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Study of RNAi mechanisms in tobacco BY-2 cell line and potato plants
Tyč, Dimitrij ; Fischer, Lukáš (advisor) ; Kovařík, Aleš (referee) ; Moravec, Tomáš (referee)
Knowledge of the processes of RNA interference, the regulation of gene expression by small RNAs (sRNAs), has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last 30 years. Some of the findings were literally revolutionary, as they revealed events that overturned many long-held notions. Many phenomena have been shown to be highly conserved and common to organisms of different species, but others are specific to certain lineages or have not yet been fully explored. There is also a lack of knowledge about the interconnection of numerous pathways - for example between silencing at the transcriptional (TGS, leading to the promoter methylation) and post-transcriptional levels (PTGS, affecting mRNA stability or translation). The present work summarizes the findings of two published and two unpublished works and attempts to describe some of the less known sites of RNA interference using various plant model organisms. Research on Solanum tuberosum transgenic lines has revealed the ability of 5-azacytidine to restore the expression of transcriptionally silenced transgenes at the whole plant level. De novo regeneration from leaves of such plants can lead to re-silencing of reactivated transgenes and thus serves as a selection method to exclude lines prone to spontaneous silencing. The nature of changes in the...
Modelling of human palate surface development from 7 years to adulthood
Moravec, Tomáš ; Bejdová, Šárka (advisor) ; Zemková, Daniela (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the differences in the development of the palate in girls and boys within five age groups in the age range of 7 to 19 years, using methods of geometric morphometry. Furthermore, the work deals with the monitoring of sexual dimorphism in the development of the palate. Understanding palate growth, knowledge of differences in its development and changes related to sexual dimorphism are very useful, as the results of this study will serve as a comparative standard for palate defects in the Czech population, but also for appropriate planning of orthodontic procedures. The material consists of 228 gypsum castings of palate without any pathologies, 112 of which belonged to boys and 116 girls of the Czech population. Thus, transverse data are used in our study. The subjects were divided into five age groups 7, 10, 12, 15 and 19 with respect to gender. Age changes of the entire palate surface were modeled using geometric morphometry methods (Coherent point drift - Dense correspondence analysis, Per vertex T- test and Principal component analysis). To visualize the results, superprojection color maps, maps of significance and superprojection. The results show the greatest variability in the form of palate in girls of groups 10 and 12 years and in boys of groups 10 years, and...
Coat protein-RNA interaction in vivo and the biotechnological use of VLPs
Kratochvílová, Kateřina ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hála, Michal (referee)
The Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a simple and frequently used model virus which has been studied already more over than 130 years. Due to the intensive study of this virus the details of its infectious cycle, genomic information and also the structure of the created viral particle as well as the mechanism of its creation are known today. The process of encapsidation (viral particle formation) is sufficiently described in the in vitro conditions. In the in vitro conditions the origin of assembly (OAS) was also described. The OAS was identified in the coding sequence of the gene for the movement protein (MP). The importance of replication centers (replication factories) has also been supposed. The aim of the diploma thesis was to study the specificity of the interaction of RNA and coat protein in the process of the particle assembly taking place directly inside the plants. The experiments were performed to verify the necessity of presence of OAS sequence in process of initiation of viral encapsidation. The effect of the cell compartmentation on this process has also been studied. Based on several viral systems (the Tobacco mosaic virus, the Potato virus X, the Bean yellow dwarf virus and Cowpea mosaic virus) gene constructs were created. These constructs enables to study this idea at the molecular...
Skull Trepanation in Prehistory of the Europe: The Oldest Surgical Procedures
Moravec, Tomáš ; Komárek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pankowská, Anna (referee)
The main aim of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of trepanations in the prehistory of Europe and to compile a brief overview of the oldest findings in Europe and closer in the Czech Republic. At first, the thesis deals with the types of trepanations according to their execution and the problems with trepanation diagnosis, where the work focuses on various groups of defects created by different mechanisms, which can be incorrectly diagnosed as trepanations. Further, the thesis deals with the reasons for trepanation and the description of the trepanations tools and techniques used in the prehistory. It also briefly mentions the first references to surgical interventions and the origin of anesthesia. Additionally, the thesis deals with the overview of the oldest findings in Europe and the Czech Republic and their brief description. And finally, there is a mention of trepanations at the present time.
