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The SEO Spam and Methods of Detection Problems
Tlusťák, Karel ; Drozd, Michal (referee) ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (advisor)
This paper is concerned in the full-text searching problematic and possibilities of influencing search result pages by mean of Search Engine Optimalization spam. Principles of search engines and methods which are used for SEO spam are described here. This work also shows actual methods which are used to reduce this spam effect and were proposed to improve relevancy of search results. Part of this paper is design of new method against SEO spam, its implementation and testing performance of this method upon created testing data.
Information System Assessment and Proposal for ICT Modification
Nováková, Natália ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with assessment and the proposal of information system in the company M&P optic s. r. o. The theoretical part is devoted to explanation of the notions and analyses. Second part is analysis of the information system. After considering the information system, will be gradually propose changes which should improve the functioning and working of the information system.
Analysis of Economic Results of a Company Using Statistical Methods
Loub, Matěj ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis discusses the economy of the company Aquatechnik s.r.o., and is more specifically focused on some entries in its accounting documents. The theoretical part of the thesis contains characterization of statistical methods that I used, followed by the introduction of the company, presentation of its profit calculations and its reached results and a final summary in conclusion. The goal of my thesis is the evaluation of costs, profits and other financial indices of the company.
Web Application for Document Management System
Schimmel, David ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (referee) ; Drozd, Michal (advisor)
Aim of this thesis is to design and implement web application for document management system. This application must be able to read, process and save the content of Microsoft Office Word documents. The application must be also able to search, filter and edit the saved content.
Analysis of Attacks Using Web Browser
Olejár, František ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (referee) ; Drozd, Michal (advisor)
Different attacks guided from web servers using web browsers are being analyzed and described in this Bachelor's thesis. A simulation environment is used to simulate the attacks. The environment was created using Browserider, using the web server Apache 2 and a virtual machine as well. On the basis of the analysis, the application ExploitAnalyzer was developed and implemented and can successfully record process's actions as well as IRP requests sent during an attack onto a web browser.
Increasing Classification Accuracy in libSVM Using String Kernel Functions
Homoliak, Ivan ; Drozd, Michal (referee) ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (advisor)
Publication aims to explore dependencies of text classification used with string kernel functions. String kernel functions are here used to retrieve rate of similarity between two text strings. There are described experiments with single string kernel function and also experiments with combinations of them with arithmetic operations of adition and multiplication. Gathered results are aplied to detect spam messages of e-mail communication.
Reduction of Computation Cost in libSVM Using String Kernel Functions
Kubernát, Tomáš ; Sehnalová, Pavla (referee) ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (advisor)
The goal of this thesis was to implement four string functions into the library libSVM . Then apply series of tests with variable parameters values affecting the individual string functions using the library and string functions. Using the results of experiments the speed and success of clasification of my implementation of string functions in library libSVM was compared with the implementation of string functions in program kernels . In this thesis there are also described procedures of all tests along with measured data and their graphical representation.
Ssh Attacks Detection on Netflow Layer
Marek, Marcel ; Barabas, Maroš (referee) ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis briefly describes the basic principles of SSH protocol, its architecture and used encryption. The thesis is mainly focused on datamining information from low-level network communication and usage of its results for attacks detection. It also describes dictionary attacks used on SSH service and with NetFlow shows further possibilities of increasing network security.
Network Attack Analysis Using Honeyd Tool
Kohoutek, Jan ; Michlovský, Zbyněk (referee) ; Drozd, Michal (advisor)
Network attack analysis using honeyd tool. Opensource honeypots WinHoneyd and LaBrea deployment testing. Description and solving deployment problems conected with applied operating system. Capture of network attack with packet sniffer. Captured data analyzing and procesing
Honey-Pot: System for Attack Detection
Michlovský, Zbyněk ; Malinka, Kamil (referee) ; Cvrček, Daniel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the area of honeypots and honeynets. It defines their classification and contains detailed descriptions of their properties and features. It further elaborates on several freely available systems. The main focus is given to honeypot Nepethes that was being run for one month on an unfiltered Internet connection. A detailed analysis of the collected data is then given.

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