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Selection of gluten-free food from the perspective of diagnosed celiac
Musilová, Iveta ; Frühauf, Pavel (advisor) ; El-Lababidi, Nabil (referee)
This diploma focuses on the selection of gluten-free foods from the perspective of a diagnosed celiac. In the theoretical part is described the history of celiac disease, anatomy and physiology of small intestine, pathogenesis, manifestation and forms of celiac disease, diagnosis, screening and complications from celiac disease. It also describes a treatment of celiac disease which shows inappropriate and appropriate aliments in gluten free diet. One chapter deals with labeling of gluten free foods in the Czech Republic and in Canada. There is also a comparison of the Czech Republic and Canada regarding health care, government and restaurants offering gluten free dishes. The aim of the research is to map the selection of gluten free foods in people with diagnosed celiac disease, the second target is to explore differences in food selection in the Czech Republic and Canada. The third objective is focused on factors influencing the choice of gluten free foods. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey. The survey was filled in the Czech Republic by 78 celiacs and in Canada by 56 celiacs. In the Czech Republic the survey was online on page named Celiake and Mladí Celiaci on Facebook. The Canadian survey was online on page The Celiac scene on facebook and filled out by costumers in...
The role of solvents in the preparation of hydrophobic nanofibrous membrane containing fumed silica
Peer, Petra ; Polášková, M. ; Musilová, I. ; Filip, Petr
It is well-known that a type of used fumed silica nanoparticles plays a dominant role in wettability of the corresponding nanofibrous mats. As a result, the desired contact angle can be approximately achieved by a choice of adequate fumed silica nanoparticles. However, less attention has been hitherto paid to an active role of solvents in connection with the tailoring this contact angle. For analysis we used poly(vinyl butyral) representing electrospun-friendly material, various types of fumed silica nanoparticles and two solvents - methanol and ethanol. It is demonstrated that a choice of polymer solvents plays a significant role in contact angle changes. Hence, in combination of the type of fumed silica nanoparticles and the type of solvent it is possible to achieve a finer partition of the required contact angles.
Analysis of the declared strategy of selected breweries from the point of view of its realization
Musilová, Iveta ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
Thesis of qualitative character deals with the strategy at the business level. The aim of the thesis was to compare two breweries from the point of view of the declared business strategy, the declared strategies to be ranked among the business strategies according to literary research, and to verify the actual fulfillment of the declared strategies of the selected breweries. The verification took place in terms of price level, method and level of distribution. Two breweries operating in the territory of the Czech Republic, in the Pardubice region, were selected for the survey. It was the Municipal Brewery in Polička, a.s. and the Brewery Rychtář, a.s., Hlinsko v Čechách. It was targeted at the management of breweries. Qualitative methods were used to collect data, including qualitative interviewing with the above-mentioned research sample, texts and documents, and field research supplemented by web pages. Subsequently, obtained data was analyzed, interpreted and evaluated. On the basis of the stated goal, the declared strategy of selected breweries was established. According to the literary research, Porter's generic strategies have been used as a type of strategy used in all the selected literature to incorporate the strategy of breweries. The declared strategy of breweries was tended to a differentiation strategy aimed at a wide range of customers. Subsequently, the real fulfillment of the declared business strategy of each brewery was verified. It was found that the declared strategy was largely in agreement with its fulfillment, for both selected breweries. There were no significant differences for each brewery. The benefit of this work was mainly focused on the management of selected breweries, who did not think about their strategies in this way.
Changes of immigration policies in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia from 90s to the present
Musilová, Iveta ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Koubek, Jiří (referee)
The text deals with the issue of changes in immigration and integration policies of the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia during last twenty years. At first, it summarizes the theoretical opinions on immigration, integration, multiculturalism and pluralism and makes that so from the point of view of liberalism and communitarianism. Then it focuses on the development of immigration and integration policies in each country in given time period and especially on their qualitative change. Attention is paid to their key principles, legal basis and real practice. Finally, these three approaches are mutually compared and there are outlined their future perspectives.
