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Detection Of P Wave During Second-Degree Atrioventricular Block In Ecg Signals
Maršánová, Lucie ; Němcová, Andrea ; Smíšek, Radovan
Automatic detection of P wave during the second-degree AV block is the main condition for automatic detection of this pathology. This work deals with developing of the algorithm for P wave detection. The algorithm is appropriate for ECG signals with AV block as well as signals with other rhythm types (it does not produce false positive P wave detections). For P wave detection, the phasor transform is applied and several innovative rules are created. These rules are based on knowledge of heart manifestation during both physiological and pathological heart function. The proposed algorithm consists of four parts – filtration, QRS complex detection, application of rules, and P wave detection. The accuracy of the P wave detection algorithm is 99.74 % for signals with AV block, and 99.82 % for signals without any pathologies.
Analysis of glucans in plant and microbial samples
Vít, Radek ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is study of glucans production in selected species of yeasts, algae and plants. Cultivation conditions for yeast strains were performed to gain increased production of glucans under different temperature conditions and in media of different composition. Into the set of tested yeasts species strains Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CCY 6646), Sporidiobolus pararoseus (CCY 19-9-6), Phaffia rhodozyma (CCY 77-1), Rhodotorula glutinis (CCY 20-78-26) and Cystofilobasidium infirmominiatum (CCY 17-18-4) were enrolled. Saccharomyces cerevisiae was cultivated as a control strain because of its verified production of -glucans. -glucans were determinated by the enzyme kit K-YBGL Megazyme. For comparison, algal strain Euglena gracilis (CCALA 349), some species of mushrooms (shiitake, oyster mushroom, garden champignon and Jew’s ear) and cereals (wheat, rye, oats, rice and barley) were analysed too. Further, fatty acid content in the yeast cells was determined by the GC/FID. The best producer of yeast -glucans was R. glutinis CCY 20-7-26, which showed the highest biomass production (12-14 g/l) and also a relatively high amount of -glucans (25-30 %), in cultivation at 15 °C in a medium containing yeast extract in combination with ammonium sulphate. The presence of -glucans has been demonstrated in the microalgae, Euglena gracilis CCALA 349, as well as in samples of higher fungi and cereals.
Characterization and application of microwave plasma on wound healing
Truchlá, Darina ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Krčma, František (advisor)
Non-thermal plasma has a lot of ways for using in nowadays medicine. It presents many useful actions like charged particles, UV light, electric field, radicals, excited atoms and molecules. That complicated chemistry directs to uncountable synergistic interaction between cold plasma and biological systems, involve cells and tissues. This thesis is about effects of cold plasma to wound healing. Two different microwave plasma systems were used for the presented study. The first one was argon plasma torch generated by surface wave using the quartz capillary, the second one was plasma torch with reverse vortex argon flow. Diagnostics of plasma jet by optical emission spectroscopy shown the presence of active particles, which are responsible for a lot of impact of plasma treatment. Concentrations of active particles generated by plasma are dependent on conditions of plasma generation like power of generator and gas flow. For visual evidence of effects on skin caused by active particles was created simulation of skin tissue. Interaction between plasma jet and artificial skin tissue shown that UV light and temperature are not responsible for all observed effects which are noticed after plasma treatment. Some part of experiments was realized in collaboration with Medical University of Sofia in Bulgaria. The theory of positive effect to wound healing was supported by experiments based on treating artificially created wounds on laboratory mice by cold plasma. It was proved, that process of wound healing is significantly shorter after using plasma treatment in comparison with normal wound healing. Plasma treating of wound for 10 seconds in two consequent days seems like more effectively than application of plasma only one day. This Thesis was carried out as a part of international project PLASMABORDER that was supported by European commission under cohesion funds; programme INTEREG SK-CZ under contract No. 304011P709.
Influence of hydroxyacids on transdermal absorption of selected active pharmaceutical ingredients
Volhinava, Anastasiya ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Sedláček, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the experimental study of transdermal transport of individual hydroxyacids and their combination with water-soluble vitamins. During this work the literature review was prepared, which was focused on the use of hydroxyacids in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time the current state of use of water-soluble vitamins for topical applications was studied. Series of experiments was performed using Franz diffusion cells to simulate transdermal transport in vitro across cutaneous, synthetic and artificial Strat M ® membranes. The methodology of sample preparation and analysis of their transport properties was invented and optimized. The optimized methodology was subsequently used in a series of diffusion experiments in which the penetrated amount of hydroxyacids was analyzed by ion chromatography. The concentration of water-soluble vitamins was determined by HPLC. All examined active substances demonstrate positive penetration properties. The best results were obtained with combination of glycolic acid with pyridoxine.
