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Workers of Ken Loach
Pata, Václav ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; VAJCHR, Marek (referee)
Ken Loach have been creating films of social realism for more than fifty yers. He walked a long way to I, Daniel Blake (2016) since Cathy Come Home (1966). I'm focused on a topic of labourers/workers in Loach's films in my thesis. Labourer/Worker is defined as an adult person, which makes his living with his own hand or he/she were if the system would allow it. The chosen theme and selection of films, which I'm focused on, caused that I'm giving the same space both political and social sides of the class inequality. Films, I tried to analyse from the given point of view are Riff-Raff (1991), The Navigators (2001) and I, Daniel Blake (2016). Also, I briefly take a look at Days of Hope (1975) and the award-winning film Kes (1969).
Tennessee Williams: Night of the Iguana
Semler, David ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; VAJCHR, Marek (referee)
The Bachelor's Thesis compares the short story and the play, both entitled Night of the Iguana and both written by Tennessee Williams. The Thesis also deals with the adaptation of the play to the form of a film production directed by American director John Huston. Although both the characters and the events of the short story differ from the play, both literal works share the themes and motives they deal with: loneliness, anxiety, non-freedom, contrast between chastity and obscenity, loss of faith in God, the desire for unity with another person and the belief in the power of spiritual contact between two people. The film Night of the Iguana is a successful adaptation, in which most of the changes to the original play are only formal. The film is more epic, the unity of time, place and space is broken, dialogues are truncated, while the characters are more profound. There is less of the symbolic and the philosophical questions in the movie, as well as there is not so much of Williams’s absurd sense of humour and the overall approach of the director is more realistic. However, the main theme, the story and the characters stay true to the original Williams’s play.
Horizons of Saint Clara
Součková, Štěpánka ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is a comparative study of the film The Ideas of Saint Clara (1980, West Germany, directed by Vojtěch Jasný, written by Pavel Kohout and Jelena Mašínová), the novel The Ideas of Saint Clara (1980, West Germany, written by Pavel Kohout) and the film adaptation of the novel Saint Clara (1996, Israel, directed by Ari Folman and Ori Sivan). The study is focused on changes of content and style in three different cases with respect to the historical context and authors' personalities. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to point out neglected titles of major Czech authors, which were created in exile during the so called normalization period and which inspired Israeli filmmakers to produce the original, internationally known and award-winning adaptation.
Marie Pujmanová, Prescience
Eichlerová, Barbora ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with an analysis of a novel by Marie Pujmanová (1893- 1958) Prescience (Předtucha). Focalization was chosen as the key methodological instrument and other narrative categories are mentioned only through focalization. The thesis focuses especially on its language aspect and also the ways of creating characters through focalization.
Theme of Guilt and Punishment in Stories and Dramatic of František Langr in Domestic and Global Context
Krsková, Kateřina ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
The thesis describes the evolution and variances in the motive of crime and punishment throughout prosaic and dramatic works of František Langer. After an introductory reflection on crime and punishment the thesis deals with an analysis of Doskojevskij's novel "Crime and Punishment" which had a large impact on Langer's conception of these terms. It also outlines an image of crime and punishment in Czech literature at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, which might have influenced Langer. The first part also tries to clarify how these motives were evolved in author's incipient work. It follows up prose collections "Gold Venus" and "Dreamers and Murderers". The second part is focused on the refined and often very complicated form of crime and punishment in Langer's dramas "Saint Wenceslas", "Periphery", "Camel through Eye of a Needle", "Reversal of Ferdyš Pištora", "Angels among us" and "Seventy-two" and tries to grasp and characterize it.
Portrayal and function of space in literary and film versions of the 60's wave texts. (Cremator. Diamonds of the Night. Closely Watched Trains)
Karalová, Lenka ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with the portrayal and function of space in literary and film versions of the 60's wave texts - the Cremator and Diamonds of the Night. The first chapter is concerned with works of autors, who focused between 1945 - 1968 on the second World war literature. Then the thesis tries to describe shortly the issue of portrayal of space in the literature and film adaptations. The folowing chapters focuse directly on the comparison of space in the two selected works. The aim of this thesis is to find out and to describe differences between portrayal of the spaces via literary and film instruments. Key words Ladislav Fuks, the Cremator, Arnošt Lustig, Diamonds of the Night, Darkness Casts No Shadow, 1space, adaptation, 1960s, film.
The picture of concentration camps in Czech prose of the 50/s
Šatanová, Klára ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis The picture of concentration camps in Czech prose of the 50's analyses selected literary works from 1950᾿s. These works are presented by different author's approaches from presented reality. First part of this work focuses on concept of "Holocaust" and on possibility of its verb representation as well. Another part of thesis deals with development of "literature with topic of Holocaust" from 1945 to contemporary times. The emphasis is placed to the texts from 1950᾿s and 1960᾿s that had formed reader's memory. Next chapter observe a permeation and reciprocal influencing of historical and fictional discourse. The picture of life in Nazi concentration camps, the author's character creation as well as representation of Jewishness are analyzed in these works: A Box of Lives by Norbert Frýd, Osm odtamtud by E. F. Burian, and Diamonds of the Night by Arnošt Lustig. Key words: the Holocaust, Nazi concentration camps, 1950's, prose, Norbert Frýd, E. F. Burian, Arnošt Lustig, historical discourse, fictional discourse, characters, motive, environment
Kámen a bolest. How the Novel's World Was Made?
Stříbrná, Anežka ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with Karel Schulz's novel Kámen a Bolest. In particular, it analyses its language, stylistic devices and scene composition. It also focuses on portrayal of characters and their life in Schulz's textual world. The conclusion suggests an overall interpretation of the signification of this novel, thus offerings a deeper insight into the work. It elucidates its peculiar emotional appeal and narrative strategy with which the author has created his fictional world. The methodology of this thesis is based on Přemysl Blažíček's literary-scientific and interpretative approach.
Comparison of Short Stories by F. Langer, M. V. Kratochvíl and M. Součková - Variations of Genre
Kowandová, Helena ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Merhaut, Luboš (referee)
The thesis describes, interpretes and compares these three collections of short stories of Czech literature of the 1st half of the 20th century: F. Langer: Snílci a vrahové, M. V. Kratochvíl: Povídky lásky a smrti, M. Součková: Škola povídek. The thesis focuses on capturing and comparison of the three variations of updating the traditional genre types reflecting implicitly (Langer, Kratochvíl) or explicitly (Součková) the poetics of short story and genre; and on the searching for paralels and formulations of the original approaches.

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