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Influence of environment on distribution and coexistence of different diseases on a single plant species
Mráčková, Michaela ; Koubek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Koupilová, Klára (referee)
Most plant species host one or multiple pathogens. However, studies are mostly focused on simple pathosystems. These studies deal for example with the virulence of the pathogen, plant resistance or influence of the environment on the pathosystem. The occurrence of more pathogens in one plant species is taken into account only in a few studies. Most of those studies focus on the coinfection of multiple pathogens in one individual host, especially in the agriculture, so there is very little information about coexistence of more pathogens in wild plant population. This paper summarizes the general information about plant and pathogen interaction, focuses on environmental effects and finally focuses on occurrence of multiple pathogens on one plant species. From the studies it is clear, that both, abiotic (light, temperature, humidity, etc.) and biotic conditions (pollinators or pests as vectors etc.) have impact on host- pathogen interaction. During co-occurrence of multiple pathogens in one host plant, various interactions between coinfecting pathogens can occur (competition, cooperation, etc.). Resistance of plant to one pathogen can be affected by presence of other pathogens and stress factors. Finally, coinfection may also affect virulence of individual pathogens. Key words: plants, pathogens,...
Vocabulary of Czech sci-fi short stories
Mráčková, Michaela ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Lehečková, Eva (referee)
The presented Bachelor thesis, Vocabulary of Czech sci-fi short stories, is focused on describing lexicological and morphological means used in a sample of words used in a Czech sci-fi magazine XB-1. The analysed words have been categorized by their terminological, neological, proper noun and slang nature. This served as the basis of structure of this thesis. In the semantic part, this thesis deals with real objects typical for the described literary genre (space travel devices, technical inventions, unusual science fields, etc.) and thus confronts the real and fictional worlds. The thesis summarizes the word-forming means where authors need to create new words for new objects and the thesis describes some of their common trends. Last but not least, this thesis assessed the function of these word-forming means in such a specific literary genre. The analysed expressions (more than 600 entries) are included as a table attachment with notes. Powered by TCPDF (

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