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Bohemian and Bavarian Baroque Heaven. The Veneration of Saints on the Both Sides of the Borderline
Mikulec, Jiří
The study compares several features of the Catholic religious life in Bohemia and Bavaria in the 17th and 18th centuries. It focuses on three thematic scopes: the cult of the Virgin Mary, the dissemination of cults of bohemian saints in Bavaria, and the spreading of cults from Bavaria to Bohemia.\n
Prague between Vienna and Rome. Salt treaty and the cassa salis administration in the years 1630-1782
Honč, Petr ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
1 This thesis is concerned with the post-White Mountain negotiations on ecclesiastical property, establishment of the concordat agreement (often referred to as the Salt Treaty) and the cassa salis administration between 1630 and 1782. It explains the main mechanisms of the ecclesiastical salt treasury, comments on the yields from the salt tax and various points where these resources were spent. The main intent was establishment of four new bishoprics in Bohemia, which was only partly achieved in the 17th century. At the end of the 17th century, the effort to reconstruct the parish network led to establishment of a separate treasure, the so-called cassa parochorum. Throughout the period, the papal curia feared that the Prague archbishops might manage the salt treasury independently. In the end, dissatisfaction with its management led to stricter supervision by the apostolic nuncios and visitations to cassa salis in 1710. Particular attention is paid to the repeated violations of the concordat agreement during the 18th century, in which the authority of the Kingdom tried to deprive the Holy See of the right to distribute funds from the salt treasury. This process was concluded by its fusion with the Kingdom's religious fund during the reign of Emperor Josef II.
The Feudo-vassal System on Royal Estates in Early Modern Bohemia
Novotná, Markéta ; Žemlička, Josef (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
Markéta Novotná Abstract - The Feudo-vassal System on Royal Estates in Early Modern Bohemia The study is devoted to the topic of feudo-vassal relations in early modern Bohemia presented on a sample of specific royal and chamber domains at the castle Karlštejn. The first part of the thesis describes how the feudo-vassal tenures were treated in Czech and European historical studies, using impulses from the philosophy and sociology. The others chapters are dedicated to the main object of this analysis - to the Karlštejn vassal system - a group of small-sized estates connected to castle Karlštejn through feudo-vassal bonds. The second chapter of the thesis deals with the problem of historical consciousness, where the castle Karlštejn is imagined as the site of "the national memory", which strongly effected the interpretation of the Karlštejn vassal system. The third (main) part of the thesis presents the factual analysis of the Karlštejn vassal system from the last third of sixteenth century to the turn of the seventies and the eighties of the next century. At the end of the study the analysis of four chosen vassal estates is added. Key words: Karlštejn, historiography, vassals, feudal system, domain, chamber, lower nobility
Recatholisation Practice in Local Perspective.
Zahradník, Pavel ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Miroslav (referee)
of the doctoral thesis Title: Recatholisation Practice in Local Perspective Subtitle: The Relationship of Re-Catholisation and Restoration of Ecclesiastical Administration in the Mladá Boleslav District and in the Northern part of the Hradec Králové District (selected questions). Keyword: recatholisation, ecclesiastical administration, baroque devoutness, District of Mladá Boleslav, District of Hradec Králové, 17th century, 18th century In this doctoral thesis I examine the relationship between lower ecclesiastic administration, re-Catholisation practices and advancing penetration of Baroque religiousness into the lives of inhabitants of the Mladá Boleslav district and of the Northern part of the Hradec Králové District in the 17th and 18th century. The activity ratio of mentioned agents is being observed on the basis of several selected questions. First, I define and explain key terms such as Catholic confessionalisation, recatholisation, Counter-Reformation, Catholic reformation and Baroque religiousness. Then I follow the proceeding of re-Catholisation of the Czech lands in the Central European context. The following chapter deals with the re-Catholisation legislation. Next part of my thesis describes gradual improvement in the operation of parish administration from the perspective of...
Life after Life. The Revenants in the Early Modern Period Bohemia Lands.
Chalupová, Helena ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
The master's thesis deals with one of the specifics of the cultural history of the Czech lands in the Early Modern period - i. e. the general perception of the afterlife (approximately between 1500 and 1800) and revenant issues. A revenant is meant originally a human being, who, after his death, for various reasons returns to the light of the living world, with exhibits of material (revived corpses, zombies, vampires, fexts) and immaterial (spirits, white ladies, wild hunting). In this respect, the main source are Czech demonological legends. One part of the study is to evaluate the social, religious and cultural aspects that had effect on what was said above in the specific historical period. The main emphasis is placed on the individual cases of revenants in the Czech lands, preserved in historical sources, as well as comparison with the same case in other European countries. The study will also focus on the description of biographies of historical personalities, drawing conclusions about what may have caused the conviction of being revenant.