Characterization of yeast and algae metabolites by instrumental techniques
Kurowska, Klára ; Márová, Ivana (referee) ; Němcová, Andrea (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the analysis and production of selected microbial metabolites of the yeast Rhodotorula kratochvilovae in comparison to various species of microalgae. The theoretical part summarizes the knowledge about the conditions for optimal growth and production of secondary metabolites. Analytical methods, by which metabolites were quantified and evaluated, were also described. In the experimental part of this thesis, the amount of accumulated biomass, exoglycolipids, intracellular lipids, phycobiliproteins and carotenoids according to various nutrient sources in the culture medium was studied. Specifically, the yields of these metabolites were investigated in the utilization of various sources of nitrogen (yeast extract, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate), carbon (glucose, mannose, xylose, glycerol and lactose) and at variable C / N ratios (20; 40; 70; 100 and 120: 1) ideally selected sources of observed nutrients in partial experiments. The last part of the experiment was focused on comparison of the analysis of metabolites of autotrophic algae (chlorophylls, phycobiliproteins and lipids).
Accuracy of Personal Glucometers
Kroulíková, Markéta ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Sekora, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with accuracy measurement of personal glucometers. The theoretical part is focused on processing information about glucose and its role in organism, diabetes mellitus, procedures and devices used in self-monitoring of glucose. The next part is focused on preparation of practical part, especially describing available personal glucometer, testing its measuring accuracy, the calculation of necessary measurements to perform the experiment and a description of the reference sample for data measurement.
Application for heart rate estimation using smartphone
Šara, Kryštof ; Vítek, Martin (referee) ; Němcová, Andrea (advisor)
This student work deals with the issue of heart biosignals, their processing, the possibility of their acquisition using conventional and smart devices, and the regulation of mobile devices in healthcare. The work also includes the design of a mobile application, which can be used to a quick estimation of the human heart rate (HR). The optimized functional application algorithm was tested on a sample of independent subjects and a mean deviation of 0.74 beats per minute (BPM), relative to the ECG reference record, was reached.
Detection of QRS complexes in multilead ECG signals
Dufková, Barbora ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Kozumplík, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to acquaint the reader with the basic methods of QRS detection in a multilead ECG signals and with the possibilities of implemetation of these methods in Matlab. Firstly, the methods of signal preprocessing, which are based on orthogonal and pseudoorthogonal leads, are described. Then there are described some implemented and also some more advanced unrealized methods.The implemented methods are tested on the CSE database. The last part of the work is a comparison with the results of other authors who also tested their algorithms on the CSE database.
Critical limb ischemia and autologous cell therapy in diabetic foot disease, pathogenesis of Charcot osteoarthopathy.
Němcová, Andrea ; Jirkovská, Alexandra (advisor) ; Polák, Jan (referee) ; Prázný, Martin (referee)
Diabetic foot disease (DFD) is a serious complication of diabetes and, along with critical limb ischemia, significantly exacerbates the prognosis of patients. Peripheral arterial disease in patients with diabetes has an atypical clinical course, its diagnosis is challenging and is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality of patients with DFD. The aim of this dissertation focused on the diagnosis and treatment of DFD was to identify a suitable method for evaluating the effect of autologous cell therapy (ACT), to assess options for early diagnosis of Charcot osteoarthropathy (COA) and, possibly, to establish the association between the incidence of cardiovascular disease and DFD. In our studies concerning therapeutic vasculogenesis, we observed a significant increase in the antiangiogenic factor endostatin after ACT in contrast to its unchanged levels after standard percutaneous transluminal angioplasty; the transient increase in endostatin seems to be a marker of therapeutic vasculogenesis after ACT. A benefit of using calf muscle perfusion scintigraphy in the assessment of microcirculation and ACT effect was not clearly demonstrated. By contrast, a promising method for the evaluation of microcirculation and the effect of revascularization after ACT was MR spectroscopy of calf...

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