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Research of soil reuse technology in the form of self-compacting grouts
Michalčíková, Magdaléna ; Kolář,, Karel (referee) ; Turček,, Peter (referee) ; Sokolář, Radomír (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The increasing volume of waste of all kinds is currently a phenomenon of economically developed society and one of the problems of environmental protection. It is therefore imperative, in the interest of sustainable development, to monitor impacts related to the impact on our ecology, to regulate waste production by legislation and universally promote their reuse and recycling. Construction and demolition waste occupy a significant share of the total waste volume. This category also includes excavated soils. Recycling of these materials could significantly reduce the amount of landfilled waste and at the same time, these materials could be used as an important source of secondary raw materials. The doctoral thesis describes the research and development of the new technology of reuse soils in the form of self-compacting grouts. The result of the solution will be a suspension of optimal rheological properties, providing a perfect leaking around the stored utility networks. Emphasis will be placed on the study of the interaction of different types of soils with the stabilizers, flowable or plasticizing additives and its typical dispersible substance, including verification of the developed technology in situ.
The development of grouting for additional sealing of embankment dams
Michalčíková, Magdaléna ; Klablena,, Petr (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
Seal of sand or gravel by chemical injection is known and used for a long time. Chemical grouting are however expensive and sometimes the use of cement does not lead to desire effects. So it is trying to find new materials and methodologies injection arrangement works. To achieve savings of chemical products are added to a mixture clay and cement. Clay-cement grouting mix are used not only in order that they are better quality, but also because in this way proposed mixtures have a tendency to penetrate better into incoherent sediments that need additional sealant of chemical injection. For further possible reductions of economic terms the mixture is trying to replace the classic clay. As a suitable substitute for classic clay is to a certain extent the use of secondary raw materials. Above all it is fly ash. As a part of my thesis I deal with the appropriateness use of these materials and examining their properties in the mixture. It was found that by using fly ash were improving consistency of the fresh mixture, reducing the amount of water-cement ratio and reduce shrinkage of the mixture. On the other hand, by using fly ash has been increasing decantation, permeability atc. In the next stage of my work was examined the influence of the quality of cement, lime and liquefaction in the mixture. The aim of thesis is to propose the optimal injection mixture for additional sealing earth dams.
Rehabilitation technology of embankment dams by using suitable types of waste
Michalčíková, Magdaléna ; Kulísek, Karel (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The subject of this work is to find an optimal technology for repairing existing embankment dams with emphasis on simplicity and ecological scalability. Next, secondary energy and waste materials will be evaluated as a partial replacement of a quality montmorillonitic clay. The aim of this will be to maximize the use of these waste materials. In the end a selection of materials for the locality will be made. The use of appropriate types of waste for repairs of embankment dams with clay based grouting compound technology has a great potential, especially with those dams that are not fulfilling their function due to their age.

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