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Temporal Tone-Mapping Methods for HDR Video
Staněk, Jiří ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
The diploma thesis provides the theoretical background needed to understand the complex topic of high dynamic range, and deals with the implementation of an innovative method for temporal video tone-mapping. At first, high dynamic range image acquisition, storage and processing are described. Afterwards, a general introduction to tone-mapping, description of undesirable image artifacts and an overview of existing state-of-the-art algorithms are presented. The part which follows focuses on the implementation of the chosen method and proposes several additional enhancements of the initially selected algorithm. Based on the information provided, an application with an intuitive graphical interface, which can be used for temporal HDR video tone-mapping, has been created. Finally, the the achieved results are demonstrated and visually compared with existing methods for temporal video tone-mapping.
Devices Monitoring in Computer Networks
Kutaj, Matej ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the supervision of computer networks and related technologies. The bachelor thesis describes individual technologies, topology of supervised network, list of Vlan networks, description of Zabbix system, its implementation in Hyper-V and setting of individual network adapters, description of error solving by creating script and then creating all elements using web interface. The results are created by maps of individual monitored networks and created graphs from priority switches.
Accumulator tester with ESP32 module
Dresler, Jan ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
This thesis focuses on design of printed circuit board and programming of ESP32 module. This module communicates with discharging circuit which allows testing of battery properties. With help of voltage and current sensors it is possible to test and print results of battery on display. The testing device also allows control over web user interface thanks to ESP32.
Automation of RC Models Control
Vávra, Jan ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is about controlling RC model with microcontroller ESP-32 through WiFi enabled mobile device with OS Android. Goal of this thesis is to make controlling RC model easier and more fun. Parts of this thesis are dealing with using pulse width modulation to control servos, creating a user interface and making a protocol for comunication between RC model and mobile device. Result of this work is application on OS Android, which sends instructions on microcomputer, that controls steering servo and elecromotor. System has predefined stunts on microcomputer and operator has a choice of defining custom stunt in application, which is send to microcomputer in series of individual instructions.
Detection of Wanted People in Video
Bažout, David ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a software tool for searching of wanted people in video recordings from surveillance cameras. Wanted people are identified to the system using multiple facial photos. The output consists of information on the occurrence of wanted persons in specific frames. The problem consists of face detection and its subsequent identification task. Experiments with existing approaches on appropriate datasets provide relevant comparisons of method performance under different conditions. Appropriate methods and their optimal settings for this particular task are chosen according to the results of the experiments. The thesis also deals with the design of suitable architecture, research of existing libraries implementing the tested methods and other ways of optimizing the calculation. The result is the implementation of a user application that meets the specified parameters. The application's functionality has been tested on the own dataset simulating real-world conditions.
Monitoring of temperature influence on properties of lead-acid accumulators
Musil, Petr ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with lead-acid battery, its parameters and temperature behaviour of this electro-chemical source of power. In the theory section, types of batteries are presented, followed by their primary parameters and electro-chemical reactions, which take part in battery cells. This section also contains information about charging stages, detailed description of each battery part, used materials, construction of the battery and degradation processes caused by battery operation. The practictal section of this thesis offers a measurement scheme for automated measuring workstation. Furthermore, the practical section presents results of measurements on parameters of chosen lead-acid battery types, it also contains long-term deep battery cycling and measurements under elevated temperatures. Detailed comparison of measurements results and datasheet values is included. Conclusion sums up parameters of chosen lead-acid battery types and their feasibility for further usage in power backuping.
Computer Controlled Model of Vehicle
Deingruber, Ondřej ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis covers the topic of controlling models using servos and motors. The target was to design and construct a functional model and use it to demonstrate the principles of controlling models by computer. The work was extended by implementing vehicle detection program used for combat of the vehicles. A vehicle moving on tracks, controlled by two DC motors and one servo was constructed. For the control of the vehicle was selected a combination of single-board computer and microcontroller. For the purposes of detecting the vehicle OpenCV library paired with a camera and IR LEDs was used. 
Implementation of an Information System of the Company
Musil, Petr ; Cechmeister, Bohuslav (referee) ; Klusák, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis analyzes information system Abra G3 in company XY Ltd. and implementation of new information system. The first part consists of theory which is the basis for the rest of the work. We continue with the evaluation of current information system Abra G3 and its deficits. The last part of the thesis describes the implementation of new information system that will be more effective and will simplify the processes in the company.
Internet of Things
Piškula, David ; Nosko, Svetozár (referee) ; Musil, Petr (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the Internet of Things and some of the most important problems it faces today. Among these are the overdependence on the Cloud and lack of autonomy, poor security and privacy, complicated initialization and power consumption. The work aims to implement a complex IoT solution that solves the discussed problems. The project is part of a collaboration with NXP Semicondutors and will be used to showcase the company's technologies.
Robotic Hand with RC Model Servos
Doležal, Filip ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and creation of a robotic hand using standard RC servomotors, ways of its control and subsequent creation of a program designed for its control. It attempts to solve the most suitable ways of controlling the servomotors, especially with regard to their finest operation.

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