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Development of Left-wing Parties in Czech Republic and Slovakia
Minárik, Pavol ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
This paper, entitled "Development of Left-Wing Parties in Czech Republic and Slovakia (Comparison)", deals with the topic o f great importance for post-communist regimes. Aim of the paper is comparison of the situation in this field in both countries. After brief introduction (Chapter 1), the theoretical concepts o f used in analysis are described (Chapter 2). These include theory o f transitions to democracy and concepts for classification of political parties, namely theory o f cleavages and theory o f ideological families. These theoretical parts are followed by analysis of situation in each country, first the Czech Republic in Chapter 3 and then Slovakia in Chapter 4. For both countries, overall evolution of party system is described. Then, development of each party is examined more closely. Comparison is given in Chapter 5. The comparison showed that there are some similarities in development of Czech and Slovak left-wing political parties. Especially in the first period after the fall of Communist regime, both party systems were alike. However, differences emerged later. In the Czech Republic, party system developed standard western-like structure by the election o f 1998. On the contrary, development of Slovak party system was complicated and it is not finished yet. There are differences in...
Náboženství a vlastnická práva
Minárik, Pavol ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Lipka, David (referee) ; Berggren, Niclas (referee)
Religion and post-communist transition are two of the many issues that have earned attention of economists and social scientist in the recent decades. This dissertation collects three papers dealing with different issues concerning religion and the transition. The first one attempts to assess the role of religion in the transition and its impact on country's success in this process; it also outlines opportunities for research in this field. The second paper tries to uncover the role of religion in formation of economic and social attitudes of the people in post-communist countries. Both papers conclude that religion matters; Western Christianity appears to be more compatible with market economy than Orthodox Christianity and Islam, although these two religions are not necessarily an obstacle. Finally, the third paper deals with religious participation in post-communist countries. It shows that religious behavior is not completely independent of economic conditions and religious revivals in the post-communist era can be interpreted in economic terms.
Existuje spojení mezi specifickým židovským lidským kapitálem a sekulárními úspěchy Židů ve Spojených Státech?
Ritterová, Zuzana ; Minárik, Pavol (advisor) ; Hladík, Miroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis shows, that higher incomes of American Jewish people are related to specific factors. The question is if there is some kind of specific human capital which influences Jewish incomes and if there is, how it differs from the common human capital. To find out the answer, the earnings of Jewish men and women and earnings of common Americans without connection to religion will be analyzed. Besides proving the importance and influence of education, other factors, which may increase or decrease the incomes, are also mentioned in the text. This thesis adds to the topic by including analyses of the qualitative data gained by the author; it thus should add to completeness of the research.
Analysis of the impact of the act which limits the election expenses of the political parties
Šimůnková, Barbora ; Minárik, Pavol (advisor) ; Pícl, Michal (referee)
The mail goal of this work is to provide enough arguments, on which basis we can come to a conclusion if an act about limits on election costs of political parties in the Czech Republic could bring a positive effect. The work compares data on economic activities of political parties in the Slovak Republic with political parties in the Czech Republic. Experts on election costs define some interest groups which can benefit from this law. These groups include large and small parties, incumbents and challengers parties. The work does not neglect the analysis of non-governmental organizations that have attempted to monitor the implementations, effects and loopholes of such a law. The conclusion brings the finding that the voters may be influenced by a number of important factors, such as political and social situation in the country, by the well prepared and carried out campaign i.e. it is also found out that election costs does not play such an important role that is assigned to them. Regulation in the form of an upper limit of election expenses can be considered as another marketing tool that is used to obtain political party voters.
Sociální podnikatelství a voda
Kotálová, Radka ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
This work deals with the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship in the context of the African continent. First of all, it concentrates on the situation in Africa with respect to water and then on the importance of property rights in the resolving of the situation. Subsequently it discusses one of the common attempts to solve the water crisis, i.e. aid. The second part of the thesis is concerned with social entrepreneurship only. Firstly, from the theoretical point of view (definition, typology) and secondly, from the practical point of view (case studies of enterprises that are trying to push Africa closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water).
Casinos- economic and social impact in USA
Hodáková, Ľubica ; Běláčková, Vendula (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
Thesis is focused on economic and social impact of the casinos in USA while it is global problem with important economic and political consequences. Main goal of the thesis was to analyze the gambling industry (casinos) in USA from micro-economic view (especially economic and social disadvantages of the casinos with respect to the individuals) and from macro-economic view (especially economic positives with respect to the society) together with social impacts on the citizens. Regarding methods, the thesis used methods of formal logic ( induction, deduction, analysis and synthesis). The thesis has the standard structure -- prologue, core of the thesis conclusion. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on impacts of the gambling in general, history of the gambling in USA, Indian gaming, actual gambling in USA and legislative framework of the gambling in USA. Analytical part on the other side is focused on positive and negative impact of the commercial casinos and suggested changes in this respect for support of the positive impacts and elimination of the negative ones. Conclusion of the thesis is focused on summary of the most important conclusions of the whole analysis.
Banking Fees - The Development Of Retail Banking Fees In Czech Republic
Farská, Blanka ; Lipka, David (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
Paper analyse retail banking fees in Czech Republic. It depicts bank methods of pricing retail banking fees and selected fees are compared across the market. Competition at similar foreign markets is shortly analysed as comparison tool. Testing the demand side of this market surprisingly revealed that the lack of competition between retail banks is not the main reason of low pressure on retail banking fees decrease. The same testing shows the significant passivity of customers as main cause.
Funding of defense research and development in the Czech Republic
Jiráková, Gabriela ; Zemplinerová, Alena (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
This thesis analyzes the effectiveness of public spending on defense research and development (hereafter R&D) financed from the state budget in chapter of the Czech Ministry of Defence. I evaluated the spending effectiveness based on usability criteria and based on my own evaluation criteria. The findings prove the spending on defense R&D to be ineffective as the effectiveness coefficient resulted to be only 51%.
Influence of Culture on Civic Activities: Are Cultural Differences Reasons for the difference in civic participation?
Kašová, Vanda ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
Voluntary participation of citizens in formal organizations is considered an important indicator of an efficient civic society. It is also one of the assumptions of functional democratic regime. In this diploma thesis, I explain the differences between countries in civic involvement with general characteristics of national cultures. These characteristics were clearly described and defined by Geert Hofstede. I use his dimensions in this paper. The paper should contribute to understanding the motivations for engaging in formal organizations. As it proves that commitment is significantly related to the culture of the nation (especially to the cultural dimension Uncertainty Avoidance), it is clear that the change in the activity of citizens can be very slow and the differences between nations are likely to remain.
The political process of creation, adoption and implementation of the czech state budget and its deficit bias
Plajtová, Jarmila ; Ježek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Minárik, Pavol (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to test the hypothesis if the Czech budget deficit bias is built into the budget process and if the public finance reform in 2004 improved the quality of this process. The analysis reveals that implementation of the reform measures, such as medium-term expenditure framework is not very successful. The introduction of the programme budgeting is not completed too and the room for use of undesirable methods of budgeting still exist. The thesis is also focused on identifying problematic aspects of budget process, such as "pork barrel spending" and non-functioning control mechanism performed by Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament and Supreme Audit Office. The possibility of implementing of the "balanced budget rule" is discussed in the final part this thesis.

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