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Constitutional framework and position of the Public Prosecutor's Office as institution representing public prosecution
Habily, Yannick ; Hřebejk, Jiří (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to provide comprehensive analysis of constitutional framework and position of the Public prosecution. By term constitutional framework of the Public prosecution. I understand its definition and subsumption under the Constitution of the Czech Republic. By position of the Public prosecution I understand its degree of autonomy and its position within the system of public administration bodies including its relations with them. In relation to the goal of this thesis I also deal with the historical development of public prosecution and consideration over the possible amendments of its framework. The public prosecution service is a system of state offices which represent the state in protecting public interest. The constitution entrusts the Public prosecution office with the task of representing public prosecution in penal proceedings. And that is what makes the Public Prosecution office unique and irreplaceable institution, which together with the courts takes part in the exercise of penal justice and shall be therefore considered as necessary institution for the state governed by the rule of law. The thesis is divided into six main chapters except for its introduction and final part. The first chapter provides the overview of historical development of public prosecution with...
The system of health insurance in Germany as a political issue after unification
Janura, Lukáš ; Mlsna, Petr (advisor) ; Rákosník, Jakub (referee) ; Havlík, Vratislav (referee)
The thesis analyses the healthcare system in Germeny after the 1990s. The aim is to analyse the changes in the positions of insured persons within the system, as well as both internal and external factors which resulted in these changes. The role of insured persons is different than in the 1990s. Reforms and their impacts with regard to key players, especially patients are described in each chapter. The analysis is devided into four chapters, which are dedicated to the systém of insurance as such, the health care providers and the role of informations for the insured persons, subsequently. At the end, the influence of reunification is analysed. The thesis formulates conditions on which more responsibility and more decision-making opportunities are given to insured persons or taken away from them. Moreover, the role of external factors is described (e. g. the pharmaceutical industry, the development of media or macroeconomic development). Information sources used for the analysis derive from sickness funds, sickness fund unions, expert recommendations, legislation or programmes of political parties. The thesis concludes that the role of sickness funds has been strengthened, but the utilization is not as rational as it seems and is inhibited by some other factors. In a broader context, the conclusions...
Foreign Workers and their impact on the Federal Republic of Germany
Kodýdková, Daniela ; Nigrin, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
Kodýdková Daniela, Ausländische Arbeitskräfte und ihre Bedeutung für die BRD Abstract This bachelor work with the title "Ausländische Arbeitskräfte und ihre Bedeutung für die BRD" (in English: Foreign Workers and their meaning for the Federal Republic of Germany) is dedicated in its theoretical part to the topic of the recruitment of foreign workers to the Federal Republic of Germany from economically weaker European countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Yugoslavia, and later also from countries that neither geographically nor politically belong to Europe (Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia), in the period of time from the middle of the fifties until the recruitment ban in 1973, and also to its causes and consequences. The analytical section examines the meaning or benefit of the recruitment and presence of the foreign workers. However, there were not only positive aspects connected as was awaited at the beginning of the recruitment especially in the economic sphere. Not all the foreign workers wanted to return back to their home countries after earning expected living and these who stayed in Germany became, after the recruitment ban, real immigrants with the vision of a long-term stay. In the chapter entitled Schlussfolgerung there is the comparison of the positive and negative impacts of the foreign...
Parental leave in Dresden and Leipzig with the focus of fathers involvement as an example for successful family politic
Jus, Denise ; Barth, Boris (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
In recent years Germany had to deal with demographical changes on his own territory, pointing an increasingly aging population and on the other hand with a low birth rate that could not normalize this trend. Family policy deals with these issues because one of its current goals is to raise birth rates and ensure and strengthen the position of women in the market. As a possible solution, the family policy sees it in the contribution of men to the share of parental leave. Therefore this diploma thesis will have this topic in the focus. The turning point for Germany and especially for fathers was the year 2007 when the so called "Elterngeld" was introduced with the goal to encourage men to take parental leave and support the woman with raising children. Thanks to this fact that a man help a woman with an upbringing child and household, to women is given the possibility to return to the working environment earlier (at least for a half-time job). This partnership should ensure greater stability in the relationship and possibly ensuring next offspring that Germany necessarily needs. Since 2007 can be noticed interesting numbers of men entering the parental leave. Noteworthy is that one of the highest figures is reported by Saxony with Dresden and Leipzig. Since the man is now seen as one of possible...
The Dissolution of Parliament in the Constitutions of the Czech Republic and Germany and its Usage in Constitutional and Political Praxis
Adamec, Matouš ; Mlsna, Petr (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
This master thesis aims the analysis of the constitutional Institute of dissolution of the Bundestag in the Basic law of Germany and the Chamber of Deputies in the Constitution of the Czech Republic and its usage in the constitutional and political praxis. It is a two-case-study with the goal to compare how the dissolution of parliament is defined in both constitutions, which restrictions are set for its usage, who is the decision maker and for which situations the dissolution of parliament is defined in those constitutions. At the very beginning, the basic theory of the dissolution and its types are presented followed by the two case studies that include the historical background of the actual valid constitutional modification the dissolution of parliament. The second part of each case study consists of the analysis of the actual modification and presentation of its specifics and relation to other articles of the constitution. The third part of both case studies covers the actual political and constitutional usage of the Institute of dissolution, its attempts and also the decisions of the constitutional courts in each country. The Czech case also covers the constitutional amendment that extended the possibility to dissolve the Czech Chamber of Deputies. In the German case also the so-called...
