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Images of the Jews in the Work of Vojtěch Rakous
Matoušek, Martin ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses and interprets the literary works of the Czech writer Vojtěch Rakous. Particular attention is paid to the characteristics of characters who are portrayed as Jewish. In the literary interpretation a sociological point of view is applied. The first chapter defines the Jewish people and deals with the history of Jews in the Czech lands. Special attention is paid to the process of emancipation and assimilation of Czech Jews. Two main ideological streams of Czech Jews are also described - the Czech-Jewish movement and Zionism. The second chapter presents biographical information about Vojtěch Rakous and shows his Czech-Jewish ideas and opinions and explains his perception of his own identity. The third chapter prepares the literary theoretical basis for the interpretation of literary characters. It addresses the question of what a literary character is, what narrative practices it is made up of. In particular, the realistic poetics of the literary character are taken into account. The fourth chapter analyses the material of the stories of Vojtěch Rakous and interprets the figures of the Jews. Jewish figures in this chapter are categorised according to social criteria into the following literary types: Jewish married couples, Christian-Jewish friends, rich Jews, poor Jews,...
Theatre Slapstick of Emil Artur Longen
Švajda, Zdeněk ; Smrčka, Jiří (advisor) ; Mocná, Dagmar (referee)
In this thesis I dealt with commonly accepted theory, that Czech author Emil Arthur Longen wrote his plays in style similar to film slapstick comedy. The work starts with biography of Emil Arthur Longen. He was born in 1885 and died in 1936, his life was filled with many rises and falls because of his short temper, alcoholism and turbulent relation with his first wife, Polyxena (commonly called Xena), also an actress. Longen started as a student of Arts in Prague, but never ended his studies and left to pursue his interest, first in painting, later in another fields like filmmaking and acting, but he is most known as a playwright. He wrote more than seventy dramatic pieces and adapted another hundred more for his own theatre and also for other houses he worked with. His first efforts were cabaret shorts, he also wrote more serious things, but his most succesfull plays are farces one to four acts long. He was a principal playwright who wrote plays for the theater of Vlasta Burian, nicknamed The King of Comedians in interwar Czechoslovakia, who excelled in many of them. Critics during his lifetime but also later ones noted that his plays are inspired by American film slapstick comedy. Theory of comedy says that there are many types of comedy, number of the types varies greatly among notable authors, I...
Reading for women in the Lada magazine
Kubínová, Eva ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Brožová, Věra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the profile of fiction published in the magazine Lada on the turn of the nineteenth century into the twentieth. The chosen representative sample of six volumes stretching over the period of twenty years was thoroughly analyzed, focusing on the most important aspects of the individual prosaic contributions, which are the following: the theme, both the main and the supporting characters, the plots, the time and space dimension of the stories, the autor's style, the tuning of proses and their belonging to different artistic movements. Another perspective of interest to this project is the author's background, its changes over time and its influence on the overall orientation and appearance of the magazine, with the overall characteristics of it also included. The deeper, intellectual background reflected in the individual proses is also discussed. Given the fact that the publishing timeline extends over two different historical epochs, this final thesis strives to find answers to the question of to which extent the author's thinking was influenced by the historically social context, i.e. to what degree the authors adopt the modern, progressive ideas of the newly shaping society of the twentieth century, and conversely, to what extent both their opinions and thinking are...
Child's Reader - Child's Poet
Perglerová, Jitka ; Kubíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mocná, Dagmar (referee)
The presented diploma thesis maps the situation of contemporary child's reading. It deals with the factors which form the child reader externally (especially family, school and libraries, or the projects supporting child's reading). The main part of the thesis presents an analysis of the contemporary poetry for children. It examines how the books can influence the readers and motivate them for further reading. For the text analysis, the books of poetry which were awarded in competitions of Zlatá stuha or Magnesia Litera in 2013-2017 were selected as representative samples, namely Poetický slovníček dětem v příkladech, Všelijaké řečičky pro kluky a holčičky and Moře slané vody by Radek Malý, Tetovaná teta by Daniela Fischerová, Vynálezárium by Robin Král and Hlava v hlavě by David Böhm and Ondřej Buddeus. When analyzing the illustrations, attention was paid to the selected books that won the art category of Zlatá stuha and the competition Nejkrásnější česká kniha roku (The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year) and to the books representing the model production of the publishing houses of Běžíliška, Meander and series Raketa in publishing house Labyrint. An aspect of illustration was analyzed in the concertina books Rekomando and Ferdinande! by Robin Král and concertina book O čem sní by Petr...

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