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Průzkum dynamiky růstu rychle rostoucích dřevin a jejich využití v krajinářské architektuře
Miksová, Lenka
This thesis focuses on the fast-growing deciduous trees. The literature review summarized the information about fast-growing species, their attributes, advantages, disadvantages, possibilities of utilization (especially in landscape architecture), principles of cultivation. Selected species were described, categorized and the assortment was analysed. The aim of practical part was based on the original field research to evaluate growing dynamics of nine species of deciduous trees (a maximum of ten years after planting). Were assessed 225 trees of the model area in biocentre Ráječek in Brno - Černovice. Following attributes were assessed: height, trunk circumference, annual growth of the terminal and annual growth of six other shoots.
Perspektivní kultivary v sortimentu domácích dřevin
Miksová, Lenka
This thesis titled Perspective cultivars in the range of native species deal with the native species of deciduous trees. Based on the literature review and the original field research of the model area general advantages and disadvantages of utilization of native species were summarized and the possibilities of their usage were discussed. Selected cultivars were described and categorized by growth and aesthetic values. General requirements for the utilization of the trees in cities were defined and the typology of urban habitats was created. In the practical part were assessed 1058 trees in the streets of Brno. The aim was to evaluate, how species respond to the environment of the city and to determine whether they are suitable for the usage in the streets. Following attributes were assessed: height, crown diameter, age phase, general vitality, general health, type of the surface, occurrence of a specific damage, perspective and amount of fruits. The results were confronted with the literature.
Využití autochtonních druhů bylin při tvorbě květinových vegetačních prvků v zahradní a krajinářské tvorbě
Miksová, Lenka
This thesis deal with the issue of native species of herbaceous plant in the Czech Republic. On base of the information obtained from the literature were evaluated possibilities of using native species, including their advantages and disadvantages. They were chosen specific species suitable for use in garden and landscape architecture to create floral vegetation element. The thesis is oriented on dicotyledonous perennial herbs. The first part is described 37 selected species. The characteristic include botanical description, habitat requirements and rationale for the choice. The second part contains the drawing for two model areas, where some of the selected species are utilized with herbs already in use.
The disorders of the mood and behaviour among residents of nursing home.
Total evaluation of the outcomes of this diploma work is alarming. The gained outcomes have showed an increase incidence of psychiatric pathology. Although nurses cannot substitute doctors in diagnostics, they need to be educated in etiology. Considering that nurses are in close contact with diseased, their greatest goal is to prevent the mood and behavioral defects. Out of searching for endangered and diseased, nurses must permanently function on the health education and to participate on psychiatric rehabilitation. Their goal is to motivate the diseased to treatment, explain the doctor{\crq}s recommendations and actively and initiatively gain the patients for exercitation of healthy life. Seniors need to hear affable words, they need understanding and help to solve their behavior and mood changes. Nurses can be a big help when solving these changes, because seniors trust nurses, open their hearts to nurses and tell them what bothers them and what they cannot handle anymore. Nurses must heal the body and the soul as well. I think that this way we can lower the risk of complications and conflicts and to make the life for the affected seniors better and easier. The gained results could be possibly used to increase the quality of service in other social sectors and healthcare associations.

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