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Characteristic of ambient particulate metter in a small settlement
Domasová, Markéta ; Braniš, Martin (advisor) ; Mihaljevič, Martin (referee) ; Hůnová, Iva (referee)
Selected characteristicsof ambientDarticulatematterin a small seftlement correlationbetweenwindspeed and elementsAs and Se. The significant negativecorrelationwas found for Pb, Zn and V. but the valuesof correlation coeÍficientswere lower. Fig.3 Averageconcentrationsof selectedclcmcnts(og.r-t)in PM16andPM25fractions during3.4.- 21.4.2003meesuredatthebackgroundlocelityandin thecentral partofZloukovice 0 PMu SlBackgound aVillaqe C o C d c . v The PM16problemis indicatedin the Czech Republicalso by the over- reachingof the limit value(50 pg.m-t24-hconcentrationof PM16),which came into force on 1.1.2005.This limit was exceededin 27 from 42 cases in monitoredvillage in the winter periodsand in 2 casesin the summerperiod. During l9-days lastingcampaignin 2003 PMro valueswere measuredabove 50 pg.m' in 5 cases in the village centerand in 2 casesat the background locality. 4. Conclusion The presentdisertationthesis confirmed a basic presumption.that aspirableaerosolfractionconcentrationsin small settlementsare significant environmentalproblenr.Emission reductionstrategiesshould be therefore preparedfor and implementedin not only largeurbanand industrialareasbut also in numeroussmallsettlements. The researchcarriedout confirmeda known fact thatthere is a uniform level of the atmosphericaerosolconcentrationsover the...
Elemental analysis of the flat display devices for urban mining
Štípek, Radek ; Strnad, Ladislav (advisor) ; Mihaljevič, Martin (referee)
aaaaaRare earth elements (Sc, Y and group 15 lanthanides) and their compounds currently have significant practical use in metallurgy, glass industry, as highly active catalysts for the production of so-called. NiMH batteries, alloys for the manufacture of permanent magnets and e.g. moderators rods in the nuclear energy, but above all they have an irreplaceable role in modern electronics for phosphors TV screens, CRT earlier today, PDP and LCD monitors and displays, tablets, mobile phones etc., which give them a high-quality picture and sound. Unlike most base and precious metals are concentrated in the conquerable ore deposits, occur in the form of compounds as part of mixed minerals in the rarely economically exploitable concentrations, a mining and processing is costly and negative impacts on the environment, paradoxically towards the title but their overall content in the crust is relatively high, the average concentration in the range of about 150 to 220 ppm. The main world producer of REE, China, in 2010, significantly reduced exports by 40 %, making prices of some REE increased up to 1500 % during the month. Demand for REE is growing, so often talks about the recycling of valuable materials back into production, as called. "Urban mining", ie "urban mining", thereby reducing the amount of...

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