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The impact of a chronic disease on the choice of study field and subsequent employment
Svobodová, Julie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The thesis consists of a comprehensive introduction to the problems of individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. The main topics comprise of the impacts of the disease on the process of education, the field of study and the highest achieved level of education and furthermore, the issues of employment as well as social and psychological aspects of these diseases. The thesis has focused on the detailed understanding of everyday and long- term problems encountered by the disabled people. The aim of the thesis was to provide information crucial for the decision-making in regards to the selection of the future field of work for individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases. The recipients of the information would be the individuals themselves, their families, as well as the professions of engaged or special teaching. The qualitative methodology implemented by the technique of semi- structured interviews was applied with ten randomly selected respondents diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases. An open coding method was used after the examination of the research data. The analysis of the acquired data has shown that most respondents felt a negative influence of the disease on the course of their education, the selection of their field of study or their highest achieved level of education....
Entrusting the care of child to homosexuals
Crháková, Romana ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This diploma work deals with homosexually oriented persons that want to establish a family or that already have a child and raise it up. It concerns to biological parentage or "only" psychological parentage or a relationship with same-sex partner or an individual care for a child. The work specifies basic terms and contains a short overview of homosexuality in view of history, religion and medicine. The work learns the reader in history and legislation differences of the registered partnership and matrimony. It also marginally deals with possibilities and rights of homosexual persons in the world. The work also includes opinion on family, its functions and types. It describes today's possibilities of homosexuals' ways to a child. The work also focuses on issue of rising up a child by homosexuals. To clarify links, it describes here gay and lesbian relations and families, including development of a child being raised up in a non-traditional family. Aim of the work is to document subjective opinions of the homosexuals themselves to the issue of rising up children by persons with such an orientation, to find out how they evaluate attitude of the society to this topic and how these persons are interested in LGBT situation. For the survey and reconnaissance of the opinions, on-line questionnaire was...
Possibilities of Motor Skills Assessment at Preschool Children
Bačíková, Miroslava ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis introduces the options for motor skills assessment of preschool children in the pedagogical and health care setting. This thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, the author describes the psychomotor development of a child with a focus on the preschool period. The following chapter provides an overview of pedagogical and healthcare professions that mostly focus on the psychomotor development matters. The following chapters analyse the options for motor skills diagnostics in preschool children, including an overview of the most commonly used tests. In the practical part, a set of diagnostic tasks was created for the purpose of rough estimation of motor skills levels of preschool children. The suggested task set was then put to a clinical trial in five kindergartens in two cities in the Czech Republic. The practical part consists of a description of individual tasks in the task set, their evaluation, description of the used sample of children, administration of the task set and collection of data in accordance with stated ethical principles of research. There data is then presented, analysed and the resolving power of the task set is evaluated. The addendum of the practical part contains suggested modifications of the diagnostic...
Obstacles in socializing a preschool child with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
Vopatová, Kristina ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is interested in the issue of socialization of a preschool child. The main goal is to find out the problems that kindergarten teachers encounter in integrating children with type 1 diabetes mellitus, how the disease affects the status of individual family members and the overall family status in society. The theoretical part describes the basic characteristics of diabetes, the basics of its treatment, the complications that can occur in diabetes. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with socialization of preschool age and characteristics of pre-school education facilities. The results of the research on examining a certain girl in a particular kindergarten could be beneficial both to parents of diabetic children who are thinking of starting a child in kindergarten, and to the teachers themselves, who are waiting to receive a child with type 1 diabetes in their equipment.
Substance use and abuse in adolescents
Fikarová, Kristýna ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to map the issue of substance abuse in adolescents focused on cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the basic terms in the field of addiction and then describes the characteristics, effects and risks of the three mentioned addictive substances. Other topics included in the theoretical part, are the causes of substance abuse and bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of addictive behavior, substance abuse in the Czech Republic, the consequences of their use, and the specifics of substance abuse among adolescents. The last chapter of the theoretical part is a brief introduction to the ESPAD study, which is followed by the practical part. The practical part, using quantitative methods in the form of a questionnaire, focuses on the prevalence of substance abuse among students from two high schools and one elementary school in northern Bohemia. The results of the research brought interesting findings. For example, the girls were found to have a higher incidence of cigarette smoking and regular alcohol drinking than the boys were. Another interesting finding was, among others, the ignorance of possible negative consequences in connection with the abuse of marijuana in adolescence.
Roma college Graduates : Success factors
Zoubek, Šimon ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with factors which influenced successful Roma college graduates. It tries to reveal what are the reasons why these Roma people managed to defy statistics and get a college diploma. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part it acquaints readers with professional literature and with its resources. Particular chapters pursue factors which have a direct connection with Roma education - Roma family, which strongly determines children's value system, Roma traditions and customs, Roma language, basic legislation and famous Roma personalities. The practical part, using a questionnaire, tries to determine the most important factors which influenced Roma college graduates during their lives. The goal of the research is to find out whether and to what extent particular factors interfered with academically successful Roma people's decision making. From the research part, it is apparent that the two main factors were positive motivation from their parents and a vision of a higher salary.
Social services of people with disabilities according to the legislation in the Czech Republic
Vlasáková, Věra ; Mlčková, Marie (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
The objective of this work is the clear introduction to the system of social care for the people with disabilities. Usage, accessibility and quality of the social care system is verified by the survey. In the first chapter, historical development of the social care is presented. Also, there is the definition of a disability. Today's legislation is discussed in the second chapter. Analysis of the care allowance is discussed in the third chapter. In the fourth chapter, multiple social services are defined. Also, examples of registered providers are listed in the chapter four. The quantitative research is introduced in the fifth chapter. Four hypothesis concerning accessibility and quality of the social care are confirmed by visually impaired respondents of survey. The autonomy and the protection of the social care users by rules for providers is emphasized. This work proves that the social care and registered providers are perceived positively. It is also confirmed that the care provided by the close person is the most desired one.

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