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Business Plan - Development Project of the Construction of Homes for the Elderly
Staňa, Marek ; Mládek, Josef (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development project, the construction of low-energy, passive houses for the elderly. The work compares and assesses the effectiveness of the investments from the investor's perspective, but also from the perspective of macroeconomics. The saving impact on the environment is also considered. The attention is also given to the used construction materials in terms of health and comfort of future customers of these buildings.
Resurrection of the so-called Tobin tax. What are the intended unintended and the unintended unintended consequences of financial transaction tax?
Švec, Marek ; Mládek, Josef (advisor) ; Hájek, Jan (referee)
In recent times some economists and politicians in the context of financial crisis dusted off again the idea of introducing the so-called Tobin tax, or financial transaction tax (FTT), respectively. This thesis briefly reviews the existing literature on FTT. Two case studies of Sweden and Great Britain show in some respects two different experiences with FTT. The theses analyzes in detail the economic implications of the European Commission proposed FTT from the perspective of economic theory and economic policy. Partial conclusions of the thesis reveal some drawbacks and pitfalls of FTT. While the benefits of FTT remain rather controversial. The theses therefore concludes that FTT is not due to the severity of its impacts appropriate economic measure.
Je Eurozóna ekonomickou chybou? Přístup teorie optimálních měnových zón
Drobík, Michal ; Petrášek, František (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis is aimed to apply the theoretical concept of optimum currency areas, i.e. probably the most comprehensive approach to analyze the suitability of establishing a currency area, to the real and currently difficulties solving environment of EMU states. The first, theoretical-methodological part shows the development of the OCA theory, as founded by Robert A. Mundell and expanded upon by further contributors and critics thereafter. This part focuses especially on defining the optimality criteria, which are then analyzed in the empirical-analytical section. In order to assess the level of optimality, which the euro area members have reached during the common currency existence period, concrete and empirical data are analyzed - data, showing the previous development of the selected indicators, describing the criteria fulfilling. In the final part of the thesis, the author considers the overall optimality rate of euro area and points out its consequences for the Czech Republic, as a candidate country. Furthermore, the entry-timing question is discussed as well, when finished by a two possible scenarios of our accession to EMU. In relation to this issue, the author also discusses the relevancy to assess the readiness for entering the euro area according to the parameters of Maastricht criteria.
Credit risk regulation and management and its influence on US economy since 80's until today
Řídký, Jan ; Jílek, Josef (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
This thesis describes an impact of credit risk management and credit risk regulation on the volume and quality of credits. Consequently there is an influence on economic activity of people and companies, price level and business cycle. In the thesis the basic principles of credit risk management and regulations are described. The volume of granted credit determines the probability of default. If there is an option to transfer a credit risk to the third party, volume of granted credits increases. The volume of credit depends also on the regulatory duty to hold an adequate amount of capital. In the case the banks find the way to diminish this regulatory capital, the volume of credit increases. Credit activity of banks boosts economic activity of people and companies and it has an impact on the price level. The option of credit risk transfer to the third party together with high saturation of credit market leads to taking higher risk by lenders. At the end it has an impact on the business cycle.
Analysis of the selected causes of the debt ceiling crisis in the United States
Lukács, Viktória ; Ševčíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze selected causes of the current debt ceiling crisis in the United States, which culminated in 2011. The first part deals with the development of the debt ceiling in the U.S. and the historically important increases in the limit. Selected expenditure items of the U.S federal budget are analyzed for their creation of the high deficit and debt limit crises in the country, with focus on the costs of the health and social security systems. The second part analyzes the inefficiencies of these systems and the economic measures accepted from 2004 -2012 associated with the debt ceiling increases, which led to the analyzed crisis in 2011.
Does religion affects socio-economic determinants of People's Republic of China
Kaše, Pavel ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
The thesis is focused on five religious beliefs officially allowed by Chinese government. It briefly reviews an attitude of Chinese government to religious beliefs through last sixty years and discusses ideas that stems from theological nature of the religious beliefs and its impact on believer's economic activity. Ordered Logit analysis and other methods are used to analyze the conclusions that follow from these ideas. As data sources it uses socio-economic questionnaires World Values Survey and Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents - Association of Religion Data Archives. Several analyses can serve as a proof that there is a relationship between respondents' religion and their economic thinking and acting and that it also influences respondents' quality of life. The quality of live is measured as a set of categorical variables. These variables will be judged from the point of view of liberal economics.
Moral Hazard and Financial Crisis 2008
Košková, Dominika ; Mládek, Josef (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
Recent financial crisis, which has its roots in the United States, has affected all advanced economies around the world. The goal of this paper is to analyze its causes while the main attention is devoted to the existence of moral hazard and incorrect incentives within private companies that lead to economic inefficiency. The reasons for the emergence of this phenomenon are found behind the origination of subprime mortgages, the evaluation of its derivatives and the investments in the securitized assets. The following section of the paper proposes possible solutions to alignment of incentives in the financial sector. This paper particularly discusses abolition of the anti-discrimination legislation, reduction of the principal-agent problem by enhancing incentives to internal and external monitoring and adjustment of some aspects of the financial safety net.
Dynamics of monetary integration with a focus on EMU
Kříž, Karel ; Mládek, Josef (advisor) ; Urban, Luděk (referee)
In context of recent development in the euro area it is obvious that the status quo is unsustainable and it is necessary to execute certain measures which would ensure its functioning in the future. The aim of this thesis is to find out the most appropriate solution for the European Union as a whole. Thesis presents and compares the three most likely scenarios for future development. A brief overview of the development of European integration, the concept of optimum currency area with the criteria for its better functioning and examples of other monetary unions with the threats they could possibly face are included for better understanding of the issue.
Similarities and differences in the Depression and the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009
Moravcová, Marie ; Czesaný, Slavoj (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
This thesis focuses on two of the biggest economic crisis that hit the world over the past hundred years. Because both crises have several common and different features, the main aim of this work to compare the results of analyzes of both the crisis in terms of identifying their similarities and differences. The main goal is the specifics of disability trends and macroeconomic contexts of monetary and fiscal policy in the crisis decades. The empirical part of this thesis is focused on the economy of the United States of America. In the methodological approach to monitor and analyze financial and economic crisis is distinguished from several time levels. This is an analysis of the same features and heterogeneities of the business cycle in the pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis period.
Causes and Contexts of the Financial Crisis in the USA
Křížová, Eliška ; Loužek, Marek (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis investigates causes and progression of the financial crisis beginning in 2007 in the United States and leading in the economic recession. Theoretical part of the thesis describes business cycles and their explanations in accordance with the Austrian theory of the business cycle and other theories. Analytical part of the thesis explores the period before the crisis and significant events relevant to it. The main subject of the thesis are institutions and regulatory measures that have major importance for the U.S. real estate market -- including monetary and intervenionist policy of Fed, Community Reinvestment Act, government sponsored enterprises and three major rating agencies. The goal of the work is to provide a comprehensive view of the financial crisis and analyse main factors that influenced its creation -- credit expansion, mortgage market, Fed's monetary policy, bank behavior, etc. This thesis tries to demonstrate an inaccuracy of state inteventions and their impacts on the economy and market system.

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