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Strategic analysis of the company
Šeberka, Jiří ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Mašínová, Anna (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the strategic analysis of L'Oréal, the company active on the market of fast moving consumer goods in the field of cosmetics. Based on strategic analysis, the main aim of thesis is to create a revenue growth strategy, identify competitive benefits, and identify threats. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts of strategic analysis. External environment of company is described by using PEST analysis and explaining new trends in the field of fast moving market. Internal environment of company is described by using analysis of competition, evaluation of the company's resources and Porter's five forces analysis. The methods and analysis described in theoretical part are used for LOréal and its surroundings in practical part of thesis. The company's portfolio is evaluated by using BCG matrix. Based on the results summarized in the SWOT analysis author come up with suggestions and recommendations for the future of the company.
Internal audit of the LLC Imperial Frac Service
Borisova, Yulia ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Tyll, Ladislav (referee)
The topic of my Bachelor's Thesis is a system of internal audit of the LLC Imperial Frac Services. The aim is to analyze the status of the internal audit of the company and to develop recommendations to eliminate identified problems. LLC Imperial Frac Service is a service company and its core business - providing services for the stimulation of oilfield by hydraulic fracturing. Bachelor's thesis was divided into three main parts. The first part describes the main point and types of internal audit, its forms and methods, classification of types of audits on various grounds, as well as the international experience of the internal audit. The second section describes the company and its economic activity. The third section includes an analysis of the internal audit of the company, the revealed problems and recommendations to eliminate it.
The Controlling Study
Herda, Tomáš ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Herda, Zdeněk (referee)
The main goal of this Diploma´s Thesis is to make a model for calculation of water and sewer rates for the company Vodovody a kanalizace Náchod, a.s. when sticking to the set criteria both from the side of VaK Náchod, a.s. and law regulations. Based on the theoretical part an analysis of customer sensitivity to the price changes using the data for last 20 years follows. Findings from the first two parts are used in risk analysis in next part. The created model calculates the water and sewer rates based on the information from the company accounting system in the way to generate sufficient financial resources to fulfill the renovation plan of infrastructural property plant and equipment and to transfer given amount to the company funds. In addition, the model monitors whether the legal condition of maximal allowable increase of profit per m3 is met. In the customer sensitivity to the price changes part the price elasticity of demand for water and sewer rates is calculated based on the data from 1995 to 2015. The assumption of inelastic demand is confirmed. Risk analysis part is deals with potential risk regarding the demand and prices. Potential impacts for the most significant risk are quantified. The analysis uses knowledge gained in the first two parts. It was confirmed that potential risks are exiting but do not have any significant impact on the going concern of VaK Náchod, a.s. The created model has been already used for the calculation of prices for the year 2017. Customer sensitivity analysis to the price changes and link to the potential risks is an additional information for VaK Náchod, a.s. which validates that nowadays, there are no significant threats which could affect the demand and water and sewer rates significantly.
Controlling and reporting in practice
Horák, Ondřej ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
The subject of the Master thesis Controlling and reporting in practice is the evaluation of the implementation of controlling department at Conrad Electronic Česká republika, s.r.o. and its possible subsequent development. The theoretical part first deals with the definition of controlling. After a brief description of its history it deals with its main objectives and functions. It also describes the position of controller and defines its actions against the manager. At the end of the theoretical part it specifies strategic and operational controlling and defines its role. In the practical part the controlling methods are applied on the real company. It introduces the company Conrad Electronic Česká republika, s.r.o. and its status before implementation of controlling. Then it describes current situation in the company after the introduction of the controlling department. Based on evaluation of the current status it offers recommendations for improvements and innovations of some areas in which controlling operates. At the end the work is reviewed, the confirmation or rejection of hypotheses is verified and the overall benefit of the work is discussed.
Strategic analysis
Houšková, Kristýna ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Karnet, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to carry out a strategic analysis of construction company Metrostav a.s. The thesis is divided into four parts, one being introduction, second theoretically methodological part, third practical part and conclusion in the end. Goals of the thesis are described in introduction, theoretically methodological part defines the key words and explains methods applied in the practical part. Analysis is divided into external and internal analysis. External analysis describes the company's environment and it's influence on the company. It includes PEST analysis, Porter's five forces analysis and map of strategic groups. Internal analysis identifies company's resources and it's relations. SWOT analysis represents connection of both analysis. Conclusion includes a summary and suggestions for the future course of the company.
Business controlling at T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Lemberk, Martin ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Cejpek, Stanislav (referee)
The Master Thesis describes activities of department that provides controlling within the sales channels in the company T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. In the first part of the Thesis will be established theoretical bases of controlling, its definition and organisation. The aim of this Thesis will be description of controlling department based on theoretical findings, analysis of selected activities, their evaluation and a draft for possible changes in the company.
Controllership in the company Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.
Formánková, Markéta ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Šefčíková, Jana (referee)
The thesis Controllership in the company Iveco Czech Republic, a.s. is focused on the controllership in theoretical part and in the practical part of the thesis. The theoretical part is described definitions, targets, functions and principles. The theoretical part defines controllership at individual levels and its tools. The practical part includes the introduction the company Iveco Czech Republic, a.s. and the strategic analysis. Subsequently the strategic and operative controlling system of the company is defined. The system include planning, controlling and reporting. The thesis clarifies the position of controller. Next part is focused on the evaluation of controlling process of the company and the definition of suggestions to improvement of the process. At the end of the practical part the main information and recommendations are determined.
Economic analysis and controlling at L'Oréal
Vlasáková, Soňa ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Machek, Ondřej (referee)
This master thesis follows two main objectives. The first aim is to evaluate corporate performance of L'Oréal using one of the modern methods of corporate analysis -- economic value added (EVA). The theoretical part is focused on description of the method and construction its calculation. In the practical part, calculation is made and results of the method EVA are being discussed. The next part of the thesis focuses on controlling. The second objective is an assessment of simulation Monte Carlo for its use in cost planning process at L'Oréal. At the close of the thesis, all findings from the practical part are summarized.
Strategic analysis of Rodinný pivovar Bernard a. s.
Hrabáková, Monika ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Krause, Josef (referee)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is the implementation of the strategic analysis of Rodinný pivovar Bernard a. s. The thesis is divided into four parts: introduction, theory, practice and conclusion. The theoretical section deals with definition of key words like mission, vision, strategy and strategic management. It also explains the methods of the strategic analysis which are applied in the following practical section. The practical section of the thesis consists of internal and external environment analysis. The external environment analysis addresses identification of the market, competitors and other external influences. The analysis of the internal environment includes exploring and evaluation of the company's resources and its competences. All findings are summarized at the end of the thesis in a SWOT analysis. Concrete recommendations for the future are presented based on the SWOT analysis.
Methods and techniques of auditing (comparisom of external and internal audit)
Bartoniček, Filip ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor) ; Mikovcová, Hana (referee)
The Master thesis is focused on the definition of internal and external audit. This work is divided into two main parts. The first part is theoretical, which deals with the characteristics of audit, audit risk, explaining methods and procedures for internal and external audit. It also includes ethical assumptions, principles and law requirements for the exercise of the audit profession. The second part is practical, this part deals with the comparison, mutual confrontation between internal and external audit, specifies the same as well as different features between them. Moreover thesis focuses on the practical application of methods during the external audit. Purpose of this thesis is to compare the internal and external audit and applies the methods used in the external audit.

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