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Extraordinary People's Court Tribunal Chairmen in Jihlava (Trebic) and Their Role in Retribution Process (1945-1947)
Hanák, Zdeněk ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
( in English) In this Diploma Thesis the activity of Extraordinary People's Court in Jihlava during the first phase of restitution period (1945-1947) is investigated via the means of a case study. Todate investigations of retribution courts have been focused on the analysis of retributive judgments. This thesis differs from the earlier ones namely in the angle of view on retribution court's activity. The research is concentrated on the administrative operation of the retribution court in Jihlava (i.e. on the activity of retribution court head and their deputies) and on the role of individual retribution senate heads. The decision making of retribution court is not looked at only as a result of court's operation, but individual court senates' operation is subject of analysis here. Particular criminal cases are taken into account only when there is an assumption that they help to uncover day-to-day working habits of judicial officers, or, potentially, they are related to the person of the head of senate, or the filed material in its content gets beyond standard retribution proceedings at Jihlava retribution court. The thesis has used mainly sources of official origin filed with the Regional Archive in Brno, the National Archive, and the Security Services Archive.
Unequal Friends: Jews in the Nation-State of Czechs and Slovaks, 1945-1948
Sedlická, Magdalena ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Menachem Zoufalá, Marcela (referee) ; Kocian, Jiří (referee)
The topic of the dissertation is the integration of Jewish citizens into the majority population between the years 1945-1948. It focuses primarily on three Jewish population groups in the Czech lands whose reintegration was fraught with difficulties. The groups in question were "German Jews", people who declared Jewish nationality, and Jewish optants from the former territory of Carpathian Ruthenia who decided to settle in Czechoslovakia after World War II. Their legal standing was unclear, in particular in the immediate post-war years. The most important issue for them was acquiring Czechoslovak citizenship, something that could help them become full-fledged citizens, and so had a significant impact on the future of these individuals. For this reason, the submitted work focuses on the bureaucratic actions that influenced the everyday lives of Jewish citizens. Many lower-level government clerks were unsure about how to proceed with the Jews' citizenship applications. The important criteria that often decided the outcome of the applications became the 1930 census, but especially the applicants' stated nationality or mother tongue. Furthermore, the dissertation focuses on the problems that the Jews faced when they were denied citizenship. For "German Jews", this meant being forcefully deported, while...
Cult of personality and children's reader. The image of communist functionaries in magazines for children from 1948 to 1955
Hlaváčková, Alexandra ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis is focused on the manifestations of the cult of communist functionaries in Czechoslovakia between years 1948 and 1955, specifically on the cult of personality in children's magazines (Jiskry, Vlaštovička, Mateřídouška, Ohníček, Pionýr, Pionýrské noviny, Práce pionýrů). The thesis is namely about Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Klement Gottwald, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Antonín Zápotocký and Zdeněk Nejedlý. The author used discourse analysis as a method. The research deals with the image of these individuals, with the facts of their lives that are presented as significant. The analysis points out attributes ascribed to these historical figures; there is sameness, but on the other hand there are also distinctions in the way of representing these politicians.
Images of of Roma in the Czech cultural and communicative memory.
Čápová, Lada ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
(in English): This work aims on understanding the media image of Roma in various types of media as textbooks, Wikipedia and Corpus for Czech language. The aim of this work is to find out, how these media form images of Roma, which are shared by Czech majority. I tried to solve the problem by discourse analysis of media representations, relating to the category of Roma. Through research I have identified one of the possible causes of today's socio-economic stereotype of Roma which is shared within the Czech society and the analysis of Wikipedia showed that the depiction of Roma within this medium is strongly influenced by the way in which certain subject are communicated in the society.
Action Stones and the stories of witnesses
Ježková, Anna ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
(in English) The following Bachelor's thesis deals with emigration attempts of Czechoslovak citizens after 1948. It focuses on those border crossing efforts which were connected to operation "KAMEN" in which the StB (Statni bezpecnost, the civilian state security apparatus), on purpose, provoked citizens who opposed the Communist regime to illegaly cross the border. However, the crossing of the border was only feigned and was fully under the StB control. The StB arrested the participants and persecuted them. The thesis is based on the analysis of interrogation records of the arrested. These records, which are kept in the Archive of Security Services (Archiv bezpečnostních složek), contain thorough biographical information, descriptions of the course of the operation, and reasons which led to the aforementioned border crossing attempts. This thesis contains the description of the course of the crossings and also explains the reasons which people had for the crossing itself - whether their reasons were personal or connected to their opposition of the political situation.