Viral vectors based on tobacco mosaic virus for the expression of recombinant proteins in plants
Kroupa, Daniel ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Cvrčková, Fatima (referee)
(eng): Over the past few decades, plant viruses and vectors derived from them have become not only an integral part of the work in laboratories, but also began to be used commercially for the production of vaccines, drugs, enzymes and other proteins / peptides. One of the most commonly used viruses for the expression of heterologous proteins is tobacco mosaic virus. In this work, I would like to focus on plant viruses and vectors derived therefrom. Compare it with other expression systems used in plants and describe how their benefits could be further used and combined with modern methods of cloning. Key words: viral vector, expression, Tobacco mosaic virus, plant expression systems, Golden gate cloning
Sedlmajerová, Tereza ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kostelanský, Ludvík (referee)
This thesis focuses on the analysis of usury as a negative social phenomenon from the perspective of Czech law in the Czech courts. It is mainly focused on examining this issue in a broader context. There is a comparison of usury contained in the new Civil Code modifications as the Criminal Code. Lastly, the thesis aims to determine whether the current legislation of usury is sufficient, or not, and then propose any possible amendments.
Enforcement proceedings - selected issues
Radnotyová, Nikol ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kostelanský, Ludvík (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis are the two latest amendments to the Code of Enforcement Procedure adopted in the year 2015, their impacts on the legal practice and analysis of the legislation preceding and succeeding the adoption of the amendments. The main goal of this work is to examine whether the above-mentioned amendments helped to streamline recovering of debts, to increase the legal protection of debtors and their spouses and whether the amendments have led to increased creditor protection compared to the previous legislation. The work is divided into two parts, each of them is concerned with one of the Code of Enforcement Procedure amendment respectively Code of Civil Procedure amendments.
Regulating Sharing Economy
Kubiče, Jan ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pastorčák, Jan (referee)
Thesis Regulating Sharing Economy looks into issues regarding sharing economy regarding its regulation. Thesis analyses possibility of self regulation and aplicable legislation.
Insolvency proceedings in terms of periods and time limits
Douda, Jiří ; Hásová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Moravec, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with insolvency proceedings in terms of periods and time limits. The main objective of this thesis is to verify two hypotheses stated in the introduction. Author concentrates on the meaning of the periods and time limit since the ages of Roman law. Author is also paying attention to detailed analysis of law n. 182/2006 Sb., about bankruptcy and ways of its solutions (hereinafter insolvency law), as subsequently amended, which obtain treatises about the period or time limits. Author also evaluates the benefit of the insolvency law amendments, which will become effective in summer of 2017, and he will also propose law amendment de lege ferenda including possible impacts, which can be brought by this amendment, in the conclusion.
Comparison of legislations of the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom concerning age of criminal responsibility
Tůmová, Kristina ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The topic of the Master thesis "Comparison of legislations of the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom concerning age of criminal responsibility" aims to compare the specifics of the approach of both countries in dealing with juvenile delinquents. In the Czech Republic, current debate revolves around lowering the age of criminal responsibility to 13 or even 14 years of age. In connection with this discussion, the argument examines the increase of criminality of this age group and also the brutality with which young delinquents commit these crimes. Apart from desribing legislations of the countries named above, this thesis also focuses on influences that affect young people and their criminal behaviour, including the specifics of this age group. Legislation concerning age of criminal responsibility from other European countries has also been included in this thesis. An Emphasis on the statistics of criminality in the Czech Republic as well as in England and Wales is given in the practical portion. These statistics represent any increases or decreses in juvenile criminality. The conslusion of the thesis compares both legistations and their "best practices".

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