcová, Hana ; Karlíčková, Jana (advisor) ; Matysová, Ludmila (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Botany Candidate: Hana Němcová Supervisor: PharmDr. Jana Karlíčková, Ph.D. Title of Thesis: Comparison of interactions of equol and desmethylangolensin with iron and copper Iron and copper are essential trace elements, which are important for our body. Both elements have a significant effect on the correct function of organs and make part of many enzymes. They are able to accept or donate electrons - conversion between oxidized (Fe3+, Cu2+) and reduced (Fe2+, Cu+) forms. If these metals are excess in organism, they are accumulated in the cells and mediate the creation of free radicals, that destroy cell structures. This deficiency is treated with chelators, which facilitate the excretion of metals from the body. Isoflavonoids are polyfenolic substances, which can have antioxidant effects and they are involved in the scavening of free radicals. Isoflavonoids can have also a pro-oxidative effect, because they are able to reduce metal ions. In this study were tested interactions (chelation and reduction) between the metabolites of isoflavonoids (equol and desmethylangolensin) and ions of iron and copper. Both metabolites only weakly chelate metal ions, but they significantly reduce cupric ions. KEYWORDS: Iron,...
Comparative analysis of the avalanche situation in the Czech part of the Giant Mountains in the years 2009 - 2013
Němcová, Hana ; Jindra, Matouš (advisor) ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (referee)
TitleTitle: Comparative analysis of the avalanche situation in the Czech part of the Giant Mountains in the years 2009 - 2013 Objectives: The objective of this Bachelor thesis is to analyze the avalanche situation in the period 2009 - 2013 and its comparison with theoretical assumptions of the avalanche's origins in the Czech part of the Giant Mountains. Methods: The method that was used in this Bachelor thesis was a Comparative analysis, that combines analysis of the source materials and their subsequent comparison with available theoretical assumptions. Results: The result of this thesis is the finding that snowslides on the Czech part of the Giant Mountains correspond to the theoretical assumptions of avalanche's origins. Keywords: avalanches, Giant Mountains, Comparative analysis, avalanche situation, weather
Analýza výsledků výkonnostních zkoušek chladnokrevných klisen
Performance tests of cold-blooded mares are the only control criterion of their performance and characteristic features, along with completing assembly centre and entry into the appropriate herd book. This dissertation inquires into the analysis of performance tests results that the mares went through in the period 2004 - 2016. During this period, the tests evaluated the performance of 1099 mares where was 39.58% ČMB, 36.03% SN and 24.39% N. There was found that the number of mares SN participating performance tests rises unlike the number of mares N which drops. In the next part of this work, we found that the best total rating in the monitored period achieved the breed mares SN with an average of 7.92 points, as well as minimum and maximum of average total rating assumes higher values than the breed ČMB and N. The third feature (value 8.28) achieved in the partial character of assessment performance tests the highest average mark. This feature is in total best evaluated by all breeds. In the tests of performance in the monitored period there was a cold-blooded mares evaluated with 3260 marks. Out of these marks it was found out that a statistically significant difference between each breed wasn´t at characteristic mark of step when the P> 0.05 level. Other characters achieved p-value of 0.001, which indicates the difference of the breeds in those marks. It was proved the dependence of the overall assessment on the marks of partial character of assessment performance tests of cold-blooded mares and there was a notable tightness of dependence of character saddiction in the first, second, third and the fourth - willingness -controllability. It follows that the discovery of the most difficult move affects the most the result of an overall assessment of performance tests of cold-blooded mares.
Possibilities of Financing of Fixed Assets Acquisition
Sladká, Lenka ; Němcová, Hana (referee) ; Zemánková, Lenka (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with problems of financing the acquisition of fixed assets. The theoretical part focuses on defining fixed assets and describing possibilities of its financing. The analytical part describes particular fixed asset and informs about economical situation of the company. This part also compares lease financing, bank loans and equity financing. The final part recommends the best possible option for the acquisition of fixed assets.
Holocaust in Czech culture of memory (permanent exhibition Oskar Schindler in municipal museum Svitavy, Jewish memorial in Černovice and Memorial to victims of Nazism in Benešov)
Sedláčková, Petra ; Nemcova, Hana (referee) ; Beneš, Zdeněk (advisor)
V této diplomové práci jsem analyzovala tri expozice prezentující tematiku holocaustu. Metodologickým rámcem byla nová muzeologie a nejnovejší bádání o holocaustu a jeho reprezentaci. Pokusila jsem se charakterizovat hlavní rysy nové muzeologie jako zájem o sociální dimenzi muzeí a sebereflexi muzeí, duraz na soucasné problémy spolecnosti a lokální témata. V analýze stálé expozice Oskar Schindler ve svitavském mestském muzeu jsem ukázala, že se nezabývá židovskou identitou zachránených Židu, události sleduje optikou Oskara Schindlera a jeho ciny neproblematizuje. Pachatelé holocaustu se v textech témer nevyskytují. Soucasný antisemitismus ani zánik diaspory se príliš nezminuje. Poukázala jsem na roli, kterou hraje v expozici film Schindleruv seznam. Rozborem Židovského památníku v Cernovicích jsem ukázala, že dává velký duraz na individuální osudy místních obeti nacistické genocidy, venuje se i poválecným osudum bývalých veznu, zminuje místní pachatele a klade duraz na sebereflexi. V analýze benešovského Památníku obetem nacismu jsem dokázala, že v nem prevažuje židovské vzpomínání na zavraždené, nepribližuje konkrétneji zkušenosti veznu v koncentracním tábore a vyhýbá se zobrazení holocaustu, hodnotí kladne vzájemné soužití Cechu s Židy. Odráží se v tom specifická pozice autorek, které patrily mezi...
Aggression and bullying, its symptoms and prevention in the school surroundings
This bachelor work in its theoretical part clarifies the basic concepts as example of aggression, bullying, its causes, conditions, symptoms and prevention. As next are characterized the sides involved in the act of bullying. Practical part is focused on the quantitative research. By the questionnaire survey to find out whether the pupils do understand and can solve the symptoms of bullying. The goal of the work as itself was to show the issue of aggression and bullying in the school surroundings.
Analysis of Indemnity and Debt Collection in RS ELEKTRO, s. r. o.
Sladká, Lenka ; Němcová, Hana (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
My bachelor’s thesis deals with problems of debt security and recovery. The theoretical part focuses on the debt creation, security, limitation and recovery. It also deals with accounting, tax and economic aspects of debt collection. The analytical part describes economical situation and current state of debt collection in the company RS ELEKTRO, s. r. o. The final part describes my proposals to improve current system of debt security and recovery.
Taxation of Students
Němcová, Hana ; Hromek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis focuses on the taxation of income. The first part contains tax theory, which explains basic information on the taxation of income and forms of employment suitable for students. In the second part we can find general information on income tax of natural persons, subject to income tax and methods of calculation of tax advances from monthly wages. The third part focuses on the system of social and health insurance. The last fourth part shows practical examples of calculation of tax obligations. The aim of the work is to find an optimal taxation for students.

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