The Invasion of Bohemia by a Mercenary Army of the Bishop of Passau in the View of the Ambassador of Venice in Prague
Kopřivová, Alena ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes the circumstances of the invasion of czech lands by a mercenary army of bishop of Passau in the meaning of its reflection in the reports of the ambassador of Venice Marcantonio Padavino. Also will be described Padavinoˈs activity in the imperial court in Prague at the beginning of 1611. Attention will be focused on the analysis of his messages and on the way in which he informs the Doge of Venice. More detailed description of the messages also will be included. The aim of this thesis is to assess how much are these information useful for research of political situation of that time, for activities of the ambassadors of Venice in the imperial court and for everyday life in Prague in the era of Rudolf II.
The operation of Capuchin Order in Bohemia and Moravia between 1618-1673
Brčák, Marek ; Zdichynec, Jan (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the history of the Capuchin order in the Czech-Moravian territory during 1618-1673. The Czech-Austrian Capuchin province was established in 1618 and in 1673 was divided into Czech and Austrian part which led to formation of two individual provinces of the Capuchin order. The first chapter of the thesis introduces the review of existing literature that deals with this theme and the characterization of sources. This chapter is focused on narrative sources that are fundamental for this thesis. In the second chapter, the Capuchin order and its history are characterized. These information explain the behaviour of Capuchins in the Czech- Moravian territory. I could not omit the Franciscan order and its history in this passage, because these also influenced the orientation and spirituality of the Capuchin order. The whole history of the Czech-Austrian Capuchin province is described in the third chapter. This period witness of a significant progress in admission of new members of the Capuchin order and founding of new convents. I am interested in the national origin of the members and their social stratification. Further, I deal with the impact of the Thirty Years War on the Order in the specified region. The reasons of founding new Capuchin convents are explained here as well. The...
The Lower Nobility in Towns and Market-Towns in the 17th and 18th Century
Chmelíř, Václav ; Mikulec, Jiří (advisor) ; Čechura, Jaroslav (referee) ; Ledvinka, Václav (referee)
Czech historiography pays an important degree of attention to the nobility in towns, especially in connection with palaces in land metropolises. We find noblemen in various towns - big towns and market-towns. A nobleman did not just own a seat there, many nobleman allied different passages of their lives with a town surrounding. Some places turned into a home for numerous groups of higher-state members. This study examines the seven towns and market-towns in Western and Central Bohemia. It is possible to rank the most of the nobleman there as the lower nobility, from the titular and property point of view. This study addresses the important issues: seated nobleman as town-community member and residences of such a nobleman. The nobleman had to submit to certain norms and authorities. There were the municipal law documents, land law documents and privileges amongst. Will of offices, land lords and town councils varied in its extent. Members of the town councils represented only a part of municipal community. A nobleman was connected with them and other town inhabitans with different relations. Nobleman's relationship to public places varied. The character of town residences varies with country seats. Real estates were mostly subjected to certain competencies of town councils and obliged to perform different...
"Forgotten Reality: A Hard Nut to Crack". Fiction and Reality of Early Czech History in the Old Prague Legends by Popelka Biliánová.
Chalupová, Helena ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
Annotation: This Bachelor's thesis aims to reconstruct the historical realities contained in the old Prague legends, which were written down by the writer Popelka Biliánová (legal name Marie Biliánová, born as Popelková). Bachelor's thesis identifies the specific imprint of historical events on selected tales, monitors the development of the plot throughout times and conclusions about contemporary thinking which is reflected in the final text of old legends. The analysis of the primary sources contains old legends with transcendental elements, especially revenants. Keywords: Popelka Biliánová, legend, legends, Prague, Josef Svátek, Julius Košnář, Adolf Wenig, Karel Chalupa, revenants
The Cult of St. Francis Xavier in Early Modern Czech Lands
Andrle, Jan ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
The work deals with the dissemination, duration, transformations and reception of the cult of an important Jesuit Saint, St. Francis Xavier, in the early modern Czech lands. Its goal is to contribute to the better understanding of the reality of the re-catholicization after the Battle of White Montain and the forms of Czech spirituality of the 17th and 18th century. This particular cult was selected because of the fact that St. Francis Xavier was closely related to the main (or most prominent) participant of the re-catholicization, i. e. the Jesuit order, where he in the informal hierarchy of Saints occupied the second place immediately after the founder of the Society St. Ignacius of Loyola. Moreover, St. Francis Xavier belonged among the five new Catholic Saints canonized in 1622 (St. Ignacius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Philipp Neri, and St. Isidore of Madrid), who represented an important constituent of the revived post-Tridentine Catholic spirituality. However, although the existing secondary literature presupposes that the reverence to St. Francis Xavier was widespread in the Czech Baroque, no systematic study of this theme was realized untill now. First chapter deals with the specification of the theme of the work, maps existing knowledge and sources available and...

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