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The use of metaphors and its impact on the evaluation of advertisements in Czech advertising competitions
Wachtlová, Nikola ; Kaderka, Petr (advisor) ; Mrázková, Kamila (referee)
In this bachelor thesis I present a research based on cognitive understanding of a metaphor as a tool, the aim of which is to structure reality perception according to its correspondence among metaphoric domains. I extend upon empirical research papers which prove that the presence of a metaphor and its type has a positive impact on the evaluation of advertisements. To my acknowledge, these findings have not been confronted with Czech cultural matter yet. In this paper, I analyse Czech advertisements nominated for a domestic advertising competition, the results of which I consider as one of the means to rate advertisements. Altogether, this thesis contains an analysis of nineteen advertising campaigns which participated in the Creative Awards competition in categories Print and Outdoor and which were placed on the first, second or third place in the years 2016 and 2017. I examine the correlation between the presence of a metaphor and the placement of the advert in the competition. I determine the absence or presence of metaphor and, appositely, also its type in dependence on the visual presence of metaphoric domains and the semiotic mode in which the domains occur; further, I propose an interpretation of correspondences between domains of the metaphoric transfer. Despite expectations, the analysis...
Critical Analysis of Language Ideologies in Czech Public Discourse
Dufek, Ondřej ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Cvrček, Václav (referee) ; Mrázková, Kamila (referee)
The thesis deals with language ideologies in Czech public discourse. After introducing its topic, motivation and structure in the opening chapter, it devotes the second chapter to a thorough analysis of the research field of language ideologies. It presents various ways of defining them, two different approaches to them and a few key features which characterize language ideologies. The relation of language ideologies and other related notions is outlined, possibilities and ways of investigation are surveyed. Some remarks focus on existing lists or glossaries of language ideologies. The core of this chapter is an original, complex definition of language ideologies grounded in a critical reflection of approaches up to now. The third chapter summarizes relevant existing findings and on that basis, it formulates the main aim of the thesis - to make a contribution to knowledge on the foundations and ways of conceptualizing language in Czech public discourse. The fourth chapter elaborates the methodological frame of the thesis. Critical discourse analysis is chosen as a basis - its basics are summarized, main critical comments are considered and a partial solutions are proposed in use of corpus linguistics' tools. Another part of this chapter concerns with keyness as one of the dominant principles used...
Turn-taking in an institutional discourse
Vaníčková, Klára ; Nekvapil, Jiří (advisor) ; Mrázková, Kamila (referee)
(in English): The thesis focuses on introducing a new topic in a conversation during meetings of Student Council of Faculty of Arts, Charles University (SR). To analyse 19 examples from SR environment, conversation analysis and unmotivated research were used. These methods confirmed the hypothesis - speakers follow the official rules of the organization during meetings. In conversations they proceed systematically; new topics are introduced by a chairman who also allows other speakers to start talking. Introducing of new topics is conditioned by the situation. If a remarkable situational action occurs, it becomes dominant in the conversation; however, after a solution has been reached, speakers return to the previous topic on the base of its re-introduction by a chairman.
Why do Turkish children in the Czech Republic learn Turkish? On how language ideologies influent management of language acquisition in Turkish families in the Czech Republic
Özörencik, Helena ; Sherman, Tamah (advisor) ; Mrázková, Kamila (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the question of language ideologies influence on language management activities in multilingual constellation based on the situation of group of Turkish children growing up in Prague. The thesis confirms the assumption that members of Turkish community in Czech Republic are familiar with the negative stereotypes concerning migration impact on language use based on the mother tongue ideology which are present in Turkish public discourse. Research focused on the interplay of simple and organized level of language management conducted via semi-structured interviews and experiment shows that despite the family situation and language ideologies shared, families rely on standard language socialization processes and do not take any special measures of language acquisition management.
Rhetorical questions in television debates
Mrázková, Kamila
Functions and use of rhetorical questions in TV political debates.

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