Flaws of the legislative procedure and of the legislation itself
Zámečníková, Marie ; Kysela, Jan (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee) ; Filip, Jan (referee)
The dissertation called "Flaws of the legislative procedure and the legislation itself" aims to describe the main problems and flaws of the legislative procedure and the current condition of the legislature. It deals with the question of the cause of the current unintelligible and disorganized law. The paper analyses the situation in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. The thesis deals with four main questions. First, what kind of law the legislator should create. The question is answered by the description of the formal attributes of the law. Subsequently, it is put into question how the legislator should create such law. The duties of the legislator are described as those which were deduced by the German Federal Constitutional Court. In the chapter which deals with the question of how the legislator creates such law in reality, the particular safety measures and particular flaws of the legislative procedure are described. Finally, the last question analyses what kind of law is created by the legislator in reality, i. e. it deals with the problems of the current legislature which are specifically caused by the so called flood of laws. In conclusion, the thesis answers the question whether there is a connection between the particular flaws of the legislative procedure and the particular flaws...
The institute of the citizenship of the Republic of Austria
Nováková, Lucie ; Jirásková, Věra (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
Thesis title: The institute of the citizenship of the Republic of Austria Citizenship is often defined as a status of a person, who is recognised under the law as being a legal member of a sovereign state. This status is usually connected with certain rights and privileges, along with corresponding duties, which belong to the citizens only. This master thesis aims to give a detailed analyse of the valid legislation of Austrian citizenship and to evaluate it critically. The main goal of the thesis is to answer the questions, whether the nowadays valid regulation is still actual and whether it would not be better to regulate certain issues in a different or more suitable way. In the introduction of this thesis the term citizenship and the related key concepts are explained. Mentioned are also the leading principles of the regulation of the Austrian citizenship, structured by their importance according to the Austrian legal literature. Introduced are also the sources of Austrian law - the significant international treaties and the regulation in the European Union and in the Austrian constitution. However, the main emphasis is put on the valid Austrian Citizenship Act, which contains large number of information related to this thesis. Described are also the ways of obtaining and losing the Austrian...
The concept of "Schuldenbremse" as an instrument against indebtedness in the Federal Republic of Germany
Říhová, Dominika ; Mlsna, Petr (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
As a result of the rapidly rising debt in recent years, the Federal Republic of Germany has decided to stop this unfavourable trend. The approval and acceptance of the so-called debt brake (Schuldenbremse) into the Basic Law in 2009 was also supported by the fact that the amount of public debt significantly exceeded the defined limit by the convergence criteria. With the financial crisis and the associated debt crisis within the eurozone, it turned out that the rules set out in the Stability and Growth Pact are being handled by a few states, and therefore some states have, due to their irresponsible fiscal policy, faced serious problems which are characterized by the inability to repay their obligations. Consequently, austerity measures had to be taken and at the same time, other EU countries have been invited to adjust their public finances to contribute to the consolidation of Economic and Monetary Union. As a result, debt brakes or other measures were then embedded in national legislation to prevent further crises. The German debt brake is a set of seven constitutional laws, where the main assumption is the annual setting of balanced budgets, or balanced income and expenditure, both at federal and state level, in order to prevent new further indebtedness. It was stipulated that the state budget...
Position of the Federal Constitutional Court to the Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT program).
Trojanová, Justina ; Mlsna, Petr (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis titled The position of the Federal Constitutional Court to the Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT program) is dealing with the program of direct monetary transactions (OMT) and its compliance with EU primary law. It is the first time in history, when the German constitutional court submitted a question to the Court of Justice of the EU. The program was announced in 2012 as a program of unlimited purchases of government bonds. It has not been applied yet, but its very existence has helped to calm European markets and bond yields of states which are faced with financial problems. Large number of German politicians and economists stepped up against the program and shared the view that the program essentially requires that German taxpayers pay bills for other eurozone countries. It was also emphasized that this program clearly exceeds the mandate of the European Central Bank of maintaining price stability. This work includes logically arranged chapters, which include the creation of the euro zone, Greek debt crisis, subsequent rescue programs and solitude OMT program and judicial proceedings in relation to this program. The final section focuses first on the judgment of the European Court of Justice, which sets out important conditions for the possible application of the program in the...
Comparison of Pension Systems of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Kreisinger, Martin ; Mlsna, Petr (advisor) ; Kačmárová, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled Comparison of Pension Systems of the Czech Republic and Slovakia deals with pension systems in these two countries. The author deals with the general characteristics of pension systems, for example from the point of view of their financing, the tax environment or the operator. The present state of the Czech and Slovak pension system was described, describing the individual pillars and their functioning. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to analyze the pension systems of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to compare them on the basis of selected criteria and finally to propose an interesting or beneficial impulse for the pension system reform in the Czech Republic. During the analysis the emphasis is on the basic foundation stones of the systems and the capture of the given parameters for analysis, which have been selected for their pertinent value.

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