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Light Guide Evaluation
Omishore, Ayodeji ; Katunský,, Dušan (referee) ; Darula,, Stanislav (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
Light guide is a tubular skylight with mirrored internal surface. It is a lighting device bringing daylight into the interior of a building without windows or into rooms with insufficient daylight. It presents the potential for energy savings, opens the possibility to use places that are not well lit and offers opportunities for improving the visual comfort of the indoor environment. This thesis reviews the potential of light guide system as a daylighting approach in building and presents results of experiments on performance of tubular skylight prototype. The main task of the thesis is focused on comparison of traditional light guide system and newly developed prototype, examination of its light transmittance and efficiency as well as its thermal behaviour in order to find possible improvements for applications in buildings.
House with dentist's office
Mikulášová, Natália ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a design of a new building, detached house with dental ambulance. This building is situated in town Brno, Líšeň, Brno district. The building is a detached house, it has two floors and no basement. The detached house is designed for permanent living for a family of four. The floor plan of this house is an irregular shape due to land parcel. The house roofing is designed as a flat roof. The construction of this house is based on plain concrete strip foundations. The vertical load-bearing structures are designed to be built of clay blocks Porotherm. The building as such is divided into living area and dental ambulance.
Residential Building
Míka, Tomáš ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The bachelor thesis describes the design of apartment building with almost zero energy consumption in Lišov. The work includes project documentation for the construction. The apartment building has one underground and four overground floors. In the overground floors is seven residential units with total capacity thirty persons. There is one technical room and seven cellars in the partially basement underground floor. There is elevator in the staircase. In front of a apartment building is designed private parking with fourteen parking place. The building is designed of structural system of ceramic blocks. For insulation is used insulation system ETICS with thickness insulation one hundred twenty milimeters. The ceilings are from prefabricated panels.
Rodinný dům
Kováčová, Nour ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
Předmětem této bakalářské práce je projektová dokumentace a návrh nového rodinného domu s téměř nulovou spotřebou energie. Dům je určen pro šest členů rodiny s překladatelskou kanceláří pro jednoho z členů rodiny. Dům se nachází v klidné části obce Jinačovice, v okrese Brno v Jihomoravském kraji České republiky. Tento objekt je samostatně stojící se dvěma patry, dvěma balkony a velkou okolní zahradou. Svislá nosná konstrukce domu je zděná z keramických tvárnic Porotherm. Vodorovná nosná konstrukce je vyrobena z předpjatých stropních panelů Spiroll. Budova je postavena na základech ze betonových pásů. Střecha je plochá se střešnímí deštovými vpustmi a izolací z minerální vlny. Budova je zateplena systémem ETICS. Projektová dokumentace obsahuje také posouzení požární bezpečnosti budovy, výpočty základů a zatížení, tepelně technické posouzení a posouzení na akustiku a denní osvětlení.
Rodinný dům
Hajiyev, Mustafa ; Kalousek, Miloš (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the about the family residence. The detached house is located in Brno-Královo Pole, in cadastral area Poděbradova. The family house is located on a relatively flat plot and is situated on the north side. The house has two floors, with a balcony on the second floor and flat roof. On the east side there is a storage. The whole family building the residence is made of concrete slabs, with the main focus on Steico building materials. All insulation materials are from Isover. Project documentation was performed in Autocad computer software.
House with designer's office
Čaplová, Michaela ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the design of a low-energy family house with a design office. The building is proposed in the cadastral area of Švábenice. Location on plot number 1294/37, whose total area is 1154 m2. The building has one floor with a residential attic and no basement. The house is designed for a family of four. Part of the building is a design office for one worker with a place for visits. The foundation of the building is on concrete strips. The vertical structures throughout the building are brick fittings made of ceramic blocks. The horizontal structure is a prefabricated ceramic ceiling. The building is covered with a sloping gable roof at a slope of 36°. The non-pedestrian flat roof is above part of the premises.
Multifunctional Building
Štěrba, Maroš ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The objective of the diploma thesis is to design project for the realisation of new a multifunctional building in city of Brno, Zábrdovice on the corner of Příkop and Bratislavská streets in the wider city center. The object with cellar contains a collective garage. On the ground floor there is a café, from the second to the fourth floor offers rentable office space, on the top floors, the fifth and receding sixth floors are situated apartments varying in size from studio to penthouse. The building is based on a white tub and piles of plain concrete. The supporting system consists of a plate skeleton with concealed heads with reinforcing reinforced concrete monolithic core and two gable reinforcing walls. The skeleton is filled with brickwork. Covered by a combined roof. The main entrance to the building is located on the eastern side along Příkop Street. The architectural expression of the building consists of ceramic cladding strips and rhythm of the hole fill pattern, which decrease with the rising floor.
Office Building
Nukeyeva, Assem ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
This diploma thesis was prepared as a construction project documentation. The proposed building is an office building in Prague. The building has 4 above-ground floors and 1 underground floor. On the above-ground floors the office spaces are located, while the underground floor is designated as garages. Monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton with beams was chosen as the construction system.
Multifunctional Building
Němec, Filip ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design and elaboration of project documentation for the implementation of a new multifunctional building. The building will be located in the city of Brno in the district of Ko-márov. The new building will be divided into three separate functional units - underground garage, office space with hairdresser and residential part. Each apartment is equipped with a separate balcony. It is a four-storey, partly basement multifunctional house with a flat roof, based on reinfor-ced concrete slab. The construction system is designed wall. The basement part of the buil-ding is built from concrete molded blocks of permanent shuttering, the above-ground part from ceramic blocks of the Porotherm system. The ceiling structure consists of reinforced concrete monolithic slabs. The windows will be plastic. The thesis is designed in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances and standards.
Sport Centre
Nedomlel, Matěj ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the project of the sports center with restaurant in the town of Semily. The designed object is located near to the town center in sports area. The surrouding terrain is flat. The building consist of four interconnected parts (including the basement) with the flat roof. The object is divided to three main part. Every single floor is rectangular shape, but different dimension. In basement is technical and storage room. In ground floor is a restaurant with support areas and bowling lanes. Upper floor is used like loocker room and washroom and in the top floor are excercise halls. Groung floor is accessible from south where is situated terrace, is passage through direct to newly built outdoor swiming pool. The part of diploma thesis is urban study of town Semily.

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