Possible use of doppler flowmetry in the detection of discordant growth of twins
Musilová, Ivana ; Rešlová, Taťána (advisor) ; Měchurová, Alena (referee) ; Ľubušký, Marek (referee)
Objective: To evaluate the efficiency of selected doppler parameters as a test for the prediction of twin growth discordancy (GD) and to compare it with the efficiency of routinely used ultrasound biometrical parameters. Design: Prospective clinical study. Methods: Set was formed by 63 twin pregancies. Intertwin differences in Doppler parameters (umbilical artery - AU, middle cerebral artery - MCA, cerebroplacental ratio - CPR) and biometrical parameters (biparietal diameter - BPD, abdominal circumference - AC, femur length - FL, estimated fetal weight - EFW) were studied. Simultaneously, uterine arteries impedance was assessed. GD was identified by the birth weight difference from 20%. The efficiency of intertwin differences in studied parameters were evaluated using ROC analysis. Results: Biometrical measurements performed within three weeks antepartum were in prediction of GD more accurate than doppler parameters (AUC for EFW 0.99; for AU 0.56; for CPR 0.71). Three to six weeks antepartum, the efficiency of biometrical and doppler parameters was comparable (AUC for EFW 0.79; for AU 0.81; for CPR 0.81). In interval more than six weeks antepartum, biometrical parameters were not effective, DG was predictable only using CPR (AUC for EFW 0.62; for AU 0.56; for CPR 0.77). No significant differences...
Nutrition education for parents of preschool children
This Bachelor's Thesis is focused on parent's education in a field of preschool children diet. There are two main aims. First and main aim is to find out how well are parent's informed about children diet. Second aim was to contact parent's and ask if they would be interested in courses, which would teach them about right dietary habits. A practical aim was to organize a special course focused on improving a parent's knowledge about healthy children diet. Discovered information can be subsequently used and improve a general knowledge about healthy children diet. Therefore it can have an positive effect on preschool children's diet. The main investigating question was set as follows: "How to educate parents in a field of children diet with highest efficiency?" Other researching questions are following: "How was organized a parent's education courses about a children's diet so far?", "How well informed are parent's so far? " and "How is a parent's interest regarding educational courses about healthy dietary habits in preschool children?" Theoretical part of Bachelor's Thesis is focused on right diet of preschool children and their parent's education in this field. There is a short description of preschool age group and its characteristic features. Main category summaries dietary problems, daily fluid intake, importance of proteins, fat, saccharides, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Another topic, which is discussed,is dietary recommendations, which are completed in healthy thirteen by Dietary Association. It improves an orientation in basic rules of healthy diet. I was also interested in healthy risks, which are connected with unhealthy diet in children. First of all I was focused on children obesity, because there is an alarming increase in a rate of an obese children nowadays. My research was focused on causes of obesity, prevention, treatment and consequences. Another subsequent results of improper diet are malnutrition, food allergies and dehydration. In a second category of theoretical part I investigated how is anparent's education in an area of healthy, proper diet of preschool children. I described education as a concept, learning process and its phases. In the investigation part of this thesis was used a method of qualitative research, which was divided into three main parts. In the first part was used a structured interview. It was composed of 7 questions based on parent's knowledge in an area of healthy diet of preschool children. First plan was to ask 10 respondents, however at 8th interview was research formula fulfilled. According to result of 9th interview was clear that another interviews would not enrich the research with new or valuable information. Therefore interviews were finished. In the second phase were used information from interviews and an educational course focused on healthy diet in preschool children was organized. The course was composed of five lessons in total three were focused on parent's education, another lesson was focused on children themselves. Last meeting was based on cooperation of parents and children in an activities connected with diet. The third phase was focused on a realisation of courses mentioned before. Effectiveness of course was checked with help of subsequent structural interview with four questions about changes, which occurredafter attending the education course mentioned before. One of the questions was also asking if the parent's are interested in another education courses and more information about children diet.
Musilová, Iveta ; Mores, Antonín (referee) ; Pacal, Bohumil (referee) ; Šenberger, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis is concerned with relationships between progressive technological processes of spheroidal graphite cast iron’s production and their structural properties. The aim of the work is to explain causal relationship between parameters of the proposed manufacturing technology of the iron type given (involving selected variants of modification and inoculation of melt and the parameters of melt crystallization, solidification and cooling down in a mould), their structure and even chemical heterogeneity of elements in this structure. For close specification of presented relationships three-dimensional model of spheroidal graphite growth was used, which was developed at the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Its usability in praxis has been verified on the basisis of the application of this model on experimentally acquired data. The U GRAFIT 20 model of the authors Stránský and Million counting segregation in the frame of eutectic cell has not still been used for prediction of segregation in real condition in greater extent. On the basis of the above mentioned model microsegregation within “on average” of the cell has been discovered during experimental melts. Microsegregation has been described by segregation and heterogeneity indexes. Calculated values of segregation and heterogeneity indexes have been compared with experimentally verified values. On the basis of comparison of calculated and measured values the possibility of further usage of the mentioned model in praxis has been explored.
Proposal of Marketing Strategy for Coop Supermarket
Musilová, Iveta ; Němečková, Monika (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a proposal of marketing strategy for real organisation. For better understanding of issues I occupy with theory in the first part, which I put in place in the next capture. The target of this thesis is made a suggestion or else implement marketing process. The target is reached thanks to the strategic analysis.

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