Identity of Carpathian Germans in the Era of Interwar Czechoslovakia
Stachová, Monika ; Spurný, Matěj (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis Identity of Carpathian Germans in the Era of Interwar Czechoslovakia addresses the identification issue of Carpathian Germans in Slovakia. Furthermore on the background of broader social, cultural and economical context, it attempts to express to what extent German population identified itself with the construct of the Carpathian-German identity, respectively with other identities, e.g. local identities. Apart from that, it focuses on the genesis of this term as such, as well as on alterations of its content. The thesis deals with inter alia the relations among other minorities and loyalty to the interwar Czechoslovakian state. Moreover, it examines, whether the collective identity of entire German population living in Slovakia was created or not. In connection to that, it outlines a question, which role the Germans coming from the Czech lands and other features played in the process of forming the Carpathian-German identity. Key words: identity, alterity, nationalism, loyalty, minority policy, the Carpathian German Party (KdP), the Zipser German Party (ZdP), memory, local patriotism
Campaign against sionism in Rudé právo during the years 1951-1952
Votápková, Barbora ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis is focused on describing the image of a zionists, which was used and presented to public by being published in Rudé právo during the time of the imprisonment of Rudolf Slánský. From 23.11.1951 to 3.12.1952 which was the day when he was executed. It deals with propaganda, which surrounded the trial. The goal of this thesis is to analyse how was the accusation of zionism constructed and what arguments were used. It was decided to use Rudé právo, as it held prominent position in the workings of propaganda of Communist party of Czechoslovakia. It was also the central press body of Communist party. The main goal of thesis was achieved by researching the articles, which were published during the time author was focused on. The propaganda which was aimed to reach the wide public was analysed. For the purposes of my paper, I divided the propaganda in several categories depending on its content. By that i determined that the creators of the trail and the accusations were mainly focused on accusations linked to finances and economy. By that they tried to use the long established stereotypes linked to jewish minority. This thesis brings to the table description of the ways and methods that were used when presenting the "zionistic plot " to the community. Specifically, what were the crimes of...
Tobacco and cigarette during First World War
Lundák, Martin ; Šedivý, Ivan (advisor) ; Michela, Miroslav (referee)
7 Abstract The theme of smoking and tobacco products in the First World War was so far only marginally reflected in the Czech Republic. This thesis is aimed to at least partially cover the up to now neglected topic. It pursues the habit of smoking, which is largely associated with soldiers, as it entered the mainstream society with culmination of this process during the period of First World War. It also covers the experience of war and the relationship of smoking to soldiers, along with its use in advertisement and propaganda. Examining the sources of personal nature with both domestic and foreign origin joins with the study of visual sources in combination with knowledge of the fields of medicine, psychology and sociology.
The Hyphen War in the Discussions of the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Kovařík, Pavel ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee)
The thesis focuses on the first months following the Velvet Revolution. In this period, the Czechoslovak political system is somewhat taken by surprise by new political agenda which becomes as important as the reconstruction of the parliamentary liberal democracy itself. National and ethnic problems emerging since the beginnings of the common state reappeared unexpectedly in the form of the Hyphen War. Besides the institutional framework within which the whole dispute took place, I analyze certain communication problems that not only influenced the form of the negotiations discussing the state name but also indicated the shape of the last years of Czecho-Slovak coexistence within one federation. The main source for analysis of the problem outlined above is the material of Společná česko-slovenská digitální parlamentní knihovna; specifically, a selection of texts composed of parliamentary debates records and stenographic records. Key words: Czechoslovakia; the Hyphen War; political communication; Federal Assembly; transition period
Signal - the propaganda of Wehrmacht in occupied Europe and the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia 1940-1945
Beneš, Otmar ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Šedivý, Ivan (referee)
Presented bachelor thesis is an analysis of one of the important printed nazi-propaganda matter from the era of World War II - the Signal magazine. This thesis aims to analyse mostly the period of time between April 1940 and April 1945, when the editorial office of the magazine was in service. According to the distribution in the whole Europe and the fact, that the magazine was produced until the very end of the war, the author wants to make a comparison of the magazines content, which should not only reside in the research of the text content, which was changing strongly during the war, but also in analysing the different acceptance and character in occupied and neutral countries. The interest will be focused on the picture of war presented to the civilian population in particular European countries. Of countries, where the Signal magazine was distributed to, is a special accent given to the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Key words Signal, 1940 - 1945, Wehrmacht, propaganda, Europe, Protectorate, illustrated magazine, second world war, press, photography.

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